Tips on Buying Loose Diamonds vs Set Diamonds

Tips on Buying Loose Diamonds vs Set Diamonds

Buying Loose Diamonds vs Set Diamonds

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Should you decide to begin looking at buying loose diamonds vs buying a diamond already set, there are a few thoughts that should be considered. Most loose diamonds are usually sold in larger weights from one carat on up. This is not always the case but is probably the most common.

First and foremost, buying a diamond that is already set in a band is less expensive because everything is already done. If you choose to buy loose diamonds, you must also buy the setting. This will definitely raise the price tag on the finished ring.

There are certainly advantages to buying loose diamonds including seeing the diamond and all its flaws up front and personal. There are settings that will deliberately position the diamond in order to hide any imperfections. In the store you might not see any flaws but when you get in a different light you might have a rude awakening.

Loose diamonds are literally what you see is what you get. When selecting loose diamonds make sure the diamonds are handled by skilled jewelers. Professionals will only used tweezers and let you view them under a loupe (glass piece) or a gem scope. A gem scope will allow you to see the diamond inside and outside.

Now that you have decided to continue your quest for loose diamonds, you must learn “How” to purchase them.

Buying Loose Diamonds: Have You Set Your Budget?

As mentioned earlier, loose diamonds, in general, will probably cost more than diamonds that are already set. The quality of loose diamonds can possibly be a higher quality but not necessarily. Think realistically and get your head out of the clouds. The chances that you are going to run into a large, inexpensive diamond is landing somewhere around hitting the lottery.

Know your budget and what you can spend realistically. With a little research and shopping around you will get a pretty good idea what diamonds, in the real world, really go for.

Understand Diamonds:

One of the greatest misconceptions is that loose diamonds are flawless. Wrong! Whether loose diamonds or set diamonds, they can all have certain imperfections and loose diamonds are not necessarily “better” then set diamonds. The biggest advantage to buying loose diamonds is the option to customize your engagement ring.

Always check the size, clarity, the certification and any other details regarding the diamonds just as you would with a set diamond.

What Is A Diamond Verification?

The verification of loose diamonds are in the form of certifications such as GIA, AGS, EGL or IGI. Always look at the diamond up close and request to see it under natural light vs store lighting. Request to see it both in brightly lit surroundings as well as dim light.

Buying Loose Diamonds and Getting the Setting

If you do not know what your fiancee’s taste is in settings, you might consider giving her the loose diamond and then letting her choose the setting she prefers. Everyone does not have the same tastes or styles. As settings come in literally hundreds of styles from quite plain to extremely ornate, it would be a good idea to know her tastes.

Does she lean toward a solitaire or possibly smaller diamonds to accentuate the main stone? Does she prefer yellow gold to platinum or maybe multi-colored metals?

Giving her the diamond and then start visiting various jewelers in your area. It’ll give you the chance to see so many different styles to choose from and will give her the freedom to pick her own perfect setting for life!

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