Best Gemstones for Libra to Promote Balance

If you’re a Libra, you might wonder what gemstone you should wear to enhance your beauty. You can find the answers to these questions by reading below. Librans have a natural affinity for blue and green gemstones, as they both address the heart and throat chakras. As a result, they tend to possess superpowers from birth. A blue or green gemstone may also benefit Librans who need help keeping their emotions in check.

If you’re a Libra, the birthstone for the sign is bloodstone. Its magical properties help Librans manifest money. It can also help develop the Merkabah in the light body. The stone also encourages the development of psychic abilities. Its beautiful bluish-purple color makes it an excellent gemstone to wear for Libra. In addition to being an effective stone for Librans, the bluish-purple bloodstone has numerous other benefits that make it a perfect gemstone for wearing as jewelry.

About Libra’s Energy

Venus, the planet of love, rules it; therefore, Libra is concerned with all aspects of relationships, beauty, pleasure, art, and aesthetics. But don’t believe they’re exclusively interested in monetary or physical pleasure; Libras are also quite serene and place a high importance on balance and harmony.

This relationship-oriented sign frequently appeases others to avoid conflict (unlike its opposite sign, Aries). After all, the scales represent Libra’s efforts to maintain things balanced and fair.

In addition to being ruled by Venus, Libra is also an air sign, with air being connected with ideas, reasoning, communication, technology, and information. Libra’s airy themes are applied to its enthusiasm for peace, making the world more pleasant.

The ability of a Libra to judge honestly, see all sides, communicate, and nurture equilibrium is her greatest asset. She may, however, have difficulty setting boundaries, standing up for herself, and making decisions.

All of that being said, when it comes to the best crystals for this sign, crystal expert and creator of Energy Muse Heather Askinosie recommends going for ones that bring out the greatest attributes Libras already have—as well as ones that provide them something they may be lacking.

Libras should Wear the Following Gemstones:

1. Lapis lazuli

Libras, as previously said, can be somewhat indecisive because of their ability to see all sides of an issue. Being fair and open-minded is admirable, but not if it paralyzes you! As a result, Askinosie believes that lapis lazuli, which is known to support truth (both understanding and speaking it), might assist Libras in making judgments.

2. Citrine

Citrine is a typical happy and sunny crystal, ideal for lifting your spirits or making a positive first impression. “It’s a stone of positivity and brightness,” Askinosie tells mpg, “and most Libras you encounter have that type of energy to them.”

3. Labradorite

Again, Libras can be indecisive, so they may spend too much time overthinking. Labradorite, according to Askinosie, can help with this. Keep a piece on hand when you’re faced with a difficult decision or need to clear your head.

4. Aquamarine

According to Askinosie, aquamarine offers numerous benefits, including promoting self-acceptance and open-mindedness. Its blue tint also connects it to the throat chakra, making it ideal for Libras who want to improve their communication skills.

5. Moonstone

The third stone on the list is the moonstone, which, as Askinosie explains, is all about living your purpose and destiny. This is a strong crystal to utilize to help you connect with your intuition and even your dreams. Askinosie believes moonstone can encourage Libras to go for it and that they deserve the best if they doubt themselves or their inner voice.

6. Sapphire

Sapphire is a lovely blue rock with a long history, and it is the birthstone for Libras, born in September. Libras benefit from sapphire, according to Yulia Van Doren, founder of Goldilocks, since it “helps you expand your compassion muscles, empower your higher self, and put small-minded, fear-based thinking at away.”

7. Opal

Speaking of birthstones, if you are a Libra born in October rather than September, your birthstone is opal and an excellent stone for your sign. According to Van Doren, this opal helps Libra manage their “natural drive toward order and aesthetic beauty so that they don’t become mired in surface-level superficiality.”

8. Agate

According to spiritual author Emma Mildon, agate is an excellent crystal for Libras since it promotes balance, justice, and truth. Agate also occurs in various types, each with its qualities. For example, moss agate is associated with love and the heart chakra, whereas blue lace agate is associated with communication and the throat chakra.

9. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the third crystal on this list, and it is excellent for opening the heart chakra and boosting love and compassion. This popular stone would also benefit any loving Libra who wishes to increase love (toward others and/or themselves).

10. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is another crystal connected with the Libra-favored heart chakra, bringing good fortune and plenty. Working with this stone, according to Askinosie, teaches you to look for chances in any scenario and reminds you that luck awaits you at every turn.

Which Gemstone should a Libra Wear?

Although opal is the birthstone associated with a prosperous life, other possibilities for Libra-born folks are peridot, sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine, and agate.

A Libra’s willpower is greatly enhanced when they are wearing a bloodstone. The stone’s calming energy is particularly helpful for Libras prone to stressing out over decisions. This stone is affordable, so it’s a great choice for a Libra birthstone. It can also serve as decor in the home. For instance, an Ametrine-themed housewarming gift will be a great hit.

How Should the Stones be Used?

There are numerous ways for Librans to benefit from gemstones delivered to bring positive transformation and elevation into their lives. There are various ways to bring divine healing into your life, from altars with stones set in place to spheres for scrying and worry stones for holding in meditation and chakra cleansing.

Choosing Libra zodiac jewelry is one of the most efficient ways to harness the strength and power of healing gemstones. Wearing gemstone bracelets, pendants, or rings allows the gemstones to interact directly with your skin, attune to your vibrations, and send healing right where needed.

Choosing gemstone jewelry also allows you to take your intentions with you at all times; it is an act of dedication to the chakras and bringing out the best in your spirit, both of which can assure positive energy and change.

What is the Most Appealing Attribute of a Libra?

Libra’s most appealing quality is its sensitivity. Libras are sensitive and diplomatic individuals who desire peace, balance, and harmony. They are constantly mindful of how others are feeling.

Libra is an air sign concerned with justice, beauty, and connection. Venus, the planet of love, is your ruling planet.

Why are Libras so Attractive?

They have a flirty side because Venus rules them.

Venus is the planet of love, so sexiness and flirtation come naturally to this lighthearted sign. It is extremely appealing when someone has a lot of energy and is usually enjoyable to be around. And you can guarantee Libras are entertaining!

What is Libra’s Lucky Color?

Libra: Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. The ruling planet of this airy and mutable sign is Venus. White and light blue are said to be lucky colors for Libra. Any bright hue is also beneficial to Libra.

How should Stones & Jewelry be Cleaned?

Keeping your Libra birthstones cleansed and charged is critical to accomplish their best therapeutic work. You want to ensure that healing stones’ healing qualities aren’t obstructed as they mop up negative energy, purify chakras, and channel positive energy. A simple cleanse and recharge after a particularly heavy emotional lifting session or every few weeks should keep them in good shape and ready to go.

Most stones will benefit from a few moments in tepid water to aid them with the energy dump. Another option for protecting your more fragile stones is to perform a sage smudging ritual. Leave your birthstones in a slant of sunshine or moonlight to recharge. Again, for more delicate stones, you may soak them in soil for a few hours or leave them alongside tumbling quartzes, which love to exchange their energy.


As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra resonates with the energies of growth and abundance. It also enjoys the earthy solar colors. These properties make it easier for Libras to work with the Law of Attraction. Another gemstone ideal for Librans is lapis lazuli, which is believed to have mystical powers. It teaches Libras to be self-aware and cultivates good judgment and sharp focus.

Another great gemstone for a Libra is a blue sapphire. The stone attracts abundance and enhances clarity. It also improves Libra’s self-confidence. Labradorite is also considered a lucky stone for Libras and is known to block evil energy. While a blue sapphire has no magical powers, it is still a beautiful stone. When paired with other gemstones, it enhances the Libra’s intellect and intuition and protects them from harm.