Diamond Eternity Rings: What Are They and Should You Get One?

Diamond Eternity Rings: What Are They and Should You Get One?

Studies have shown that diamond eternity rings are among the top three most popular jewelry items. Some couples follow a certain path when it comes to commitment rings. First, there is the engagement ring. Then, the two lovers wear wedding rings as symbols of their emotional connection. Finally, if their relationship lasts, they will pass to the diamond eternity rings.

diamond eternity rings meaning and purpose

What Are Diamond Eternity Rings?

Diamond eternity rings are also called infinity rings. They are usually worn by the ladies and represents their never ending love. Its continuity is represented by a fine line of gemstones. These have the same cut as well as the same size. The precious stones are placed on a band made from gold or other precious metal. They are more special than engagement rings which usually come in the form of a solitaire gemstone.

This type of ring is normally offered as a gift by the husband to his wife, especially when they are celebrating something important such as their 40 years of marriage. There are two types of diamond eternity rings on the market:

  • Full infinity rings. This ring has precious stones all over its gold, silver, or platinum band. This way, the jewelry looks the same no matter from what angle you look at it. It is quite tricky to buy this kind of ring. You will have to know exactly what size is the finger of your wife. No alterations can be made to these rings because of the jewels surrounding the band.
  • Half eternity rings. These rings have gemstones only on the upper half of the ring. These are as popular as the full infinity rings because the part that is shown is still covered with jewels. As you can imagine, this one is also less expensive than a full eternity ring.

The Origins of Diamond Eternity Rings

origins diamond eternity rings ancient times

Even though these rings were made popular in the 1960s, they were offered as a token of love and commitment since the ancient times. Egyptians were giving their loved ones round shaped metals to symbolize the eternity of their bond. They even seem to think that not even death can separate a man from the woman he loves.

In Middle Ages, these love symbols were crafted from bones, beads, or even stones. After a while, many nations started to create more complicated shapes. They even colored these rings, making them look more appealing.

Nowadays, there are more complex models of diamond eternity rings. Some of them have modern asymmetrical shapes. When you choose one, think about your loved one’s style. If she likes the vintage look, buy her a classic diamond eternity ring.

She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it is going.

What you read above is the slogan of the diamond merchant De Beers. As I previously mentioned, the modern concept of diamond eternity rings was introduced in the 1960s by a diamond seller called de Beers. Their initiative was controversial at first. This happened because, at that time, there were rumors about how the Russians were trying to control the American diamond market.

The jewelry company started a new campaign to fight against these allegations. And it worked. Soon after this, these diamond eternity rings gained a lot of popularity, especially among older women who were already married.

What Is the Main Purpose of Diamond Eternity Rings?

Usually, the main symbol of these rings is eternal love. The infinity part is also empowered by the fact that diamonds are well-known as durable elements. Resistant gemstones across a round band is a jackpot combination to reflect the idea of unending love.

There is no such thing as the perfect moment to offer this kind of ring. Some men celebrate their 40 marriage anniversary by offering their wives an eternity ring. Others might consider a better moment their Diamond Anniversary, which is celebrated after 60 years of marriage.

Younger couples are not that patient. They cannot wait so many years until giving such a beautiful token of love. Some lovers will offer these rings to their girlfriends or fiancées even after only one year of the relationship. Well, what can you do?! Love has neither limits nor limitations. So, feel free to offer something precious to your other half, whenever you feel that it is the right moment.

How Should You Wear Diamond Eternity Rings?

how to wear diamond eternity rings left or right hand

There is no standard way to wear a diamond eternity ring. You can place it on whichever finger you want. There are some traditions regarding the way you should wear it. These may vary from a nation to another. Love rings are worn accordingly to different customs or habits.

The classic way to place the ring is on the wedding finger, which in most cases is the second finger of the left hand. Some women don’t like to wear it there because that specific finger is dedicated to both engagement and wedding rings. If this is also your case, there is no problem in wearing the infinity ring on your right hand.

A Look Over the Modern Diamond Eternity Rings

Nowadays, these jewelry are made with great precision. This is because a machine is used to place the diamonds on the precious band. Also, the number of diamonds can vary depending on their size. There are plenty of models and styles to choose from.

If your budget allows it, you can even ask for a customized ring at a jewelry store. You will be required to give them some details such as your finger’s size, the shape, and size of the diamonds as well as their color, the material of the band, and more.

Final Words

Diamond eternity rings are a beautiful and thoughtful gift to offer to your wife. It will prove to her how much you love her. As you can see, this type of jewelry is associated with married women. This does not mean, however, that you cannot give it to your girlfriend or wife-to-be.

If a diamond is forever, think about what great impact you will have with plenty of diamonds on an eternity ring. You can even set a romantic mood before actually giving your wife this ring. Be careful or you might just sweep her of her feet.

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