Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings: A Timeless and Perfect Gift

Diamond earrings are a sophisticated and elegant accessory that every woman dreams of having one day. Whether it be for a Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary or wedding gift, diamond earrings are a classic and stylish addition to every woman’s wardrobe. These beautiful gems can be worn for any occasion and with an endless variety of styles available, diamond earrings make the perfect gift for any woman at any time in her life.


Diamond Solitaire Earrings

Also known as diamond studs, these types of earrings remain the most popular choice among women due to their stunningly classic beauty. Perhaps it is the fact that all of the attention is drawn to one sparkling diamond is what makes them so desirable. Just as with diamond solitaire engagement rings, the look is understated and elegant–and highly desirable.

Buying Diamond Earrings

Buying diamond earrings is not as complicated of a process as buying an engagement ring, mainly because diamonds in earrings will be under less scrutiny. While most people will inspect a diamond ring at a close proximity, the sheer distance from the eyes to the earrings is significantly further. Some diamonds may appear “eye-clean” in earrings when they might not be suitable for an engagement ring. Although the 4 Cs still reasonably apply, diamond earring standards are more forgiving than those used in diamond rings.

There are several things to consider before buying diamond stud earrings, such as:

  1. Carat Weight

    As with any stone, the larger the stone the more noticeable it will be. This is particularly important if a woman has long hair which can cover smaller diamond studs. The good news? The larger carat weights can still be reasonably affordable.

  2. Color

    Our experts suggest staying within the H-J range on the color grading scale. Why? Most people simply won’t be able to notice or enjoy a higher color grade for what it might end up costing.

  3. Clarity

    A good rule of thumb is if a diamond is considered “eye-clean” it is generally a suitable clarity for diamond earrings. If you can visibly detect inclusions or flaws in an I1 graded diamond, you may want to stick with a SI 1 or SI 2 diamond to ensure it still has the fire and brilliance you desire.

  4. Cut

    The vast majority of people will be unable to determine the quality of cut on diamond earrings, so the cut standards can be loosened up a bit. A “good” graded cut is perfectly acceptable–just avoid too deeply or shallow cut stones.

  5. Prong Arrangement

    Four or six prong settings are the most preferred style which showcase the diamonds in the best light. Other styles include bezel, illusion and 3 prong settings.

  6. Diamond Shape

    As with diamond engagement rings, round remains the most popular shape for diamond studs, with the princess shape coming in as a close second. Other shapes include marquise, oval, heart and emerald.

  7. Metal

White or yellow gold are the most commonly used precious metals, with platinum being used for more high-end options. Sterling silver can also be used to cut down on cost. Ensure that whichever metal you choose be not only high quality but also very sturdy and have screw-on backs for extra security.


Diamond earrings are the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe and hold a highly romantic appeal. With their sophisticated and classic appeal, they add elegance to a variety of occasions and are a must-have for every woman.

Images courtesy of myjewelrybox.com, James Allen and Whiteflash.

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