Birthstone Jewelry For Kids

A wonderful way to start a fine jewelry collection for your child is with birthstone jewelry. You can find beautiful pieces made from 14K gold or an alternative gem such as cubic zirconia. Choose from genuine birthstones or AAA-quality cubic zirconia. A birthstone ring can be worn by the little girl or boy who shares that particular birthstone. For your child’s birthday, you can buy jewelry that features the child’s birthstone.

If your little girl is born in January, she might love the Light Garnet CZ birthstone ring. The heart-shaped gemstone is set in a sterling silver setting. The ring is made of genuine sterling silver. This jewelry is very personal and can make her feel very special. She will love wearing her birthstone jewelry. A beautiful ring will make her feel special. The possibilities are endless. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to find a unique ring that matches her personality.

Kids Love

Kids love jewelry too. You just have to figure out the middle ground between what they want and what they should have.

Think approximately it: youngsters are simply smaller people. Some are hyper-aware about what they put on and the way they look, a few aren’t, and a few care deeply about events nobody can predict. Some take meticulous care in their toys and add-ons and a few come domestic from college lacking a shoe.

So it’s now no longer unexpected that a few youngsters, like a few adults, love and need jewelry. It’s now no longer simply girls. A lot of boys take their fashion cues from their jewelry-loving dads or their sports activities or musician heroes. But as parents, you understand there’s frequently a line between what they need, what’s suitable, and what they’ll take care of.

Safety First

In many cultures, piercing babies’ ears is common. For safety’s sake, it’s advocated that the jewelry be screw-backed, in order that an earring or earring again won’t come off and in all likelihood be swallowed. Necklaces need to be worn with caution, while supervised, and in no way to bed.

For many pre-youngster ager ladies in North America, getting their ears pierced is a sincerely huge deal. As quickly as the one’s ears are pierced, she’s going to want a few earrings. Take a minute to contemplate protection right here too. Nickel hypersensitive reactions are not unusual places, and a few assets say are growing. Nickel hypersensitive reactions are a not unusual place motive of allergic touch dermatitis.

The Pores & Skin

The pores and skin response is just like one because of contamination, so if the newly pierced ears are searching bad, it can be contamination or it can be an allergy. Look for earring substances that generally tend to now no longer aggravate newly pierced ears. These encompass sterling silver, surgical steel, gold, or gold plate over sterling silver.

Fashion Next

On to the laugh part! Shopping for earrings for youngsters is lots like looking for adults. Take their patterns or life into account. Physically lively youngsters will recognize something that doesn’t snag or get withinside the manner. Studs or small hoops will live steady and out of the manner whilst playing. Leather or rubber necklaces or bracelets will rise up to rough-and-tumble activities. If your youngsters are in prepared sports, make certain you already know what earrings are permitted for exercise and sports days.

Also, consider how accountable the kid certainly is. Limit the certainly treasured rings to sporting on unique events or while you may supervise. Accidents and forgetfulness can nonetheless happen, however restricting the possibilities will make you each happier.

Keep Designs Sweet & Simple

  • Hearts and nature motifs like butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and flowers are appropriate for any age, but kids seem especially drawn to them.
  • Studs and small hoops won’t overwhelm little faces. Chandeliers and dramatic dangles can wait until their teens or 20s.
  • Charm bracelets are always a hit with young girls.
  • ID bracelets or leather cords for boys are perennial.
  • Start a collection of birthstone jewelry.

Enamel adds color to jewelry without running the risk of losing gemstones.

Make it Special

Starting to put on rings makes children sense greater grown-up and sophisticated. If you were given an infant or kids who love rings, it’s made your gift-giving quite easy. You understand they’ll usually love it. It additionally offers you a possibility for a unique time together. When it’s time to buy a big birthday or event, make a day or night of it simply for the 2 of you. That reminiscence could be loved as much or perhaps greater than the jewelry you choose.

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There are Some More Birthstones for Kids


Sometimes incorrect for rubies, garnets are lesser-regarded gemstones maximum generally determined in sun sunglasses of violet crimson or deep burgundy—even though they’re to be had in nearly every coloration and at plenty of charge points. According to the Canadian Jewellers Association, garnet becomes as soon believed to provide steerage withinside the dark of nighttime and represents faith, fidelity, and truth. When shopping for a garnet, or any colored gemstone, Tracy recommends searching for the richness of the hue. “Sometimes if stones are reduced very thin, they don’t have the identical intensity of coloration,” she notes.


The birthstone of February babies, amethyst is a regal pink stone that tiers in coloration from lilac to eggplant. The call originates from the Greek phrase améthystos, which means “now no longer intoxicating,” as amethysts have been believed to save you drunkenness, insomnia, complications, and different ailments. Though fantastically durable, amethysts are greater liable to scratches than a few more difficult stones and can fade with publicity to warmness and sunshine. Lucky for the ones on the hunt for birthstone jewelry, many vibrant, well-reduced amethysts are to be had at a slight price.


The aquamarine gemstone changed into named after the Latin time period for seawater, “aqua marina,” way to its hue. Intense blue aquamarines are very rare, this means that in addition, they include a hefty rate tag, even as faded blue sorts are lots less difficult to return back by. According to folklore, the stone protects sailors on open water and represents youth, wish, and courage. Though a part of the beryl family, much like emeralds, aquamarines are much less brittle and extra long-lasting than sensitive emerald gems.


Exceptionally difficult and strong, diamonds are recognized for their longevity—making them the stone of desire for marriage proposals on account that Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned a diamond ring for his bride in 1477. The herbal sturdiness approach they’ve additionally come to represent strength, stability, and abundance. When seeking out quality, continually don\’t forget the 4 Cs: cut, color, readability, and carat. The cut is the maximum essential factor because it will beautify the diamond’s sparkle, observed via way of means of color. The much less coloring withinside the diamond, the better the grade. That said, pink, yellow, blue, and inexperienced diamonds have all been discovered in nature and may be highly costly because of their rarity.


May’s birthstone is the splendid inexperienced emerald. It’s an unprecedented gem that, at its best, seems like fresh-reduced inexperienced grass with a touch of blue. Though emeralds have an excessive variety of inclusions, which makes them at risk of chipping, they’re nonetheless one of the world’s most coveted stones. The greatest types come from Colombia and are an image of rebirth. Supposedly, additionally, they sharpen the mind and offer the wearer splendid foresight.


Soft, luminescent orbs that develop inside freshwater and saltwater mollusks, pearls are a completely unique form of gem-shaped in water—now no longer underground. Natural pearls are a rarity, so maximum pearl jewelry is crafted from cultured pearls, which can be created with the aid of seeding a mollusk with a spherical object that the mollusk then coats with nacre. Pearls also are extraordinarily sensitive and smooth to scratch, chip, or harm with acidic substances. They’re an image of purity and distinctive features and, in line with the International Gem Society, historic lore mythologized white pearls as tears shed with the aid of using the gods. Alternative June birthstones are moonstone and alexandrite.

Will the Necklace or Bracelet Still be in Good Shape in 10 Years?

“I love sensitive necklaces for this form of present due to the fact they could continually be layered with current necklaces and there are such a lot of amusing approaches to include birthstones.” Rings, on the opposite hand, ought to most effectively be sold for adults whilst you realize the right ring size.

If you’re on a budget, Tracy recommends selecting a small, sensitive bauble and “some smaller stones, which can be constantly much less luxurious than an unmarried big stone and may nonetheless be very quiet and sparkly.”


For centuries, gems of all colors, dimensions, and shapes have bedazzled portions of jewelry and objets d’art work as symbols of splendor and status. And for simply as long, superstitious wearers have believed withinside the capacity of stones to offer recuperation powers and have an impact on personal traits. Modern birthstones, which have been first standardized with the aid of using the Jewelers of America in 1912, keep the lifestyle of bestowing the wearer with safety and superb energy and make an exquisite memento for a child, youngster ager or adult.

When buying a birthstone present which you desire will stand the look at of time, Toronto jewelry fashion dressmaker Erin Tracy shows selecting a traditional layout and skipping plated gown jewelry in favour of great stones and stable yellow or white gold. She additionally recommends thinking about the scale of the item.