Cartier…the Jeweller of Kings and the King of Jewellers

The House of Cartier…a Noble Name Worldwide

Societe Cartier, also known simply and distinctively as ‘Cartier’, is one of the oldest and most respected designers of fine watches and jewellery in the world.  It was established in Paris, France by Louis Francios Cartier in 1847 and today operates approximately 200 stores in 125 countries and is well known as the jeweller of kings and celebrities.

Cartier is especially respected for the quality of its diamonds.  A Cartier stone is chosen for its perfect natural quality and is guaranteed (and in fact…automatically assumed) to be totally colorless and have no visible inclusions.

A Cartier engagement ring will always be a minimum of .5 carats and have perfect symmetry and brilliance.  Cartier engagement rings can be crafted in a variety of styles, shapes and cuts as long as the overall size of the diamond is 1 carat or more.


Cartier…Diamond Engagement Rings of Noble Pedigree

Although starting as a designer of watches, Cartier later began to make engagement rights and jewellery and was one of the first fine jewellers to use platinum in its engagement ring settings because it brought out the true beauty of the stones.  Cartier designs and pieces have been among the most prized possessions of such celebrities as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Bupinder Singh (the Maharaja of Patiala), King Edward VIII, as well as members of the royal courts of Russia, Egypt, Siam, Monaco and many others.

Cartier Styles…Masterpieces of Gemological Art

The hallmark of any Cartier engagement ring design is balance.  Cartier makes pieces in both classic and contemporary design.  Classic diamond solitaire engagement ring styles may feature several accent diamonds or a pave setting for extra effect but bezel, prong and channel setting are also used depending on the theme of the piece or the preference of the client.

In designing their pieces, Cartier takes into account both heritage and current trends but the paramount objective is the ultimate expression of elegance, timeless beauty and subtle balance from every viewing angle.

Design elements can include channel setting in swirls or geometric patterns which suggest the art deco era.  Accent stones of different sizes are sometimes used to add textural interest and distinctiveness to the finished piece.

The Gift of Cartier….the Supreme Expression of Everlasting Love

Women of taste knew that diamonds were forever long before the James Bond movie.  Getting married is one of the most emotional times of a woman’s life and nothing excites a woman’s emotions to a marriage commitment like a Cartier engagement ring.  For women of discriminating taste and beauty, nothing personifies elegance and true love like the dazzling elegance and age-defying quality of a Cartier engagement ring.

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