Citrine – November Birthstone Bracelet

November is known for its cool weather, and wearing a birthstone bracelet can never go wrong. A citrine bracelet is perfect for celebrating your birthday if you love vibrant colors. Citrine is the birthstone of November, and its fiery orange blaze has been coveted for centuries. Ancient civilizations prized citrine, believing it would rid the wearer of bad thoughts, bring prosperity, and calm the temper. Its availability makes it a more affordable option for those who like to wear bright colors.

A classic necklace and bracelet set featuring a genuine citrine, November’s birthstone, can be a perfect birthday gift. This necklace and bracelet are made of sterling silver bonded with platinum and feature 36 accent stones, and measure 19cm, 15cm, and 17cm. Its sophisticated design will make it the perfect 18th birthday gift for your loved one. In addition, the faceted citrine gemstone adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

Genuine Citrine

Quartz makes up the gemstone known as citrine. Quartz naturally occurs in various colors, although yellow quartz is uncommon. As a result, most citrines on the market are light purple amethysts heated to mimic the citrine’s golden tones. Therefore, a natural citrine will cost more and be a little more difficult to find.

There are many possibilities for synthetic citrine. They normally start as synthetic amethyst when made in laboratories, and after some processing, they are transformed into synthetic citrine quartz.

Citrine Grade

Naturally, you want to ensure that the citrine gemstone you choose is high quality. Look for citrine stones that are easy on the eyes. This indicates that there are no visible inclusions in the citrine gemstone.

Citrine Price

The price of citrine can fluctuate depending on a few criteria, like most stones. But what specifically could affect the price of citrine?

When comparing natural citrine to heat-treated citrine, it is more expensive due to its scarcity.
CITRINE COLOR: The more intense and saturated the yellow, the more expensive it will normally be.
CITRINE SIZE: Unlike a diamond, citrine is not much more expensive per carat when it is larger than when it is smaller.
CITRINE QUALITY: It is common to find citrine gemstones without discernible imperfections. So, the cost of citrines that clean the eyes shouldn’t be considerably more.

Amazon Collection 925 Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet for Women with Oval Cut Gemstones and Box Clasp

Amazon Collection 925 Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet for Women with Oval Cut Gemstones and Box Clasp

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  • This tennis bracelet is constructed of sterling silver and is hallmarked “925” with six 4 x 4 mm oval gemstones. This stamp serves as a guarantee of excellent quality and authenticity.
  • GEMSTONES – The birthstone for November is citrine. The distinctive beauty of each item is determined by the natural characteristics and composition of the mined gemstones. The color and texture of the stone may be somewhat different from what is depicted in the photograph.
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Meaning & History of the Citrine Birthstone

The clear yellow to brownish orange form of quartz, which has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, is the birthstone for November. Since ancient times, citrine has been a popular gemstone, and it has occasionally been confused with topaz, the other birthstone for November. People thus believed that citrine possessed the same abilities as topaz. The citrine gemstone was thought to calm the person and settle their anger.

The jewelry made of rock crystal by the ancient Greeks glistened like permafrost. Massive purple amethysts were put in the rings worn by Roman pontiffs, and citrine has also been found in ancient Roman jewelry. In vibrant Scottish jewelry from the Victorian era, it was especially common. Citrine is a gift for the thirteenth wedding anniversary and is thought to come from the French word for “lemon” (citron).

The majority of citrine on the market today is created by heating amethyst. One of the most economical and popular yellow gemstones is citrine, which is readily available in various sizes.

Citrine: Things you May Not Know

  • Citrine is regarded as the “merchant stone,” associated with luck. To make money, store owners keep this jewel at the register.
  • The patterns and foggy look, as well as the glossy characteristics and bubbles around its base, allow you to assess its originality.
  • Even Queen Victoria kept this jewel on her short-term wish list. And today, this invention is adored like a freak worldwide.
  • The personality in its luster is even enhanced by the shimmering touch of additional jewels. For instance, combining a citrine bracelet and an opal or moonstone ring draws attention to excellence quickly.
  • Additionally, the oval and rectangular shapes of the citrine earrings work best when matched with sterling silver. Other materials won’t let you down, either. Silver, however, sparks customers’ curiosity because it makes it possible to obtain security at an affordable price.
    The duty of proper combination goes hand in hand with flawless matching. And the richness and patterns of citrine can help to realize this idea. With the mixture above, emphasize the strength of your jewelry.

How does Citrine’s Color Heal Illnesses?

Citrine symbolizes calmness, progress, and prosperity in its purest form. The user experiences emotional stability and improvement thanks to the extreme splendor of this sunlight stone. This yellow quartz easily alleviates menstruation problems and stimulates the digestive system. You may spend hours staring at the rings, bracelets, and citrine pendants because of the reflection of golden tones in them. By promoting self-expression, the warm energies of this soft yellow-orange and light reddish color inspire optimism. Additionally, thanks to its high vibrational energies, it promotes the free flow of creativity.

What more does it provide the wearer with? Complete mental and physical assistance. To be more explicit, consistently donning citrine jewelry helps to maintain a healthy physique by guaranteeing minimal stress and a robust immune system. Additionally, it’s a blessing for women who are pregnant, have PCOS, and are nursing mothers. Additionally, this gem’s purity guarantees healthy lungs, a powerful respiratory system, and the removal of toxins from the body.

Are Topaz and Citrine Similar?

This stone is considered among the second-most plentiful in the earth’s crust. Additionally, due to their color, they were known as topaz in prehistoric times. And if the name worries you, you should know that it derives from the French word “citron,” which means “lemon.” This gemstone was described by prehistoric people as one of the three fruits, papedas, mandarin, and pomelo, which are all huge, aromatic fruits. In essence, citron denotes a thick, yellow rind rather than a lemon.

A little more on the views of Hindus, Greeks, and Romanians on Topaz and Citrine.

Relationship Between Topaz and Citrine: It gained popularity among jewelry producers in the 19th century. The golden-hued citrine’s dazzling edge effectively contributes to the world of stones. When topaz and citrine are combined, they share a very false identity, with different civilizations mistaking the golden topaz for citrine and vice versa. In actuality, topaz and citrine (quartz) are very distinct in terms of their chemical and physical makeup. But as the birthstone for November, these two are very prized.

Greek Thought: After the 18th century, it became evident that jewelry enthusiasts should use this gem to make jewelry or something else special, particularly after the Greeks’ perspective on it, who thought that the calming powers of this citrine jewelry might calm the mind and promote health.

Romanians Eye – This stone can be transformed into a noteworthy costume with the help of Romanians’ keen fashion sense. With time, citrine became more and more in demand.

Hindu Mythology: Saffron is regarded as one of the sacred hues for practically all Indian spiritual practices, according to Hindu mythology. Citrine became popular among those who love to wear jewelry due to their strong feelings for its color.

Where can you Find Jewelry Made with Citrine?

It is essential to confirm the genuineness of the stone, which is a duty of a wonderful purchasing location. Do extensive study on the cut, carat, quality, and color before deciding. Ensure the services and reviews are positive. The Diamond Authority has exceeded the expectations of its retailers in this area by giving them the requirements above. They give quality their highest consideration and offer it at a fair price. Increase the quality of your wholesale citrine jewelry by working with us.

Is Citrine a Stone that Lasts?

On the Mohs scale, citrine receives a 7, which indicates its suitability for use in fine jewelry such as engagement rings. It is softer than sapphire or diamond, but it is still durable enough for everyday wear, provided that it is well cared for.

What is the Value of Citrine?

Citrine is one of the more affordable colored gems, and its price can range anywhere from five dollars to over one hundred dollars, depending on the stone’s quality. Citrine’s price is largely determined by the color of the gemstone, which can range from orange to yellow to gold to the gorgeous reddish-orange Madeira color. Citrine stones made of gold are the least valuable and typically don’t cost more than $15 per carat, but citrine gems made of Madeira are of the highest quality and can sell for well over $100 per carat.

Cleanliness—A Must-Do

To wear your gem again with full healing, you must maintain it safely with proper hygiene and maintenance. If your jewelry isn’t dyed, you can choose to use an ultrasonic cleaner in this instance. However, as steam cleaning will degrade citrine, we would never recommend it. Additionally, as the stone is reactive and may fracture and fade when exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, it may change color. To keep the brightness of your beloved Citrine Necklace, keep in mind to prevent any incidental contact with acids and the fading caused by high heat.


Citrine is a variety of quartz, ranging in color from pale yellow to brownish orange. The name “citrine” comes from the citron fruit. It is certified by the American Gem Society, a nonprofit trade organization for jewelry professionals. It promotes ethical practices, re-certification of members, and gemological research. Society also offers educational materials and creates industry standards. These are just some benefits of wearing a ring or bracelet featuring a citrine.