Emerald Engagement Rings: The Perfect and Unique Choice for the Modern Woman

Emerald Engagement Rings: The Perfect and Unique Choice for the Modern Woman

emerald engagement ringsEmerald Engagement Rings: The Perfect and Unique Choice

For those looking for an individual, unique statement in engagement rings, consider the ever so beautiful, luscious emerald! Emeralds are mostly mined in South America, offering exquisite beauty and divine attributes. There are those that believe an emerald will increase one’s psychic powers and others believe emeralds have the ability to heal. Whether there is any truth to these beliefs or not, there is not doubt that emeralds are exquisite gems.

Unique Color: Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds can be a brilliant green all the way to a green-blue which is considered the most valuable of emeralds. When looking for the perfect emerald for your engagement ring, always look for uniform color through the entire stone. Due to the fact that emeralds are not one specific color, you must decide on where your taste runs and what you are looking for in a stone.

Helpful Tip: Look For Formations Within the Stone

There could be some formations within the stone that do not detract from the exceptional brilliance of the emerald. One most unwanted formations is called feathering. Feathers are small fractures deeply inside the stone and could potentially cause the stone to break. Some formations cannot be detected because of the deeper colors of some emeralds.

Cuts for Emerald Engagement Rings

The most recognizable and popular cut is the rectangular while the square cut comes in as a strong second in popularity. Pear, heart-shaped and round are exquisite cuts but also a great deal more expensive because of the precision of the cuts.

Common Treatments:

Most emeralds in jewelry stores have undergone some form of treatment. If the jeweler is not forthcoming, inquire about the extent of any treatments done to the stone.

Emeralds are commonly treated by filling in cracks with epoxy resins or oils. In many cases, this allows the stone more transparency. These epoxies and oils will change the color of the emerald to some extent. Keep in mind that extensive treatments equate to lower quality gems.

Your Jeweler Should Be Forthcoming:

The jeweler you are dealing with should be upfront with any treatments done to the stones and the extent of the treatment. You should be informed as to whether the emerald is natural or synthetic. A synthetic emerald is created in a lab where natural emeralds are a good deal more valuable. Find out if the emerald is a composite of stones. Meaning they are composed of small emeralds, mixed with a synthetic or imitation stone.

More Tips For Buying Emerald Engagement Rings

Read up on and get all the valuable information you can get your hands on regarding emeralds. You should know exactly what kind of emerald you are expecting in your engagement ring and know that is what you are going to get.

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