Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Set

A rose gold diamond engagement ring set is perfect if you plan to propose to your significant other. These beautiful rings complement each other and can be combined with matching wedding bands. The rose-colored metal is also perfect for those with olive skin tones. A rose gold diamond engagement ring setting can be a great choice for a bride who enjoys mixing and matching metals. Try the Artemis ring if you’d like to surprise your fiancée with an engagement ring made of rose gold.

If your fiance loves the rose, a rose gold engagement ring set would be perfect. A rose gold engagement ring set is unique and timeless. It can add a touch of romance to any engagement ring set. Besides being versatile, rose gold is a popular choice for engagement rings because of its timeless elegance and romantic feel. You can explore all the styles and designs on our website by browsing 360-degree images!

Rose Gold: What is it?

The combination of gold and other metals in rose gold engagement rings gives the metal its rosy, delicate color.

Red or pink gold are additional names for rose gold.

Unknown to many, pure 24-karat gold is too soft to be utilized to make jewelry for daily use; instead, additional alloys, including silver, palladium, copper-nickel, and zinc, are added to it.

To attain higher longevity and the perfect delicate rosy color, 18ct rose gold is often made from a combination of gold, copper, and silver. The rose color intensifies with copper content. Pink becomes paler when there is more silver present.

The Origins of Rose Gold

It has a lengthy history of being favored by society’s elite. Despite rose gold’s current vogue, combining copper and gold is nothing new. In truth, rose gold first debuted in the nineteenth century when Peter Carl Fabergé, a well-known jeweler to the Russian Tzars, used it in some of his most elaborate creations, notably his well-known Fabergé eggs.

Excess was prevalent in the early 1900s, both socially and aesthetically. The grandeur of the era was reflected in the jewelry design, which used warm, vibrant colors. However, rose gold engagement rings as a fashion didn’t reach their zenith until the Cartier Trinity Band did so in the 1920s. The popularity of white gold and platinum engagement rings peaked during this period and persisted until the Art Deco movement brought white metal jewelry back into fashion.

Rose Gold Significance

Rose gold is unlike any other jewelry metal in terms of color and is delicate, whimsical, and full of deeper significance. Due to its extravagant pink hue, it is frequently linked to passion and regarded as a sign of love and romance. The warm, rich metal not only exudes style and elegance but also showcases your sense of style. Though rose gold isn’t just for ladies, the pinkish tones also connote softness.

14K Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Set Rose Gold Flower Ring Flower Engagement Ring

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  • Setup item number: CD-0060D
    Rose gold 14K in metal
    Authentication: CJC (Camellia Jewelry Certificate)
    Ring size: 6; size options (4-9 US sizes)
    Estimated Value: 4700 USD
    Natural diamonds, kind
    0.20 minimum carat weight
    Round-cut colour; VS clarity; colour: G/H
    Cut: Excellent
    100% natural diamonds as a stone
    Shape: Round Brilliant Weight: 0.09 carats a minimum.
    G-H Color, SI Clarity
    Excellent cut
    100% natural diamonds as a stone
    Shape: Round Brilliant Weight: 0.16 carats a minimum.
    G-H Color, SI Clarity
    Excellent cut

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Advantages

  • Compared to rings made of yellow or white gold, rose gold is more durable (not as strong as platinum, though).
  • They are quite inexpensive as well.
  • Like white gold, rose gold does not require rhodium plating.
  • Due to the rose color, vintage/antique appeal frequently has a romantic meaning.
  • They go well with every skin tone.

Rose gold: Pros and Cons


  • More resilient than white or yellow gold.
  • Unexpectedly affordable.
  • Does not need to be rhodium plated.
  • Stylishness that has a romantic feel from the past.


  • Not hypoallergenic due to the alloy’s copper content.
  • Not as commonly accessible as rings made of white or yellow gold.

Is Buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring Right for you?

Every decision about the ideal engagement ring for you and your partner is yours alone. Choosing to purchase a rose gold engagement ring is similar. We’ll provide some useful advice below to assist you to make your choice.

Engagement rings with warmer-colored I, J, and K center diamonds are frequently made of rose gold. It has long been believed that rose gold hides the warm tone of diamonds within the almost colorless to barely colored spectrum. Since diamonds reflect the colors surrounding them, warmer diamonds placed in rose gold may appear to have a warm pink tinge, which is quite stunning. Choosing a setting with platinum prongs will help the diamond reflect white from underneath while merging with the rose gold on the ring when viewed from the top if you are planning to use a pale color diamond for your ring.

The beautiful contrast of colorless diamonds against the warm pink tone of rose gold is one thing that is not frequently acknowledged. Some people think choosing a colorless diamond for an engagement ring made of rose gold is not ideal. If you choose a colorless diamond, should you consider a rose gold engagement ring? We reply. We think using colorless diamonds set in rose gold is a great decision and our preference. When mounted in a rose gold basket or prong-set engagement ring, diamonds in the D, E, or F color range glow even more brilliantly. Rose gold is a fantastic option for rings with a hidden halo of diamonds. In rose gold, this particular detail pops out stunningly.

Which Carat of Rose Gold is Ideal?

Due to its pink hue, 14k rose gold is frequently the most coveted. The alloy is what gives its hue. Yellow gold turns pinker when combined with copper and other precious metals like silver. By definition, 14-karat rose gold has 58.5% pure gold content.

How Durable is a Rose Gold Ring?

Jewelry made of rose-plated gold has a three-year lifespan. It won’t hold up as long as other platings like rhodium white and gold. Uneven wear or a patchy look are two examples of wear indicators. You can get rose gold replated on your jewelry.

Which Gemstones Go Well with Rose Gold Besides Diamonds?

In addition to colorful gemstones, rose gold engagement rings can look wonderful with dazzling, radiant diamonds. These include pink sapphires and morganite.

The feminine pink hues complement the precious metal’s warm pink color. Additionally, a gemstone and diamond combination frequently works well if you’re searching for something unique.

Are Rose-Gold Engagement Rings Currently Popular?

If you’re concerned that your rose gold engagement ring will become fashionable, don’t be! There is a solid reason why everything is now fashioned of rose gold. Rose gold has established itself as a tried-and-true color. From being a craze at one point, it is now a classic. When creating your bridal registry, you’ll quickly discover that rose gold has become a household staple from cutlery to blenders to even hair color.

The most popular metal for vintage-style engagement rings is rose gold. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are to blame for the current fascination with rose gold engagement rings. Since the couple’s engagement in 2012, rose gold has been popular in engagement ring designs, appearing in contemporary bezel settings, thin band pave settings, and even three-stone engagement rings, traditionally composed of platinum only.

Since 2013, Adiamor has offered 14k, and 18k rose gold as options for all of our engagement ring designs. Most merchants normally only carry 14k or 18k rose gold and only offer it in a few specific styles. Since 2009, rose gold has been a popular choice for engagement rings, showing no signs of slowing down. Is there a trend with rose gold engagement rings? We disagree!

Why does a Rose Gold Ring Tarnish?

The typical composition of rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper. Due to the copper content, wearing a rose gold engagement ring can cause your finger to turn black. Copper, of course, does not hurt our bodies and even helps to avoid osteoporosis and iron shortage. Fish, eggs, and nuts are some foods that provide us with daily copper.

How can I Clean my Engagement Ring in Rose Gold?

Rose gold jewelry requires relatively little maintenance and is simple to clean. Rose gold doesn’t tarnish since it contains copper but rather takes on a patina. A patina is a gloss that forms on some metals over time due to oxidation, giving the metal a lovely vintage appearance. In essence, rose gold requires very little upkeep to maintain its beauty.

Give your rose gold diamond engagement ring a little scrub with a soft toothbrush or a towel after soaking it in warm water for a few minutes with moderate soap. Please do not use any vinegar solution to prevent damage to your ring.

For 1-2 hours, immerse the ring in a solution of lukewarm water and a tiny bit of dish soap. After that, gently clean the crevices with a toothbrush and dry them with a fresh towel.


A rose gold diamond engagement ring set is a great choice for a classic engagement ring. It is an elegant choice with a timeless feel. It is made of 14k recycled rose gold and features princess cut and round diamonds surrounded by ornate bands. It is also available with matching wedding bands. This set is sure to make your fiancé feel regal and royal! To start, let’s look at some popular options.