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Black Diamonds: The “Little Black Dress” of Diamonds

Just as the little black dress has become a stylish and definitive part of a woman’s wardrobe, black diamonds are becoming one of the most popular stones in the jewelry industry. With their unique coloring, black diamonds are an exotic and intriguing choice for those preferring something different and beautiful.

Black Diamond Basics

Black diamonds are diamonds which have many inclusions (or blemishes) made up of minerals such as graphite or sulphide. The high number of inclusions cause the stone to be more dense, dark and opaque than the common white diamond. Some black diamonds may be a shade of  dark green, grey or blueish black, while others can be smokey grey or pale black in color.

Treatments and Enhancements for Black Diamonds

Completely jet black or translucent black diamonds are very rare and expensive, and are considered fancy diamonds when untreated. Consequently, the majority of black diamonds in jewelry stores will have some sort of enhancement or high heat treatment (also known as annealing) to give the stone a deeper and more consistent color. Ironically, an enhanced black diamond is of a higher quality than a natural black diamond since it does not have as many inclusions. Even with treatment, they are still considered real diamonds and are delightful.

Black Diamonds in Jewelry

With such a stark contrast, black diamonds make an impressive statement when set in white gold, palladium or platinum.  These uniquely colored gems are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings, anniversary bands or right hand rings, especially when mixed with white diamonds. Set alongside traditional white stones, the black diamonds will make the white ones appear whiter. Celebrities have been wearing them as vintage-style engagement rings or accessories to special events for years, helping
increase the popularity of this unique stone.

Tips For Buying Black Diamonds

  • Depending on the diamond grade, black diamonds can be less expensive than white diamonds, with the exception of the midnight black diamonds which are quite rare.
  • Beware of scams with black diamonds vs. imitation black diamonds. Make sure you get precisely what you pay for by going with a reputable merchant.
  • The Four C’s still apply, but have some differences such as the cut being more about the proportions and polish and the carat weight will be heavier than classic diamonds.
  • Shop around and see the different grades in person before purchasing, as some variances in color may appeal to you more than others.
  • Consider synthetic diamonds or imitation diamonds for additional savings. These can be just as strikingly beautiful and offer the same dramatic effect.
  • Since black is often associated with death and superstition, some people may be surprised by seeing this non-traditional stone as an engagement ring. Yet with the right setting and other white diamonds it can be appreciated for its own unique beauty and overcome this.

With the growing popularity of black diamonds, there are increasingly more styles available for engagement and anniversary rings. These diamonds are a a beautiful choice for the modern woman and offer a refreshing alternative to traditional white diamonds.

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