Amethyst Birthstone Rings

There are numerous advantages to wearing amethyst birthstone rings. Although this gemstone is a beautiful shade of blue, it is also a very durable metal, making it an excellent choice for the birth month. It is available in three different colors: yellow, white, and rose gold. The cost of all of these is less expensive than the cost of 18K gold or platinum. These metals are also more durable than sterling silver, even though platinum is the more expensive metal. Furthermore, platinum has a color that is almost identical to white gold.

February is the month of love, so if you were born in February, you should consider wearing an amethyst birthstone ring to symbolize your love. . It will strengthen your relationship with your significant other due to wearing this stone. Additionally, it will provide you with inner peace and strength. Amethyst was once reserved for royalty, but today. Can find it on the ring finger of the average woman. Fashion jewelry and unique occasion pieces made of this stone are also beautiful and popular.

Amethyst Birthstone Rings

Those born in February have the birthstone of Amethyst as their birthstone. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that has captivated humanity for thousands of years. This gemstone, which ranges in color from lilac to deep purple, can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, and it can be manufactured in a lab and mined. Amethyst, the birthstone for February, can be found in the collections of royal families all over Europe and Asia, including the royal families of the United Kingdom. It is now within reach of the majority of consumers. Take into consideration purchasing a stunning amethyst for the king or queen of your heart – or spoil yourself with a royal gift. If your birthday falls in February, wearing Amethyst can also serve as a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength for you.


The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek word amethystos, which means “remedy for intoxication,” a benefit long associated with the purple birthstone. Early Greek mythology associated the gem with Bacchus, the god of wine, because of its wine-like color. Amethyst was thought to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted in battle and business. It was thought by Renaissance Europeans to calm enraged lovers. 

The gem amethyst is traditionally given on the sixth wedding anniversary. Wear it to commemorate your wedding or as your birthstone for February. You’ll be in good company: Catherine the Great (Russian Empress Catherine II, 1729–1796) was a fan of Amethyst and wore it in necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. When the famous jewelry connoisseur Wallis, Duchess of Windsor (1896–1986) wore an elegant Cartier-designed amethyst bib necklace to a gala in Versailles in 1953, she made a lasting impression.

Since at least the days of Alexander the Great, royals have admired the deep purple hue of the February birthstone. Amethyst lore also includes claims that it has mystical properties, such as granting strength and wit to those who wear it. If you have a February birthday, wearing Amethyst can symbolize personal empowerment and inner strength.


Amethysts are a type of quartz that is frequently found in cooled lava geodes. The color of Amethyst varies from pale lilac to a deep reddish-purple. Its purple hues are due to the presence of iron and natural irradiation beneath the Earth’s surface. Color zoning can be seen in gems with uneven color distribution and color bands.

The color of Amethyst can be changed using a variety of treatments. Those gems, however, are no longer classified as Amethyst and are instead classified as a different colored quartz variety. Heat can change the color of Amethyst to yellow, green, blue, or red-orange.

Where can I Find Amethyst?

Until the 19th century, when large deposits of Amethyst were discovered in Brazil, Russia was the primary source of Amethyst. Amethyst, which was once as rare as ruby or emerald, was suddenly abundant. Africa and South America are the essential sources of Amethyst today. Brazil, particularly its southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, remains a significant supplier, though the rough Amethyst mined there has a lighter color than Amethyst mined in other countries. Brazilian Amethyst can sometimes be found in hollow, crystal-lined geodes large enough to stand in.

Another critical source of Amethyst is the Anah mine in Bolivia. The Anah mine, hidden in the Pantanal wetlands, is shrouded in legend. It was discovered in the 1600s by a Spanish conquistador, given to him as a dowry when he married Anah (an Ayoreo princess), forgotten for three centuries, and rediscovered in the 1960s. The Anah mine is also known in the gem world as the ametrine source, an unusual bicolored amethyst-citrine crystal.

The February birthstone is represented by large amethyst and ametrine crystals that line the walls of Bolivia’s historic Anah mine.

The Kariba mine in Zambia is one of the world’s largest amethyst producers. The Amethyst mined there is usually of excellent quality, with vibrant colors.

Amethyst can also be found in the United States, just 46 miles (74 kilometers) outside Phoenix. The Four Peaks amethyst mine is located high in the Mazatzal Mountains, in the most challenging part of the range. Conditions are difficult due to the mine’s remote location, hot summer temperatures, and a lack of water and power. Despite the rattlesnake-infested terrain, some wonderful dark purple and purplish red amethyst crystals can be found.

Cleaning and Care for Amethyst Birthstone

The hardness of Amethyst is a seven on the Mohs scale. This means it’s suitable for everyday use in rings and other jewelry, but it may wear out over time and require repolishing. You risk scratching your amethyst jewelry if you put it next to harder gems like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds because this February birthstone is more susceptible to damage than these harder gems…

The most common method for improving the color and marketability of natural Amethyst is heat treatment. Heat treatment will not darken pale Amethyst, but it will lighten the color of very dark Amethyst, making it more appealing. In some amethysts, it can also remove unwanted brownish inclusions. Heat treatment causes some amethyst to turn yellow, transforming it into citrine.

The color of Amethyst changes permanently when it is heated. However, exposing it to high temperatures may cause it to become slightly more brittle than usual, so take care not to damage the pointed faceted corners and sharp edges. Also, excessive heat can altogether remove the color, and some amethyst fades when exposed to intense light for long periods. This is not a birthstone to wear to the beach every day, even though the color is stable with regular use.

Can use ultrasonic cleaners to clean amethyst birthstone jewelry, but steam cleaning is not recommended. The safest option is to use a soft brush and mild soap.

You’ll come across lab-created Amethyst while shopping for the February birthstone. Synthetic Amethyst has been around since the 1970s and has the same chemical and physical properties as natural Amethyst. Without advanced gemological testing, it can be difficult to tell the difference between natural and synthetic Amethyst in some cases. The GIA Laboratory can tell the difference, but because of the cost and time involved in determining the origin of a relatively inexpensive gem, many in the jeweler industry do not request testing. Nonetheless, merchants must inform you whether a gem is natural or synthetic.

Properties and Benefits of Amethyst

The Amethyst, which is rich in history and legend, has long held a special place in many cultures, religions, and royalty hearts. Its name comes from the Greek word “amethysts,” which means “intoxicated,” which was thought to help prevent drunkenness.

Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is also known for its stress-relieving and mood-balancing properties. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed amethysts had healing properties, helped ward off evil spirits, and kept wearers clear-headed and sharp as far back as 2000 B.C. Amethysts can also aid in reducing anger and anxiety, as well as eliminating negativity. Amethyst jewelry is thought to have natural healing properties that benefit those who wear it. The gemstone is thought to have been used by Leonardo da Vinci to aid intelligence and dispel evil thoughts.

Benefits of Amethyst

  • The energy that is in balance
  • Tension release for better sleep
  • Powerful calming
  • Stabilizes the situation
  • Negative energy is reduced.

Peace, strength, and stability have also been attributed to Amethyst. Amethyst is a stunning gemstone that provides exceptional purple warmth to those born in February regardless of its inherent qualities.

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Who is the Best Person to Wear an Amethyst Ring?

Natives of the Capricorn Zodiac sign will benefit from the influence of Jamuna Ratna. It is also recommended for people born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio. It is recommended that natives who are suffering from the adverse effects of the Saturn planet in their horoscope wear this stone.

Is Amethyst a Good Choice for a Ring?

Amethyst is a deep Welch’s grape purple that people adore as an engagement ring because it is so different. Unfortunately, with a hardness of 7/10 on the Mohs scale, Amethyst has the same hardness as dust. Consequently, Amethyst will deteriorate over time, developing minor scratches until it becomes dull. That’s not the kind of engagement ring you want to give someone.

What is the Most Valuable Color of Amethyst?

Purple is the deepest color are the most valuable, especially a rich purple with sporadic rose flashes. It is significantly less valuable to purchase Amethyst that is either weak, light in color, or has zones of either light or dark purple colors. The most expensive Amethyst is “Siberian” Amethyst, a deep purple amethyst with flashes of red and blue.

Is it Possible to Wear an Amethyst on my Ring Finger?

According to Vedic Astrology, preparing an amethyst gemstone requires the following steps, as detailed below. Silver is the only metal that can be used to set the Amethyst gemstone in a ring or a pendant. Saturday evenings during Krishna Paksha, one should wear this ring on the middle finger of the right hand and the right index finger (descending moon).

Why is Amethyst so Popular?

Amethyst is a trendy gem because of its attractive purple color. Like the word “turquoise,” the word “amethyst” is now the name of a color and the name of gem material. While the word “amethyst” makes most people think of a dark purple gem, Amethyst occurs in many purple colors.


When selecting an amethyst birthstone ring, consider how vital the stone is to your loved one. It can be used as an engagement ring or as a gift for a significant other. And don’t forget that an amethyst birthstone ring doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Several options are available, and the ideal one for you is just a click away. A great alternative to a diamond engagement ring is Amethyst. Its lovely colors make it an excellent match for any outfit. What’s even better? It’s also a reasonably priced gem! You can find an inexpensive ring with large stones that will go with any outfit. A stunning pair of amethyst earrings are sure to turn heads. A simple amethyst birthstone ring is sure to please, whether you’re wearing it yourself or as a gift for your significant other.