Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond

Jewelers are often asked about what they know about cubic zirconia vs. diamonds. It’s a touchy subject for those selling diamonds because high grade diamond alternatives are getting better and cutting into the diamond industry’s enormous profits. So what is the truth about cubic zirconia and diamonds? What are the pros and cons of each and which one should you consider? We’ve asked our team of experts to tell us the truth, and then we’ll let you make up your mind.

Why Should I Buy?

First, it really depends on a few factors such as budget, social stance on conflict diamonds and style (large stone vs. small stone). Naturally, if someone is trying to stay within a tight budget, cubic zirconia is an excellent option. But that isn’t the only reason people are beginning to choose it over diamonds. Most women love larger stones but know they cannot afford a 2 carat diamond with decent clarity and color. It is often more appealing for them to have a larger, well cut CZ over a very small diamond. The other great reason is that with CZ, you can get any shape (or cut, rather) of stone and in any carat weight for an incredibly good deal. With diamonds, fancy cuts in fairly good sized carat weights are not affordable. Next, cubic zirconia is socially and environmentally friendly while diamonds are generally mined in conflicted, third world countries by poor laborers, including child labor. CZ these days (also known as diamond simulants or lab created gemstones) are cut to diamond standards and look so good that you can’t easily tell the difference.

Finally, the price of replacing a cubic zirconia vs. diamonds is incredibly reasonable. If you lose a diamond, it is nerve-wracking and extremely expensive to replace (even if home owners insurance says it covers it, you have to research to make sure).

Why Should I Not Buy?

Cubic zirconia is more porous and needs to be replaced every few years in order to keep the crisp, clean look. It is still more affordable to replace a CZ each year than it is to buy a diamond—even over a lifetime. However, if you want to avoid doing that, then you would probably lean towards buying a diamond where it is more durable. Speaking of durability, diamonds are extremely hard and not prone to chipping or cracking. Diamonds can still chip, but it is more of a rarity than anything. Next, diamonds do have more sentimental value (but not resale value). Also,  many women love the idea of a real rock on their finger and some may not be interested in anything other than the girl’s best friend.

Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamond Photos: Can You Tell the Difference?


Concluding thoughts: All in all, it really depends on personal preference and taste. Times are changing and old stigmas are dying. Whatever you choose, it will be for a good reason. Do your shopping, look at the pros and cons of both stones, and take your time in factoring all the points we mentioned above. And, most of all, happy shopping!

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