Can Cremated Ashes Be Made into Diamonds? Yes, Here’s How!

Can Cremated Ashes Be Made into Diamonds? Yes, Here’s How!

Can cremated ashes be made into diamonds? Most definitely! A popular trend that has been developing in recent years is turning cremated ashes into diamonds. Providing a perfect way to memorialize your loved ones, this process is still often misunderstood by many people. In this article, we will be covering how this process works and offer a few important tips to consider first.

The Cremation Diamond-Making Process Explained in 5 Steps

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For the first part of our article let’s focus on the actual diamond making process. Just like in nature, diamond formation requires two very important things.

The first thing that is needed is large amounts of heat. In addition to heat, the second ingredient to diamond making is massive amounts of pressure to condense the crystalline structure correctly. Without going into too much technical detail, this section will give you an approximation of the steps involved to turn ashes into diamonds.

1. Preparing the Crucible

The first step to be discussed is the crucible preparation. Once the ashes are received by the company responsible for making your diamond, they are carefully placed in a special crucible.

A crucible is a special type of ceramic or metal container that is used to hold materials that are subjected to extreme heat. The crucibles used in this particular process are special; they are designed to withstand much higher temperatures than that of traditional metalworking operations.

2. Cranking up the Heat

Now that the ashes are secured in the crucible, the next step we will cover  is the application of heat. In preparation for this step, the forges are fired up to a scorching 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This insanely high temperature is maintained for a period of several weeks. The reason for this is that it takes time for all of the other materials to oxidize. When done correctly, the only remaining material should be carbon. As the heating process continues, the carbon turns into graphite and is ready for the next step. In total, the heating process can take several weeks to successfully complete.

3. Readying the Diamond Seed

With a batch of fully-formed graphite ready, the next step involves integrating the graphite in a specialized core with a cultured diamond seed. This seed crystal is needed to expand and grow to create the type of diamond you initially selected with the company. In addition to the diamond seed, certain other trace elements may be added to create the specific color options that you likely selected when you placed your order.

4. Keeping up the Pressure

Now that the core is fully prepared and integrated with the graphite material, it is ready to be stored in a specialized diamond press.

These presses heat the diamond and graphite mixture to an estimated 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, they also apply immense amounts of pressure. The standard setting for diamond making requires at least 800,000 pounds per square inch. In total, this entire process should take several weeks to successfully complete.

5. Ready for Cutting and Shipping

By now, your diamond should be fully formed and ready for cutting. Using specific faceting tools, the diamond will be cut to your specifications and inspected for quality assurance. When it is ready, it will be shipped to you. In most cases, tracking information is provided so that you can keep track of your delivery and ensure someone is home to receive your package.

Four Tips to Consider before Selecting a Diamond Cremation Service

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Don’t Forget the Importance of Word of Mouth

As with most things, one of the best ways to decide on a diamond cremation service is through word of mouth. Consider talking with your friends and family members to see if they have had any experience with a certain company.

As the practice of turning cremated ashes into diamonds grows, there will be an increase in recommendations from your loved ones. By selecting a company that they have tried out for themselves already, you greatly decrease the likelihood of encountering an unpleasant experience yourself.

Ask about Testing Services and Certifications

With many of the leading diamond cremations services, they typically offer independent testing to verify the authenticity of your fresh diamond. The reason this is so important is that it helps decrease the likelihood of receiving a counterfeit item.

In some rare cases, lesser-known companies have scammed customers with counterfeit gems like cubic zirconia. By sticking with a company that offers complementary testing services, you can rest easy knowing that your diamond is certified and that the company sticks by their product.

Start Thinking about the Cuts

While searching for a company to turn ashes into diamonds, you should take some time and consider the type of cut you want. Some examples of popular diamond cuts include princess, round, cushion, emerald, and radiant.

Deciding which one works best for you ultimately boils down to both personal preference as well as the type of jewelry you plan to have the diamond mounted in. With rings, the princess cut is a very popular option to consider. For objects like necklaces, cuts like pears and ovals are a very popular choice as well.

Consider the Importance of Color

Color has a very important meaning for most diamonds. The most common type of diamond is clear. Otherwise known as white, these diamonds are the most neutral type and pair well with a wide variety of different jewelry types.

Yellow-green diamonds are another very popular choice to consider. Symbolizing both health and hope, these diamonds make a perfect gift for loved ones. Blue is another color option to consider as well. Carrying meanings of loyalty, wisdom, and trust, these diamonds are a fitting choice for remembering loved ones as well. No matter what color you decide on, your diamond will last for years to come with proper care.

Summing Up

Can cremated ashes be made into diamonds? Now you know that it is becoming a common practice. For many people, turning their loved one’s cremated ashes into a diamond is the perfect way to memorialize them for years to come. These gifts can be customized to fit a broad range of jewelry types and are an ideal fit for passing down to future generations.

If you’ve had experience with a diamond cremation service, feel free to tell us about your experience.

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