Why Wear Gemstone in Left Hand?

There are many reasons to wear a gemstone in your left hand. It is a lucky charm, a sovereign of harmony, and a stone of the mind. But, what is the right hand for a particular stone? You might be wondering, how should I wear my gemstone? Let’s find out. The pros and cons of wearing a gemstone in your left hand are listed below. This article will give you some tips on why you should wear it in your left hand.

Another reason to wear a gemstone in the left hand is that it represents the planet Jupiter. Jupiter rules the left hand and is the planet of benevolence and wisdom. When wearing a gemstone in the left hand, you need to make sure the gem is on the planet that is most beneficial to you. Otherwise, it can harm you. A left-handed person’s career might be hampered or even be affected by the gemstone.

In Astrology, Finger Representations

  • The thumb represents the Fire element.
  • The index finger represents the A
  • The middle finger represents the Ether element.
  • The ring finger represents the element of Earth.
  • The Little Finger represents the Water element.
  • Why Should You Wear Gemstones?

When some planets in a person’s horoscope are weak, astrologists advise them to wear jewels. When a planet is weak in the horoscope, the person’s life suffers in aspects regulated by that planet.

As a result, the person is advised to wear the appropriate gemstone for the weak planet. The gemstone harvests the planet’s energies from the universe, ultimately helping the user.

As a result, diamonds are frequently worn to compensate for the losses incurred due to the weak planets.

Let us delve more into the diamond, the hardest and brightest gemstone, and its astrological importance.

What is the Hindu Mythology on Gemstone in Left Hand?

A god’s incarnations occurred in Hinduism, and one of them was half male and half female. They displayed male and feminine energy, with the macho on the right and the feminine on the left.

This is why, in Hinduism, men wear jewels on their right hand and women wear them on their left.

Males who are left-handed (perform the majority of their job with their left hand) may wear gemstones on their left hand.

Gemstones in the left hand are recommended for females with relationship problems. The planets marked on one’s palm, which gemologists or astrologers can only see, should be used to choose the finger.

How to Wear Gemstone Rings?

Wearing jewels on the right or left hand has its own rules. This is the case because the right hand is the sun, and the left hand is the lunar hand. Solar Gems are gems from Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, and lunar gems include the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. Wear a ring with solar jewels on the lunar hand and lunar gems on the solar hand for a balanced life. As a result, jewels associated with the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu should be worn on the left hand. In contrast, those associated with the planets Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter should be worn on the right.

Pearl – Little Finger for the Planet Moon Lunar Gems (wear it on Monday).

The planet Venus is represented by the diamond and the middle finger (wear it on Friday).

Yellow Sapphire – The planet Jupiter is represented by the index finger (wear it on Thursday).

Little Finger for the Planet Mercury – Emerald (wear it on Wednesday).

Ruby – Ring Finger for the Planet Sun Solar Gems (wear it on Sunday).

Ring Finger for the Planet Mars: Red Coral (wear it on Tuesday).

Middle Finger for the Planet Saturn: Blue Sapphire (wear it on Saturday).

Hessonite is the planet Rahu’s middle finger (wear it on Saturday).

The Cat’s Eye is the planet Ketu’s middle finger (wear it on Saturday).

What is the Comparison Between the Left Hand and Right Hand?

The right hand represents the conscious mind, while the subconscious mind is represented by the left hand. When we wear a gemstone in our left hand, it creates energies related to the subconscious mind, whereas when we wear a gemstone in our right hand, it creates energies related to the inner world.

Which Hand is Correct for Wearing Diamond Ring?

In astrology, our hands, like our fingers, have a specific meaning. Wearing a gemstone on the right hand can provide several advantages to the wearer.

However, selecting the incorrect hand can have the opposite impact and result in disastrous outcomes.

Our right hand is ordinarily active and gives, while our left hand is passive and receives. Furthermore, the right hand is thought to be related to yang (bright and cheerful), whereas the left is said to be associated with yin (dark and negative) (dark and negative).

As a result, wearing a gemstone ring on the right-hand helps build inner world energies, and the corresponding finger impacts these as well.

When you wear a gemstone ring on your left hand, however, you develop the subconscious mind’s energies and the energies of the finger you’re wearing the ring on.

As a result, astrologers advise wearing a diamond ring on the right hand to reap the benefits. According to astrology, the right hand is the best choice for wearing a diamond ring, whether you’re a man or a woman.

How To Wear Diamond Ring According To Astrology?

The Effective Diamond Weight

An original diamond should always be worn. According to astrology, a 5-carat diamond ring is ideal. If this seems too much, a 0.5 to 1-carat original diamond can be worn instead.

Clarity of Diamonds

You should choose an utterly white diamond with no black spots or flaws.

Setting of Diamonds

In either a gold or silver ring, set your gemstone.

Lucky Day to Wear Diamonds

Friday (Shukla Paksha) is the best day to wear a diamond ring since Venus means ‘Shukra’ and represents Shukra Deva. It can be worn anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Before Donning a Diamond, Say a Prayer

Burn five incense sticks and pray to Lord Shukra Deva before putting the ring on your finger. Take their blessings and explain why you’re wearing the stone.

Before Putting on a Diamond, Recite the Mantra

Take the ring and wrap it 11 times with the incense sticks. Invoke the Lord by chanting the mantra “Om Dram Dream Drum Sah Shukraaye Namah” 324 times at the exact moment. Before the retention, remember to keep the gemstone in scent.

Put the Ring on

You can now wear the ring on your right hand’s middle finger.

When Should you Expect to See Results?

The diamond will begin to produce results 30 days after you put it on and continue for the next five years.

Which Finger is Best for Wearing Amethyst Gemstone?

The Amethyst gems can be put into a silver ring or a silver pendant. On the evening of Saturday in the Krishna Paksha or Krishna Moorat, these stones should be worn on the middle finger of your right hand (the decreasing moon). This Stone can be worn on the right hand’s middle finger by both genders, and it provides the wearer with all of the benefits.

Amethyst is also known as Jamuna, according to astrologers. Because amethyst Gems are thought to be a cheaper alternative to the more popular and expensive Blue Sapphire gems, they require special care and attention during the initialization process. This is one of the most effective stones for relaxing and calming the mind.

Why is Red Coral Considered Lucky?

The positive relationship of this stone with the significant planet Mars is the primary reason for its classification as a lucky stone. Mars is a significant planet with the potential to have a tremendous impact on the lives of those who wear it. As a result, depending on its position in an individual’s birth chart or horoscope, Mars has the power to have either favorable or unfavorable consequences on the wearer’s life.

When Mars is dominating, it will inspire positive energies in the wearer’s life; nevertheless, if it is debilitated or weak, it will generate horrible forces in the wearer’s life. And force them to face numerous challenges in their lives, both personal and professional. Mangal Dosh, also known as Manglik Dosh, occurs when Mars or Mangal is weak or debilitated.

The red coral stone is considered auspicious for those born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th days of each month. Furthermore, the birthstone or lucky planet for Scorpio and Aries sign natives is red coral stone. As a result, all ascendants born between those dates are considered lucky.

Furthermore, coral, a strong gemstone, is the ideal gift for a 35th wedding anniversary. Wearing natural coral will also positively impact the lives of those in the following professions: police, surgeons, stock traders, chemists, and politicians.

As a result, these natives should wear coral stones since it will bring them good fortune. As a result, only buy an authentic red coral stone to achieve positive benefits, as wearing fake or lab-created coral will not be beneficial!


Using gemstone rings on your left hand is an excellent way to harness the feminine energy that your left hand possesses. They are also a great way to play with energies. Some astrologists believe that your five fingers represent the five essential elements of nature, and each element corresponds to different aspects of your life. By wearing a gemstone ring on your left hand, you can channel energy towards the aspects of your life that correspond to that finger.

Lastly, there are many different gemstones you can wear in the left hand. Ruby is the perfect choice for a woman’s left hand, while a diamond is for a man. The gemstone should match your zodiac sign, whether you choose a ruby or a diamond. Choosing the right one is not hard, and you should follow the proper rituals to ensure that your gemstone is effective.