Celebrity Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Considering an unusual and unusually colored diamond for your engagement ring? Try a celebrity yellow diamond engagement ring. It is a unique alternative to the classic center stone, yet still has a timeless silhouette. Whether your fiance is into edgy designs or prefers something more classic and traditional, you’re sure to find the perfect engagement ring. This article will teach you more about the yellow diamond and what it means to her.

When consumers first saw yellow diamonds, they automatically assumed they were canary diamonds. In recent years, however, the trend has been growing, thanks to many celebrity engagements. In 2008, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were engaged in a yellow diamond engagement ring. This sparked a fad among consumers. The yellow diamond trend is expected to continue growing, as more celebrities are opting for these unusual gemstones.

History of Yellow Diamonds Engagement Ring 

Heidi Klum’s seven-year marriage to Seal ended in late 2012, but she still wears her dazzling engagement ring from Famous Diamonds. The canary diamond was specially cut for the actress by Famous Diamonds. The designer of the ring, Johnathon Arndt, is renowned for creating exquisite engagement rings. The yellow diamond also looks stunning on Heidi Klum. In addition to being a perfect choice for any woman, a celebrity yellow diamond engagement ring can add to her celebrity appeal.

A celebrity yellow diamond engagement ring may inspire you to choose a different gemstone for your own ring. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring was one of the most expensive diamonds ever given to a woman. The actress wore it during the Venice Film Festival and sparked speculation that she was engaged to Ben Affleck. Even though there is no proof that they are together, rumors of a potential engagement are entertaining and fascinating.

18K Gold Fancy Yellow diamond rings for women Cushion Cut Engagement ring 1.65 carat tw

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  • Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings for Women: Yellow Diamonds are one of the most popular color stones for diamond engagement rings. The Yellow Diamond in such diamond rings for women gets its color from the nitrogen impurities present in its crystal structure. A fancy Yellow Diamond falls outside the color zone (D to Z) of colorless diamonds. Such diamond rings are not only for wedding and engagement, but it’s a great choice for fashion rings.
  • Halo Diamond rings for women: These yellow diamond engagement rings consist of a beautiful center cushion Cut fancy yellow diamond surrounded by an outline of round brilliant diamonds. The two-row diamond-studded shank of this ring and 2-tone gold halo is perfect for anyone that likes attractive rings with the focus being on the larger center diamond.
  • 18K Gold rings: These beautiful yellow diamond engagement rings are crafted in 18 karat. As a persisting component found normally in an unmistakable yellow color, gold is impervious to rust, stain, and corrosion. 24 karat gold is the purest form of the gold which is too soft for everyday wear jewelry. So it is alloyed with the mixture of metals to give it strength. 18k gold ring is composed of around 75% gold and 25% other metals.
  • Exquisite Gift Packing: Glitz Design provides an exquisite gift box for fashion rings, wedding and engagement rings, yellow diamond rings for women that gives your gift a beautiful look. Your diamond jewelry would include the Certificate of Authenticity that verifies the 4C’s of the diamond and gold purity. Your gift would be in an elegant gift box wrapped in a velvet pouch. A microfibre cleaning cloth would also be included in a pouch.

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  • Your blushing bride to be will glow with joy when you present her with this mesmerizing sterling silver engagement ring. Accented by an exuberantly vibrant, 6ct simulated canary yellow cz stone surrounded by gleaming cz’s with sparkling pave cz accents on band.
  • Measure: 2mm Band Width Weight: 5.4 grams Stone: 14mm W, Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia,
  • Why Buy Cubic Zirconia: Show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by choosing cubic zirconia jewelry gifts. Lab created CZ reduces social and destructive environmental impact caused by the mining of diamonds. CZ Jewellery is virtually flawless and only a jeweler can tell the difference. Pour out your heart instead of your wallet and splurge on a trip or new house.
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The Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for a yellow diamond engagement ring is pretty a extraordinary manner than purchasing for a traditional, white diamond engagement ring. 

Yellow diamond colour is the maximum essential thing whilst deciding on an appropriate yellow diamond in your engagement ring and wedding ceremony band stack. Cut and readability are essential whilst purchasing for a yellow diamond, however are in large part primarily based totally on aesthetic choices and finances flexibility.


Traditional, white diamond engagement earrings are rated via way of means of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) among D and Z. D, E, and F diamonds are considered “colorless” diamonds at the same time as S thru Z diamonds have a mild yellow or brown color. 

Fancy yellow diamond engagement earrings are considered “coloured diamonds” and fall outdoor of the D to Z range. These natural, yellow-coloured diamonds are graded in a different way than conventional diamonds. The yellow diamond will fall into 1 of 6 categories: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, and Fancy Vivid. The yellow diamond engagement ring will increase in cost because the saturation of the yellow hue will increase. A Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid yellow diamond have a deep, yellow hue at the same time as the Fancy Light yellow diamond has a extra mild yellow hue. 

Some fancy yellow diamond engagement earrings have a secondary hue that creates a deeper, extra wealthy coloured diamond while combined with the yellow diamond hue. Our 1.sixty two Carat Fancy Orangey-Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Ring, an orange, secondary hue makes the yellow diamond a ways extra vibrant.


The spherical exceptional reduce complements hearthplace and brilliance with traditional, white diamonds. Yellow diamond engagement rings, on the alternative hand, have a stronger, extra colourful hue while reduce into a elaborate form, that\’s any diamond form aside from the spherical exceptional reduce. 

The radiant reduce or the cushion reduce is specially powerful cuts for reinforcing the lovely yellow hue of the yellow diamond engagement ring. The facets (the flat surfaces reduce onto a gemstone) of the radiant and cushion cuts each showcases the brilliance of the stone and the vibrance of the yellow.


Yellow diamond readability is a much less vital function than shadeation and cut. White diamonds monitor imperfections because of the dearth of shadeation withinside the diamond. With yellow-coloured diamonds, the imperfections are commonly invisible to the bare eye. 

Yellow diamonds with an SI2 readability or better are enough to preserve the splendor of the stone at the same time as maintaining the price down.

Is Yellow Diamond Jewelry a Good Investment?

Buying yellow diamond jewelry may be an splendid investment.

Firstly, the steel of the jewelry is frequently surprisingly valued. Metals like gold generally tend to hold long time value, no matter occasional brief time period rate volatility.

The yellow diamonds themselves are typically taken into consideration an amazing funding due to the are tendencies closer to colored jewelry which cause them to extra in demand.

Buying yellow diamond jewelry this is excessive quality, above  carats, and a pleasant hue of yellow (Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid) could make a clever funding.

Are Yellow Diamonds More Expensive?

Yellow diamonds are very uncommon, that can cause them to greater pricey than clean diamonds. However, they\’re much less uncommon than different colored diamonds, consisting of red diamonds. A diamond’s value relies upon at the carat, clarity, color and cut, (greater in this later).

When it comes to yellow diamonds, the richer and more intense the colour, the more expensive.

How is the Value of a Yellow Diamond Determined?

The undertone of fancy colour diamonds may be a completely essential a part of figuring out their price. True yellow diamonds may be valued extra particularly than a few with mild yellow undertones. However, irrespective of preferred price, a few humans decide on orange or brownish undertones of their yellow ring as it does exciting matters to the colour of the yellow diamond.

Fancy Vivid graded yellow diamonds, additionally called canary diamonds, have a tendency to be the maximum high priced and admired of the yellow diamond grades. Depending on size, the depth of coloring, and grade of diamond, yellow diamonds may be an high priced rarity or a cost-powerful gift.

Personal choice reigns in relation to the discernable price of those diamonds. The common individual will conflict to grade them, so they\’re extra of a amusing personalization alternative than a hoop price range statement as you pass into extra extreme coloring.

How are Yellow Lab Diamonds Created?

Lab-grown diamonds are made in a captivating procedure, and one of the components is figuring out if the diamond might be fancy coloured or not. If it\’s miles decided that it ought to be a yellow diamond then the lab introduces nitrogen all through the boom procedure, which offers those diamonds their yellow hue. The greater nitrogen introduced, the greater colourful the shadeation is!

Trace factors and chemical substances assist create fancy coloured diamonds naturally, however the lab boom procedure permits us to leverage the ones factors to create purposefully incredible stones. Rather than bet at what hue the diamond will have, it\’s miles turning into an actual technological know-how to growing high-price stones like canary diamonds in a lab.

As lab developing receives increasingly popular, those appropriate diamonds turn out to be greater on hand for regular put on and turn out to be a fair greater interesting non-public contact to people’s engagement rings

Properties Of Yellow Diamonds Engagement Rings 

Yellow is a bright and vivid colour that grabs attention and promotes feelings of warmth and joy, according to colour psychology. The yellow diamond engagement ring’s naturally rich golden colour is appealing and eye-catching. A quick glance at a bright yellow centre diamond is enough to make anyone grin.

Yellow diamond engagement rings are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours. There are a few considerations and styling ideas to consider as you begin your search for the most suited yellow diamond engagement ring for you or your girlfriend.

The craze for yellow diamonds started with celebrities who opted for yellow diamonds over white diamonds. The color of the yellow diamond is very rare and beautiful, but it is best to get a cushion or radiant cut as it accentuates the stone better than a round brilliant. Yellow diamonds come in various shapes and are most popular in platinum and white gold. It is possible to find a yellow diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold setting, though many prefer a white gold setting.

The Shape Of Diamonds

The shape of the diamond can also tell a story. Some celebrities choose round diamonds, which have a natural beauty and are perfect for everyday use. Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale, and Miley Cyrus have each chosen cushion diamond engagement rings. A marquise-shaped diamond engagement ring was used by Michael Douglas to propose to Catherine Zeta Jones. In addition, the actor Matthew Bellamy proposed to Kate Hudson with a ring with an emerald cut diamond.

The celebrities who have worn yellow diamond engagement rings aren’t limited to Hollywood stars. Kelly Clarkson, for example, got engaged to musician Nick Young in 2006 by wearing a yellow diamond engagement ring. Their engagement ring has a carat weight of 8.15cts and is worth approximately $700,000.


In addition to yellow diamond engagement rings, celebrities have also chosen to wear pink diamonds. The color is soft and feminine and is also extremely expensive. Jennifer Lopez chose a pink diamond as her center stone and two colorless diamonds on either side. Other celebrities chose blue diamond engagement rings. Among these, Kate Middleton modeled a ring with a dazzling blue sapphire and two carats. And, of course, there is the gorgeous Sofia Vergara.

Amy Miller is the author of Washingtonian’s Style Setters and leads the style team at the newspaper’s Washingtonian. She was previously the editor of the Capital File weddings and What’s Up? Weddings in Annapolis. She’s a great source of advice on buying an engagement ring, and you can’t go wrong! If you’ve gotten your heart set on a yellow diamond engagement ring, be sure to choose it carefully!