Big Hole Diamond mine

Where Can You Find Diamonds in the World? Top 7 Locations

Diamond production is a multi-billion dollar industry that is used in everything from decorative jewelry to high-tech industrial applications. In addition to the wide range of uses for diamonds, they also come in a wide range of types and colors as well. In our article, we’re going to be exploring seven different areas of the world where diamonds are regularly being mined.

1. South Africa

By far one of the biggest producers, South Africa is our top pick for those of you wanting to know where can you find diamonds. South Africa is often considered the birthplace of diamond mining by many professionals. It’s home to the Big Hole Diamond mine. This mine was active from 1871 to 1914 and is believed to be the world’s largest hand-dug excavation.

South Africa continues to be one of the largest producers of diamonds in the entire world. They regularly output several million carats of gem-quality diamonds each year and are constantly opening new mines in the area. A large portion of the diamond mining in the area is now taking place along the coast where years of rainfall has deposited diamonds along the coastal beds.

Big Hole Diamond mine
Big Hole Diamond mine

2. Angola

Angola is another one of the top areas to consider for people wanting to know where can you find diamonds. Located in the southwest part of Africa, diamond mining began in this area over 100 years ago when it used to be a Portuguese colony. In the early days, production primarily came from the country’s plentiful alluvial deposits. While alluvial diamond mining does remain popular in the region, the discovery of several diamond pikes is increasing the growth rate of hard rock mining.

One of the most well-known mines in the area is the Lulo Mine. This mine produces some of the largest class IIa diamonds in the world. Due to their low nitrogen content, these diamonds are primarily clear. In addition to the clear varieties, pink diamonds are also produced in this area and tend to sell really well.

rough diamond found at Lulo Mine
Large diamond found at Lulo Mine

3. Namibia

Another one of the largest places to consider when searching for where can you find diamonds is Namibia. This country is located in the southern portion of Africa and borders Botswana. Diamond mining began in the area in the early 1900s after railroad workers discovered a small diamond deposit.

After the discovery, miners began flocking to alluvial deposits to search for new diamonds. Due to the large distribution of diamonds in sediment deposits, a variety of sifting mechanisms were engineered to quickly sort diamonds. In current times, the majority of diamond mining for the area occurs offshore in the economic zone. This has earned this area the title as the world’s leading undersea diamond miner.

Namibia diamonds
Namibia diamonds

4. Australia

Australia is another country to think about when considering where can you find diamonds. The country entered the diamond production era in 1981. Sadly, the diamond production in the country has begun to fall in recent years. This is due to the lack of new mines being discovered and the depletion of existing supplies.

Fortunately, Rio Tinto opened a new underground diamond mine in Western Australia in 2013. Based on current projections, the mine has enough diamond reserves to supply the export demands of Australia well past 2020. Currently, there are several prospecting operations going on in the area seeking to expand the mining capabilities of the country.

Rio Tinto mine
Yandicoogina mine, Australia

5. Canada

By far one of the lesser known locations, Canada is another great place to consider when thinking about where can you find diamonds. The location has long been suspected to hold a large reserve of rich diamond deposits beneath the surface. However, professional diamond miners were unable to locate the reserves despite extensive searching.

All of this changed in 1991 when geologists Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson discovered evidence of diamonds in the area. Mining in the newly discovered area began in 1998 and has continued since. Though a large number of deposits have been fully mined out, more and more are continuing to be discovered in the area. Canadian diamonds are proving to be highly sought after partially due to their quality as well as the fact that they are produced in areas that are not prone to bloody conflicts.

Canadian diamond mine
Diavik diamond mine

6. Russia

Russia is another spot to look into when considering where can you find diamonds. Diamond production can be traced as far back as the 18th century in Russia. The start of large-scale diamond production in Russia began in 1957 at the Mir kimberlite location. The majority of Russia’s diamond production continues to come from open pit excavations in the Siberian Republic of Sakha.

To-date, Russia maintains the spot as the world’s leading producer of gem-quality diamonds based on karat weight. The only country that beats them on production value currently is Botswana. This is due to their relatively high volume of large high-value diamonds.

Russia Mir kimberlite
Mir mine

7. United States

While the United States isn’t a typical diamond producer by any means, we still decided to include it in our list of locations where you can find them. The spot you can find diamonds in the United States is known as the Crater of Diamonds.

Originally operated by a series of miners in the 1900s, the miner has since become a state park where visitors can pay a small entry fee. Furthermore, any diamonds that are found at the site by visitors are allowed to be kept and the site regularly produces a few hundred carats of diamonds each year. While not a large producer, it’s a fun location for the entire family to visit that is located in Arkansas.

People digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Crater of Diamonds State Park

Summing Up

The seven locations we covered in our article are all places where diamonds can be found. Ranging from multi-billion dollar locations to a small park where your family can mine for themselves, these locations are responsible for producing some of the world’s most beautiful gems. If there is a location you feel deserves to be mentioned, please feel free to tell us about it below.

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