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Canary Yellow Diamond Rings


Charm and personality radiate from these dazzling types of yellow colored diamond rings. They are a delightful and interesting alternative to the usual white, colorless diamond rings–and with some knowledge and insider tips, they can become a reality for many brides.

What are Canary Yellow Diamond Rings?

There are many different variations of color intensity when looking at yellow diamonds, including brownish yellow (the least expensive of the bunch), and orangey-yellow or greenish-yellow (most expensive). The truest bright, lemony yellow diamond is known as a canary yellow diamond and usually comes somewhere in-between in the price range. When placed in a setting which best compliments the unique qualities of a yellow diamond, the ring becomes a stunning piece of art. Canary yellow diamond rings can be found everywhere, ranging from engagement rings to anniversary or right-hand rings.

Buying Canary Yellow Diamond Rings

If you have decided on a yellow diamond for your beautiful ring, there are a few things to consider when picking out the stone:

  • Yellow diamonds are not as rare as most people think and are the most affordable fancy colored diamonds available.
  • Loose light yellow diamonds will cost approximately the same as a J color white diamond when compared to the colorless grading scale. The price will rise as the intensity of the color deepens and becomes more saturated.
  • The modifying color (modifier) will determine the cost of the yellow diamond. The brownish-yellow diamonds will be the most affordable when compared to a lemon-colored yellow diamond, and the greenish-yellow or orangey-yellow diamonds will be more expensive.

Styles of Canary Yellow Diamond Rings

Canary yellow diamond rings make a stunning statement for not only many brides-to-be, but are also ideal for anniversary or right-hand rings. Because they do have some unique qualities, it is important to choose the best setting to accentuate their beautiful color.

Metal: Despite the initial thought that yellow gold would best compliment a yellow diamond, it actually tends to compete and blend in with the yellow gold, making it difficult to showcase the diamond. Therefore, white gold or platinum are recommended because they provide a more striking contrast that accentuates the beautiful yellow color of the diamond.

For instance, compare these:


With these:


Setting: A solitaire setting is a fantastic way to make a yellow diamond stand out. Some fancy solitaires will have features such as a halo of diamonds surrounding the yellow stone or tapered diamonds on both sides of the center. Opting for a setting that allows for the most light possible to go through the stone will accentuate and add additional sparkle. Low or deep-set diamonds are not usually recommended as they can take away from the focal point (the yellow diamond) and are unable to reflect as much light around the pavilion.

Multiple Stones: Canary yellow diamonds are also often set with two white, colorless side stones to create a three stone ring, suitable for either an engagement or anniversary ring. This type of design adds additional glitz and glamour without taking the focus off of the yellow center diamond.

Marquise Fancy Intense Yellow 1.21ct Set in Platinum with (2) Trillion Diamond 0.47ctw

How to Save Big on Canary Yellow Diamond Rings

One of the best things you can do before purchasing a canary yellow diamond ring is to enlist in a few tricks of the trade to help you get the most for your money. As mentioned earlier, white gold or platinum is recommended for canary yellow diamond rings. However, the basket and prongs holding the diamond can actually be yellow gold, thus making the diamond appear to have a richer, more vibrant hue. This way, you can buy a slightly lower color grade (for a better price) and use this trick to make it appear like a more intense color grade.

Another recommendation is to purchase online, saving a step in the distribution chain and therefore taking advantage of bigger savings. Avoid buying a canary yellow diamond ring from a retail bricks and mortar store as their fancy colored diamond markups will be the more significant. Buy from an online company which is closest to the wholesale chain as possible, or opt for a synthetic, lab created fancy colored diamond. Recommended stores include:

Leibish & Co. Fancy Diamonds

D.Nea Diamonds

Chatham Diamonds

Created Diamonds

Takara Diamonds



Images courtesy of Leibish & Co., Takara Diamonds and Pragnell UK.

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