Cheap Diamond Rings

Cheap Diamond Rings

cheap diamond rings

Many men cringe at the thought of a diamond engagement ring because they automatically associate it with a high price tag, but it is possible to purchase a cheap engagement ring without sacrificing quality or beauty. There is a difference between getting cheap diamond rings and getting a good deal. Smart shoppers do their research, so they can spot inferior workmanship and substandard materials when considering various rings because a slightly more expensive ring made from high quality materials with outstanding craftsmanship will be less expensive over the lifetime of the ring than a cheaply made one.

Buying Cheap Diamond Rings Online

Online jewelers are able to offer quality engagement rings for a lower cost because they do not maintain store facilities or large numbers of employees. While you may not be able to customize the ring as much as you could with a traditional jeweler, you can find many classic, elegant cheap diamond rings for significantly less than in many brick and mortar stores.

Buying Second Hand

Buying second hand can be an excellent way to find cheap wedding rings. Wedding rings are sometimes sold when a marriage has broken down or perhaps when someone has died, however there are many other reasons why rings are sold. Perhaps someone is looking for a change in style or is selling a ring to raise some capital. For what ever reason, buying pre-loved rings is an option well worth considering.Second hand rings can be found in independent jewelry stores, from specialist second hand stores, and from places such as pawn brokers. Online auction houses, such as also offer a good opportunity for people looking to buy and sell rings, and this opens up the whole of the world as a market place.

When buying second hand wedding rings, it is important to be sure that the rings are genuine and have come from a reliable source. Therefore buying from reputable stores or from online sellers with stellar client feedback is important.

Choice of Metals

Another way to cut corners on cheap engagement rings is to consider the type of metal for the ring.Platinum engagement rings are the most expensive, but you won’t be sacrificing quality or style if you stick to silver or white or yellow gold. Lower karat values are also less expensive so consider a 12- or 14-karat ring instead of an eighteen carat ring. Generally, two-tone rings and those with extensive filigree patterns or etching on the metal are also more expensive.

Choice of Stone

Cheap rings can still be beautiful.

If you prefer a diamond engagement ring, be sure you understand the four Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Judging diamond quality can be tricky because each of these factors greatly influences the price, but selecting a less-than-perfect stone does not mean it is inferior. Most diamonds are graded on elaborate scales, and dropping a grade or two can reduce the price without being immediately visible to the casual observer.


Cheap Diamond Ring Options

Engagement rings do not have to be diamonds, however. Many brides enjoy breaking away from the classic diamond ring, choosing to wear:

  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Semi-precious stones

While a high quality colored gemstone may be more expensive than a low quality diamond, in general, gemstones are a bit cheaper.

You may also want to consider synthetic stones. While not “real” as in formed through geology, these stones are far less expensive and just as beautiful as natural diamonds. A word of warning, however: do not try to fool your fiancée by passing off an imitation stone as real. That dishonesty and deception is not the foundation on which you want to build a life together. For many budget-conscious women, the ring is asymbol, and the dollar value or quality of the stone is not as important a factor in their feelings as the thought behind it and the relationship it represents.


Cheap Diamond Rings: Styles and Design

Wedding rings often command a premium for no other reason than they are being targeted at the wedding market. Very similar style rings can be found alongside dress or fashion rings at lower prices. There is no true definition of a wedding ring, therefore taking a look at other rings can often be quite a savings. When looking at different styles of rings, there are a few key tips that will help you make a perfect choice.

  • Remember that the ring will be worn every day, therefore plain styles are more practical
  • Plated metal rings, such as gold plate, may be cheap and look great but the plating will wear off exposing the base metal over time
  • Even the most basic and low cost rings can be transformed with engraving and many jewelers offer this service at a low cost


Cheap Diamond Rings: Sales and Discounts

Cheap diamond rings can often be found in store sales. Jewelry stores are not subject to the same seasonal trends and fluctuations as other stores, however from time to time a store may look at selling off some of their stock at a discount to make way for new stock. This can be a great way to find bargains and to find engagement rings for cheap prices.


The Future

There may be a time in the future when finances allow for your first low cost wedding ring to be replaced with a more expensive ring. It would be a shame just to discard this first ring, as it will have meant and held such a special place in your heart. There are a number of options available, perhaps a jeweler could incorporate the original ring into a new ring, or turn the first ring into a pendant or a charm.


It is possible to buy a quality engagement ring without going broke. Cheap diamond rings do not cheapen the love or relationships they represent; they highlight the financial responsibility of the couple and their fiscal sense as they plan their life together. When paired with cheap wedding rings for even more savings, the couple is sure to enjoy financial freedom throughout their marriage.

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