What is Moissanite?

What is Moissanite?

what is moissanite

Updated in January 2016

Moissanite is the most appreciated diamond simulant available on the jewelry market because at first glance it looks quite similar to a diamond. However, all the subtle details that set it apart from diamonds in an expert’s eye are precisely what makes it one of the most charming gems in the world. But what is moissanite?

Originally known as silicon carbide, Moissanite is a rare mineral that was discovered by a French scientist, Dr. Ferdinand Fredrick Moissan. It is composed of silicon and carbon, and its chemical formula is SiC. It has more brilliance and fire than diamond, and on the Mohs scale it has a hardness rating of 9.25, making it 2nd only to diamond. It is commonly measured by its diameter in mm(millimeters), and its weight is by karat.

What Is a Moissanite Stone?

Modern alternatives to diamonds are usually regarded as options that people have to settle for because society has integrated diamonds into the center of certain key live events, such as getting engaged or getting married. But once you see the multitude of gemstones that constitute the alternatives, you cannot help being impressed by their flawless nature.

Moissanite is by far the most impressive gemstone out there because it is breathtaking. Its brightness is simply staggering, and its structure is of natural elegance that enables it to complement femininity in a unique way.

Clarity and Color

The color spectrum of moissanite is clear, and it is limited to whites, greens, grays, and yellows. White Moissanite isn’t measured on the GIA scale, but is comparable to ‘near colorless’ in some respects. However, it is important to note that it is not likely going to pass as a diamond because it has a slight green/gray undertone that makes it look different than a diamond or even other diamond alternatives.

The clarity of moissanite is VS1-VS2, which makes it quite an exquisite gem. You will be proud of your stone, and you will actually want to let people know that something that is not a diamond can look so breathtakingly beautiful.

According to color, there are three types of moissanite available on the market: the classic moissanite stone, which has green, gray or yellow tones, the Forever Brilliant moissanite stone, which is nearly colorless, and the Forever One moissanite stone, which is colorless.



It goes without saying that moissanite is less expensive than a natural diamond, but it is the most expensive diamond simulant out there, so you should not expect it to be cheap. Nevertheless, this exquisite gem is well worth the investment because it will maintain its stunning properties for many years to come.

Moissanite vs. Diamond

A 1.0 karat GIA certified diamond costs approximately $4,000. Moissanite is considerably less expensive, as a 1.0 karat classic Moissanite stone only costs approximately $270. The colorless versions of the stone are somewhat pricier. A 1.0 karat Forever Brilliant moissanite stone goes for approximately $400 while a 1.0 karat Forever One moissanite stone can cost as much as $650.

How to Identify Moissanite

The two parameters that define a moissanite stone are its diameter, which is measured in mm (millimeters), and its weight, which is measured in karats. You will always find these two specifications for each and every moissanite stone.

You can identify a Moissanite by using a 10-x loupe. The average buyer may identify the double refraction signature of the Moissanite. Peer through the sides on the pavilion or crown of the stone so as to check if the light is bending twice when seen through the jewel.

Retailers usually employ more sophisticated testing equipment that can separate Moissanite from colorless jewels by making use of electrical conductivity parameters. Such testing devices are 100 per cent reliable.

A Guide For the First Time Moissanite Buyer

If you are looking to buy a jewel for your significant other, then you should be prepared to undergo a complex selection process. To make an informed choice, we strongly advise you to conduct your research about moissanite stones before making your final choice.

Instead of making rash decisions, try to be patient and go through as many options as possible. We are going to take you through the entire process of choosing the perfect moissanite stone so that you are fully prepared for every step of the way.

1. Establish a Budget

If you have a minimum budget of $300, then you will be able to afford an exquisite piece made with classic Moissanite. Rest assured that you will have an abundance of options available online, even for this low budget, so remember you can afford to be selective.

moissanite ring

However, if your maximum budget is close to $1,000, then you can afford some amazing Forever Brilliant moissanite engagement rings. This budget limit will allow you to extend your search and to increase the quality of the pieces you can opt for.

One of the best things about buying Moissanite jewelry is the exceptional value that is attached to it. By knowing the cost of your purchase, you’ll be in the position to maximize every facet of the gem’s brilliance and beauty.

Moissanite is one of the best choices available if you are looking for a custom-designed piece or large jewels, or if you need to purchase more than one piece while remaining within your set budget without compromising on matters of quality.

2. Learn More about Moissanite

Once you have an established your budget limits, you can proceed to explore the multitude of advantages that Moissanite presents, compared to any other jewel on the planet. Moissanite has an atypical origin and an extensive history. Its unique properties make it one of the most sought-after gemstones for consumers and jewelers alike.

The production process utilized to make moissanite mainly relies on complex computer modeling technology. The ultimate goal is to develop jewels that are of impeccable quality. Be sure to do a detailed research about the production process, so as to be able to tell the difference between the various types of moissanite.

When you go to a jewelry store, make sure you analyze the Moissanite pieces in natural light as well as the specialized lighting provided by the retailer. This way you can conduct your assessment of the stone, and you can be sure that the price you are presented with is proportional to the value of the piece.

3. Decide on What Type of Piece You Need to Buy

Moissanite stones come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which makes the possibilities virtually endless. Whether you are interested in Forever Brilliant moissanite rings or delicately colored classic Moissanite pieces, all you have to do is take a look at the main options presented to you.

moissanite rings

Your ultimate goal is to find the ideal piece for the woman you want to offer it to. Therefore, you need to know her detailed preferences in jewelry and fashion, as well as her personality. A piece of jewelry is intended to compliment a woman’s character and to accentuate her best features, so you need to be extremely careful when making your choice.

When a woman receives a jewel that she can relate to, she feels appreciated and understood in a profound way. This is precisely why it is crucial that you take the time to know the symbolic value of a piece of jewelry before offering it to a woman.

4. Make Your Purchase

Once you have decided on the perfect piece of jewelry, it is time to place an order. Charles & Colvard is the main Moissanite retailer, but you can extend your options beyond them if you do not find exactly what you are looking for there. Most Moissanite is purchased online, but some jewelry stores carry it as well.

On the Charles & Colvard official website, you can find a full list of stores available in your area. We strongly advise you to take the time to go and see the jewel personally because this is the only way you can accurately tell if the piece is appropriate for your significant other.

While the images on the specialty websites may offer a detailed view of the pieces, seeing them in person is still guaranteed to make a difference in your choice because you will get to see the size and color of the stone without any filters and the input of your imagination.

After the Purchase

If you have any questions after you have received your moissanite jewelry, you can always contact your supplier for guidance. Rest assured that your stone will come with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a warranty document.

Charles & Colvard requires its clients to register their jewels in the official database so that they may take advantage of the full customer support features. The warranty also includes fixing certain defects suffered by the moissanite stone in the pre-set time frame.

The main condition that they impose on clients, however, is that the Charles & Colvard piece be handled by their authorized jewelers only. Disregarding this clause will lead to the strict limitation of the warranty certificate.

Caring for Your Moissanite Jewel

The simplest means of preserving the quality of moissanite jewelry is having it cleaned periodically. A properly cleaned 0.5-carat ring can be more dazzling than a dirty 1.0-carat ring. While the preferred method is to take the piece to an authorized jeweler who can perform a professional cleaning, you can also opt for special solutions that you can use at home.

However, you should never use chlorine-based solutions to clean your moissanite jewelry. Chlorine is extremely potent, and it can dissolve or even pit alloy metals. You can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner instead because this can restore the luster and sparkle of your Moissanite jewel.

Last but not least, we strongly advise you against wearing your moissanite jewelry (especially rings) while performing manual or rough work. Even though moissanite is hard, it still can be chipped by sudden, sharp blows.

So, what is moissanite appropriate for? Well, these jewels are perfectly suited for day-to-day use, as well as for special occasions. What is absolutely guaranteed is that they will capture the attention of everyone in the room with their brilliant shine and their unpaired elegance.

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