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Promise Rings: Stylish Commitment

Promise rings are often given as an expression of friendship, commitment or trust between two people. They can provide beautiful symbolism, with the shape of a ring representing an eternal circle or a special engraving to remind the recipient of a memorable occasion.


Why Are Promise Rings Used?

Perhaps a couple intends to marry but may be too young or have other obligations to fulfill before becoming engaged. Or perhaps there is a growing friendship, a future leave of absence or family event. Although promise rings are not intended to take the place of a proposal or official engagement, they are a thoughtful and meaningful gesture for whatever occasion they are intended.

There are surprisingly many situations where a promise ring can be an appropriate gift of love, friendship or a simple gesture of goodwill. Some of the most common types promise rings are for:


Monogamy: A promise ring may signify a couples desire to show the desire for a monogamous relationship, particularly where one or both in the relationship were unfaithful in the past. A beautiful way to express the desire for a renewed commitment.


Friendship: Often times very close friends desire to keep reminders of their friendship if they are moving far away or wish their friendship to endure when they may not have the opportunity to see one another very often. Promise rings are a beautiful way to remember deep friendship, regardless of distance.



Moral Purity: A promise ring can be a significant way for young people to remember their promise to God, their parents or themselves to abstain from premarital sex or other types of immorality or inappropriate vices.



Religious Devotion: A common practice among religious teenagers, promise rings can signify a specific saint, religious phrase or symbols. A personal and enduring reminder for one’s faith.



Family: A promise ring may be given to older children or parents at the birth or adoption of a new child, or other additions to a family. It is an excellent way to signify the loving relationship and bond between parent and child, siblings or grandparents. A blended family might also present promise rings to the children at the wedding.


Promise Ring Advice

Since a promise ring is not to be confused with an engagement ring, it should look significantly different. Some rings may have unique designs, colored birthstones, various engravings on the inside or outside of the band. The metal is often sterling silver, 10K gold or gold-plated. Promise rings should generally be under $500, and many young people find a good assortment of promise for under $100.

Where to Buy Promise Rings

Most jewelry stores will offer a variety of rings which may be used as promise rings.  For more religious promise rings, you may want to look online to find a wider variety of styles. Most jewelers will be able to help you find an appropriate type of ring for the occasion, and a great deal of them have online stores for your convenience. Here are a few of the most popular stores that sell promise rings:

Our Promise Rings
Love’s Promise Rings
Kay Jewelers
Heavenly Treasures
Limoges Jewelry

Whatever the occasion, promise rings are a delightful and beautiful way to signify a commitment between two people who love one another, their religion, friends, family or perhaps potential fiance. Be sure that the intent of a promise ring given to a member of the opposite sex is clear and it will be a wonderful and memorable occasion.

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