Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Some women prefer something a little different than the time-honored classic round diamond for an engagement ring. Princess cut engagement rings are a stunning option which have the look of true modern femininity. Not only are these types of engagement rings popular, they are more affordable than other cuts of diamonds–raising their appeal even more.


Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The fashionable, square look of a princess cut diamond is stunning and yet it only has become a player in the diamond industry since the 1960’s. It is an inverted pyramid, having a square shape with an assortment of brilliant and step cuts with round fifty facets–providing a good deal of light reflection (sparkle). The cut is less expensive than many others because it can retain approximately 80% of the stone compared to 50% of the rough stone with a round brilliant cut.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Settings

With the four sharp corners of the square-cut diamond, most stones are set in gold or platinum prongs in solitaire or three stone prongs to help alleviate chipping or scratching. This also enables for the maximum amount of sparkle to be showcased on the woman’s hand. The alternative is opting for a radiant cut stone, which is nearly identical but has rounded corners and can be placed in a different variety of settings.


Another popular type of setting for princess cut engagement rings are the channel settings. In this style, stones are set flush with the metal and side by side without any gaps between the stones. This allows for a beautiful solid row of sparkling diamonds and is an excellent option for the more active lifestyle as the stones are not exposed high above the finger. Some side stones may be princess, while others pave or baguette.


Princess cut stones are also set beside a variety of different stone shapes, such as the triangular trillion or trapezoid. This is considered a three stone, trilogy ring which is a fantastic option for those wanting their ring to stand out in the crowd.



Others can be set in a halo of diamonds, which enhance the center stone and make it appear larger and more dazzling.





Buying a Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Cost is usually a factor for most couples and fortunately the assortment of brilliant and step cuts in a princess cut diamond enables minor flaws to be more easily concealed–providing a better priced diamond. There is also a lot of fire (sparkle) for this type of cut which can make flaws less noticeable. If the princess cut stones are set in a channel arrangement, it is possible to further hide imperfections and therefore lowering the price of the diamond.

The shape of the princess cut stone is ultimately going to be slightly less expensive than a round diamond. The cut is able to retain the majority of the rough diamond, as well as taking less time to prep, cut and polish.

Our bottom-line recommendation for the best price? Opt for a princess cut solitaire that is eye-clean, a color grade of H or I, VS2 or SI 1 clarity with good symmetry. A good tool to use is the James Allen virtual jewelers loupe. This can give you a more realistic view of the type of grading you can get for your budget.






Images courtesy of Tacori, Blue Nile, Verragio and Whiteflash.

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