Company Review Series: Nue Diamonds

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, the jewelry company Nue Diamonds may be a close second. Offering high quality simulated diamonds in top of the line settings, Nue Diamonds is an affordable alternative to expensive mined diamonds. With excellent customer service, an easy to use website and quality product, this company is an up and coming player in the jewelry industry.

About Nue Diamonds

Since the mid 2000’s, a team of jewelry and e-commerce experts  have worked to create a company which prides itself in personal customer service and high quality, affordable engagement rings, anniversary and wedding bands. Today, with corporate headquarters in Logan, Utah and partners in Europe, the dream of owning beautiful simulated diamonds in solid gold, platinum or palladium settings is a reality. Being an online jewelry company, Nue Diamonds has a team of skilled gemstone experts who are readily available to assist in technical questions regarding diamond alternatives. The customer service representatives were found to be personable, relaxed and knowledgeable about all aspects of the industry. Transparency in their product and in-depth knowledge about simulated diamonds, man-made, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds was refreshing.

Nue Diamonds Engagement Rings


Perhaps the largest selection of rings from this company are solitaire engagement rings, followed by a variety of three stone rings, anniversary bands and diamond wedding bands. While there are a great deal of traditional rings, the company keeps up to date with fashion trends by adding unique and ornate designs. The settings are sourced from the same United States manufacturer that nearly 75% of all jewelry stores use, ensuring that the quality and workmanship is the same as all bricks and mortar jewelry stores.

Nue Diamonds Stones

The company frowns on blood diamonds and conflict diamonds  due to continuous human rights abuses and the corruption surrounding the Kimberly Process.  When asked about offering larger carat weights, the customer service representatives commented that the company wishes to keep the stones looking as realistic as possible and therefore do not offer extravagantly large stones. Colored stones are available upon request.

Nue Diamonds Metals

The company uses solid 14K white or yellow gold, 18K white or yellow gold, palladium and platinum.

Buying an Engagement Ring With Nue Diamonds

Cost: The overall engagement ring cost is very competitive and often less than other diamond simulant companies. Cost will vary depending on the carat weight of the stones and metal choice. Gold and palladium (sister metal to platinum) are offered at the same price, with platinum being more expensive due to market trends. Customer Service Policies: A toll-free number, live chat, fast response email services provide a variety of ways to contact the company. Free overnight Fed Ex or UPS shipping is provided, while international shipping costs $35 USD anywhere in the world. Lifetime warranty on all stones, Free ring sizing, 15-day money back guarantee and stone setting services offered. Education Center: Perhaps one of the more unique education centers, Nue Diamonds offers a no-nonsense, transparent approach to diamonds and diamond alternatives. The company’s video, The Diamond Reality, gives eye-opening insight into the truth about the cost of diamonds and the “old” way of thinking. The ability to view all the rings in 3D is also a sleek and interesting feature.


Whether looking for an engagement ring, anniversary or wedding band, couples can find high quality jewelry set with simulated diamonds that look and act like natural diamonds for a fraction of the price.

Images courtesy of Nue Diamonds.

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  1. I bought a ring from Nue Diamond two years ago. The big diamond is showing wear. I’ve tried to find the website because the stone is supposed to have a lifetime warranty. If someone from Nue Diamond could contact me about the stone, I can send a picture to show the wear. I would like it replaced – I love the ring.

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