Buy a Birthstone Bracelet for a July Birthday Friend

Consider a birthstone bracelet if you’re looking for a birthday gift for a friend born in July. July’s birthstone is the ruby, and you’ll want to pick out a bracelet that features this stone. This birthstone is most commonly associated with the zodiac sign of Leo, so you’ll want to find a piece that reflects that. You can find plenty of options on the Internet.

The July birthstone is the opaque ruby. This bold red stone represents passion and courage and looks great paired with pearl earrings. Whether your birthday is in July or any other month, a birthstone ring will make a lasting impression. The July birthstone pairs well with pearls, so choose something that complements both. If you’re on a tight budget, go for a bracelet with a birthstone and diamonds instead.

Where do Rubies Come from?

Corundum is created when compacted aluminum and oxygen atoms combine to produce rubies naturally deep inside the ground. Chromium gives the crystals generated in this high-heat, high-pressure environment a crimson hue when added.

Rubies’ Characteristics

Corundum, a crystalline type of aluminum oxide that makes up naturally occurring rubies, has a striking red color. However, rubies come in various colors, from dark blood red to a paler pinky-red. Additionally, reddish brown rubies and those with overtones of purple or orange are common. The most valuable rubies are completely red and have a deep tone. Less desirable rubies include orange overtones that are too light or black. In reality, rubies with a faint pink hue are frequently referred to as pink sapphires.

The Moh’s scale gives rubies a hardness rating of 9, making them a tough and long-lasting gemstone. Rubies are a great choice for regularly worn jewelry due to their durability. In fact, for those looking to add a pop of color to the conventional engagement ring, a rough ruby is a striking option.

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Three Birthstones for July

Turquoise, Onyx, and Ruby are the birthstones for July. The official birthstone for July was designated as ruby by the Jewelers of America Society in 1912.


As far back as the ancient Roman, Hebrew, and Italian calendars, the black birthstone onyx was the birthstone for July. The birthstone for the zodiac sign Leo, which is partially in July, is the onyx. There may be white bands on the onyx.


The third birthstone for July is turquoise. The conventional July birthstone is turquoise. It is regarded as the July birthstone in terms of the afterlife.

What does the July Birthstone Mean?

Like Ruby’s deep red hue, these powerful and passionate feelings include romance, love, affection, energy, strength, and courage.

One of the most valuable and romantic precious stones is thought to be this fiery red stone.

Ancient Chinese and Myanmarese warriors adorned their armor with rubies for safety in battle. For safety, they even encased them in their flesh. Early cultures connected the deep red color with the power of life because it resembles blood.

Consider the Type of Rubies

The Myanmar Rubies Burmese rubies, the most popular and prevalent variety, are from Myanmar. They are of excellent quality and have attractive red coloring. The majority of the most prized and beautiful pigeon rubies come from Burma.

Pigeon Blood: Pigeon Blood is the most desirable shade of rubies that reveals captivating hues. Color plays a key role in the four C’s (clarity, cut, carat weight, and color).

The Star Ruby: The vastness of nature gives rise to amazing creation through a series of connected events. The same process all gemstones go through, together with additional factors, determines their rarity. The ideal example is the development of star ruby, which has a three- or six-pointed star within it. When the silk or rattle fibers reflect light in such a way as to produce such a shape, the star is created.

Pink Rubies: Pink rubies are currently exclusively utilized in a few regions worldwide. This is primarily due to the belief that the red corundum must display specific levels of color intensity in nations like the USA. Pink sapphires, not quite rubies, are stones with less chromium, giving them their red color. In actuality, it is not relevant everywhere. Sapphires comprise a range of colored gems from the corundum family, sometimes known as rubies.

Facts Worth Knowing About Rubies

Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Diamonds are the world’s top four most valuable gemstones. Of all the precious stones, rubies are the most expensive per carat. Second only to diamonds in terms of hardness is corundum, which includes rubies and sapphires. Ruby colors range from the most expensive deep red with purplish tones to pinkish tones.

Living a Peaceful Life

Over the ages, there have been many legends about Ruby. Indians believed that rubies allowed their owners to coexist peacefully with their foes. Warriors of Burma (now known as Myanmar; a source of rubies since at least 600 AD) carried rubies to make them invincible in combat. However, simply wearing the rubies wasn’t sufficient. To become a part of their bodies, they had to be inserted into their flesh.

The hues of life

Blood-red. Fire-red. Color that brightens the night and fires along the veins. For a long time, rubies have stood for daring, love, and passion.

The Emperor of Gems

The jewels’ “king,” One of the oldest and most cherished gemstones, is ruby. Moreover, it is one of the rarest. The striking color of the diamond is a result of the mineral chromium. Because they are so uncommon, huge stones of good color attract greater auction prices for rubies than even for diamonds. Ruby’s fiery red color commands attention because it exudes romance and depth while displaying magnificent intensity.

Glamorous and Feminine

Ruby conveys a statement of utter glitz and femininity in environments that draw attention to luscious color. Both men and women who want to portray strength, honor, and classic elegance are drawn to geometric jewelry designs with Ruby. The jewel most frequently given to people born in July and under the sign of Aries is the ruby. It is a wonderful gem choice for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries because of its striking hue, which exudes passion and love. Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Madagascar are all countries that produce rubies, although Myanmar accounts for about 90% of global output.

About Bracelets with Birthstones

A birthstone is a symbolic rock or crystal corresponding to your birth’s month. Some individuals think wearing or keeping your birthstones close to you has unique healing and protection effects. A birthstone bracelet is a simple way to take your birthstones with you wherever you go. A lovely birthstone bracelet that complements your style can also be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

Birthstone bracelets are available in a variety of hues and patterns. Every month has a symbolic color that goes well with most of the associated gemstones. However, some gems can be found in a wide range of hues. In this situation, you can use any gem color or stone that falls inside the month’s broad symbolic hue. As an illustration, those born in November may choose any yellow gemstone, such as citrine, or any color of topaz as their birthstone.

Selecting the Ideal Birthstone Bracelet

Finding the ideal birthstone is simple when you know what to look for. Everything comes down to personal taste. Most ladies want their birthstone bracelets to be classic and understated so they may wear them in various outfits. Since many like to keep their birthstone around, a sturdy and adaptable birthstone bracelet will easily withstand daily use and look excellent with almost any look.

It is advised to choose something well-known and simple if you want to offer someone a birthstone bracelet as a present. For instance, if you’re looking for a birthstone bracelet for your mother or sister, a traditional style is most likely to suit their tastes. Additionally, check their birthday in advance to ensure you purchase the right gemstone and color.

This article should have assisted you in discovering and falling in love with your new favorite birthstone bracelet.

Identifying the Realness of a Ruby

Scratch Test it:

Ruby is an extremely powerful stone, as we covered before. So, performing a scratch test is one quick way to be sure you are staring at a real ruby. You shouldn’t believe you’re dealing with a genuine ruby if you can scratch the stone with your fingernail.

Test your Streaks:

A fake ruby is one that, when rubbed across a porcelain plate, reveals a clear trail of color.

Think About the Gemstone’s Size:

A big genuine ruby is exceedingly hard to come by. You are probably not dealing with a real ruby if the diamond you are considering seems cheap for its size.

Consider Including:

Inclusions in a natural ruby are fairly typical. However, man-made rubies are sometimes flawless. Additionally, if the ruby gemstone has bubbles, you might be dealing with a false ruby manufactured of glass.

Ask a Specialist:

Asking a gemologist may be the simplest approach to establish if you are working with a real ruby. A qualified gemologist can identify whether the ruby is genuine, artificial, or heat-treated.

Cleaning is a Must for Ruby

Don’t choose it for cleanliness out of a false sense of security that your jewelry won’t be damaged because of its hardness. You must take proper care of the ruby jewelry cleaning techniques. Use a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water to clean it. Simply said, this procedure will remove the dirt that has accumulated there. To maintain the longevity of your jewelry, please check it frequently and clean it. Additionally, exposure to ultrasonic equipment continuously is strictly forbidden because doing so would degrade the quality of stone with more impurities.


The ruby is July’s birthstone. The vibrant red color of rubies makes them the perfect symbol of love. Often used in engagement rings, rubies protect the wearer from evil and bring good fortune. Rubies are also one of the hardest gemstones, and their color often indicates their origin. So, if you’re born in July, you might want to consider a bracelet with a ruby in it.

Ruby is a fiery red stone, and you can find a variety of jewelry featuring it in different styles. You can purchase ruby studs, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Wear your July birthstone with pride. Ruby bracelets are a great gift for a birthday girl and will be a great conversation piece! The July birthstone is a wonderful symbol of confidence and strength, so be sure to buy her a beautiful piece of jewelry!