Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set

If you’re planning to propose to your love, a princess cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band set is a perfect choice. These rings are perfect for any woman who is looking for something a little more classic, yet has an edge to it.

The classic look of a princess cut diamond is maintained while the design possibilities are endless. A princess-cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band set can be made in many different styles, including solitaire rings, halo rings, and unique contemporary designs. Choose the one that suits her personality best, and she’ll be pleased.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

A Princess-Cut diamond is historically a rectangular diamond that gives first-rate hearth place and brilliance. This fancy form diamond is designed from the inverted pyramid of the hard diamond stone. Princess Cuts, like this fabulous 0.81ct I color, are some of the maximum incredible of all diamond shapes and are a famous preference for engagement rings.

The maximum great Princess Cuts are people with a wonderful rectangular form with a duration to width ratio of 1.0-1.05 (right here is an instance of a 1.03 ratio princess reduce diamond). While you may locate rectangle Princess Cuts, they aren’t perfect due to the fact they are able to lack brilliance. Princess Cuts with an Excellent or Ideal reduce great to make for clearly lovely engagement rings. 

If you stumble upon the time period “princess form”, recognize this indicates the equal factor as Princess Cut. There’s no difference – however, Princess Cut is the time period used withinside the diamond industry.

Key Features of a Princess Cut Diamond

The rectangular fashioned diamond the maximum brilliance.

Contains 4 chevron patterns

Costs much less in keeping with carat than Round Cuts, due to the fact extra of the difficult stone is maintained at some stage in withinside the reducing process

A famous preference for engagement earrings and earrings, Also known as Square Modified Brilliant and Rectangular Modified Brilliant, even though rectangle Princess Cuts aren\’t desirable

How Many Facets Does a Princess Cut Diamond have?

A Princess-Cut diamond generally has between 50 and fifty-eight sides, relying on how the diamond is cut. Most of the sides are at the pavilion and crown, with some at the girdle. Princess Cuts additionally generally have 4 chevron styles, which are move styles that may be visible while viewing the diamond from above. 

When a diamond has chevron styles, the diamond displays bolder flashes of white and colored mild. When a diamond has 4 chevron styles, the diamond has greater scintillation — ensuing in greater smaller flashes of white and colored mild that may be visible while the diamond moves. 

Be certain to study every Princess Cut diamond intently to make sure it gives the brilliance and hearthplace that you’re searching for. Feel loose to attain out to our specialists for a 2nd opinion earlier than making your selection.

Why is Princess Cut Diamonds Less Expensive?

A Round Brilliant will normally give around 40% (a sawed 1-carat piece of raw will yield a 0.40ct polished round diamond), whereas a Princess Cut will usually yield between 80% and 90%! This is the major reason why, when all other factors are equal, a Princess Cut diamond is less expensive than a round diamond.

This 1ct I/VS1 princess cut diamond costs $4,440, while this 1ct I/VS1 round cut diamond costs $6,130.

Another consequence of this phenomenon is that Princess Cuts are only created from very high-quality, well-formed rough diamond crystals, which usually correlate with cleaner rough.

Princess Diamonds Cut Quality

Perhaps the trickiest part of shopping for the quality stone for a Princess Cut Diamond Ring is reduced quality. With Rounds, it’s easy. GIA tells you their opinion, and you may accept it as true with it.

With Princess Cuts, though, you’re quite plenty for your own. GIA will handiest grade Polish and Symmetry on a Princess Cut diamond. Unlike Rounds, there’s surely no industry-huge consensus on what parameters make up the ideal Princess Cut.

There is a superb purpose for this, of course. As we stated earlier, the complete genesis of this reduction sprang from a preference to reduce diamond loss at the sharpening wheel. As against top rate reduce Round Diamonds, Princess Cuts are reduced to in shape the form of the rough, and now no longer the reverse.

Princess Diamonds Clarity

Regarding Clarity, a Princess Cut is also much like the Round Brilliant in that it’s a first-rate hider of inclusions. One issue you want to bear in mind with Princess Cuts, though, is that there are extreme problems with durability.

Since Princess Cuts have 4 sharp corners, they\’re at risk of chipping (and also your notion Diamonds Were Forever!). 

If inclusion is in one of the 4 corners of the diamond, as a way to substantial growth the possibilities of the diamond chipping.

If you’re shopping for the diamond already set in a ring, that is much less of a difficulty except you watched you would possibly need to have the stone reset in a brand new ring withinside the future.

Color of Princess Diamonds

When it comes to color, a Princess Cut diamond requires a little more caution than a Round Brilliant diamond. Both bright cuts succeed in cutting up the light, making the true color of the rough material more difficult to see.

However, because the Round Brilliant’s light return is superior, it is also better at concealing your diamond’s true hue. As a result, we recommend choosing an H or I color diamond when purchasing a Princess Cut diamond for the best value.

An I colour can seem wonderfully clear in a princess cut, as this magnificent diamond from the Blue Nile demonstrates.

What Should be the Shape of your Diamond Engagement Ring? 

If you want a more modern shape for your engagement ring, a princess cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band sets are a great choice. Princess cut diamonds are square or rectangular in shape and have a square or rectangular shape from the top. Compared to round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight, princess cut diamonds cost less than their round counterparts. Princess cut diamonds are perfect for an elegant bride and can be less expensive than a similar-carat-weight round-cut diamond.

Princess-Cut7 Diamond Ring & Wedding Band Set 

The princess cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band sets are a popular choice for couples who are looking for a classic, yet modern style. This two-ring set is made of solid 14k white gold and features a princess cut diamond centered in the center. The other sixteen round diamonds on the band accent the cathedral-style shank. The top half of the wedding band features seventeen (17) prong-set round brilliant cut diamonds.

Once you have chosen the engagement ring, the next step is choosing the wedding band. This part is crucial as it makes the engagement ring and wedding band match one another perfectly. The wedding band should be the same width and style as the engagement ring. Your bride-to-be will be delighted with the perfect match! If the two rings match, it’s almost like heaven! So make sure your bride and groom pick the perfect princess cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band set to give her the most amazing and memorable day of your life.

Your engagement ring and wedding band set may also have a stone that complements it. Choose complimentary shapes or an assortment of different stone shapes. There are three basic band styles: eternity, half-circle, and multi-row bands. Eternity bands feature a series of sparkling stones wrapping around the band, while 1/2-way and three-quarter-way bands wrap the stone around the band, showcasing its color.

What Should be the Choice Of Metals? 

The choice of metals for your wedding band and engagement ring is also important. You can choose white gold, rose gold, or platinum for the engagement ring, and a contrasting color for the band. This will help you create a visual contrast between the two rings. You can also choose a different metal for the wedding band if you want the rings to look like they belong together. You can also consider the metal color of your engagement ring and wedding band to create an interesting contrast between the two pieces.


When selecting a style, you can choose between a curved or a notched band. If you like the curve of your engagement ring, choose a band that follows the curves of the stone. This will make it appear natural. Notched bands, on the other hand, look like a puzzle pieces with a notch in the middle. The notch in the front will help the stone fit in the band.

The facets of a princess diamond may have 50 to 144. These facets are important in enhancing the reflection of light, so a higher faceted diamond will produce more sparkle and brilliance. If you’re not sure whether a princess cut is a good choice for your fiance, read on for more information on diamond cutting. Then, purchase your diamond engagement ring or wedding band set to give your loved one a perfect match!