Blue Diamond Engagement Rings – A Possibility for All Brides

Blue diamonds are as rare as a couple’s love, which makes them a perfect choice for those wanting to add some special symbolism to their engagement ring. With a wide variety of settings which can showcase the unique color,  both natural and synthetic blue diamonds are simply charming by nature (despite not always being created by nature).


Pros and Cons of Blue Diamonds for Engagement Rings


  • A unique and stunning option that few brides will have.
  • Natural blue diamonds (“fancy colored diamonds”) are highly valuable and prestigious.
  • Look beautiful in white gold, platinum and palladium settings.
  • Myriad of engagement ring settings available to put in a diamond of your choice.
  • Synthetic or color treated diamonds offer a viable alternative at a more affordable price.
  • Incredibly expensive and rare — may be difficult to find.
  • Natural blue diamonds will be small and difficult to find anything larger than a .50 carat for a reasonable price.
  • Shopping for a blue diamond may take a little more effort and difficult to find in person. Will be easier to find online from jewelry stores such as Leibish & CoBlue DiamondsTakaraD.Nea and Blue Nile

How to Choose a Blue Diamond

There are a few basic things to learn about blue diamonds before purchasing:

1. Natural fancy blue diamonds are remarkably rare and valuable.

Blue diamonds are considered to be “fancy colored diamonds” which means they fit in a completely different color scale than the traditional colorless, white diamonds. Natural blue diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable. In fact, there are many jewelry stores who have never (or may never) have them in inventory. Historically, most blue diamonds were sold by only a few of the highest end stores in the world (Tiffany, Graff or Harry Winston).

2. There are more affordable treated or synthetic blue diamonds available. 

There are two main options for alternatives to natural fancy blue diamonds. First are the color treated diamonds, where they take lower quality brownish or yellowish tinged diamonds (normally unable to be sold as common colorless diamonds) and infuse them with blue color using the high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) process. These are considered to be “color treated diamonds” and should be listed as such in all paperwork and advertising. They will have a beautiful deep blue hue which usually distinguishes them from natural blue diamonds which are usually lighter in color. The second option is the synthetic (or man-made) blue diamond. HPHT is also used to create genuine, carbon diamonds in a laboratory setting. They tend to be nearly perfect in their make-up because they are created in a controlled environment. Both of these types of diamonds (treated and synthetic) are substantially more affordable than natural fancy blue diamonds.

3. Shades of blue vary from stone to stone.

Natural blue diamonds come in an array of shades, from pale light blues to deeper royal hues. Generally speaking, the dark blue diamonds (like the color of a sapphire) are almost unheard of and anything that dark would likely be man-made or color enhanced.

4. The Four Cs still apply.

Just as with any diamond, the 4 Cs apply to blue diamonds. One of the most important characteristics for a fancy blue diamond is the cut. No other factor will ensure your diamond has the fire and brilliance than its cut. Read more about the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat by following the corresponding links.

5. Do your research.

Because natural, untreated blue diamonds are so rare most jewelers (other than high-end or reputable online companies as listed below) are unable to get them from the wholesalers in the first place. If you see blue diamonds being sold in stores, chances are they are color enhanced or man-made. Beware of jewelers who suggest otherwise.


Like the Look of a Blue Diamond (But Not the Price)?

The good news is that there are many other options available for the average consumer. One can opt for a sapphire, topaz, aquamarine and tourmaline. These are all beautiful stones and can provide the unique flair that a couple in love desires, but at a more reasonable price.

Images courtesy of Takara Diamond, Worthington Diamond.

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