Why You Should Reconsider a Vintage Engagement Ring

Why You Should Reconsider a Vintage Engagement Ring

vintage engagement ring

Should You Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring?

Vintage jewelry is so timeless, each piece is unique with design and intricate details, and a vintage engagement ring is no different. These pieces are heirlooms that have been past down from many generations and vintage rings are even more captured in a story from some distant past. Reaching out to antique dealers or estate sales can possibly unearth a special ring that will be forever cherished.

Vintage rings offer many different styles that reflect the era they came from. One of these unique styles and designs might just strike your fancy.

Victorian Vintage Engagement Ring

The Victorian era offered a wide range of designs and styles. Most rings from this era were yellow or rose gold. Many engagement rings were set with different precious stones because diamonds were very rare and hard to come by. In many cases, these other precious gemstones were surrounded with smaller diamonds.

Art Deco Rings – Another Option for a Vintage Engagement Ring

Art Deco became extremely popular during the 1920s for its clean lines and modern style and rings (in particular) were a lot less intricate and ornate. Unlike the preceding era of filigree and lacy patterns, these rings played more on the diamond cut and less on the designs. The most popular cuts for diamonds were Asscher, marquise and emerald.

Edwardian Rings

Edwardian rings were platinum vs any other metal. The settings were extremely detailed and quite intricate. Most diamonds were the rose cut that set very well against the detailed band. As platinum is rather expensive, white gold is a terrific substitute.

Vintage Engagement Ring Cuts

Obviously jewelers of the past did not have the technology of today’s standards, therefore they developed the fine art of cutting each stone manually. Unfortunately, many gems have chips, flaws and scratches. Although this can cause a slight depreciation in the gem value, this is often balanced by the craftsmanship and age of the ring.


Vintage Engagement Ring  Metals Options

Yellow gold was the most popular choice of metals up until the 1900s. During the early 20th century, platinum engagement rings became extremely popular. Unfortunately, due to WWII, the demand for platinum in the military replaced this metal for rings once again with yellow gold. In this day and age, you have the option for any metal of your choice, platinum, yellow or white gold.

Various Considerations When Purchasing a Vintage Engagement Ring:

Vintage rings are quite a deal older and due to their extreme delicacy and intricate patterns they should be handled gently. You should have a knowledgeable jeweler examine your potential ring for any flaws or possible repair costs. Due to their age, their maintenance level can be slightly higher.

Older rings will have their fair share of dirt and oils that have built up over time. A jeweler should be able to clean your piece and bring it back to it’s original charm. Keep in mind that these services will probably not be available through a pawn shop or an estate sale, you will will pretty much be on your own.

A vintage engagement ring that has other precious gems, other than the diamond, are possibly softer and more vulnerable to everyday wear.

Make sure you have a reputable jeweler appraise your ring and verify its worth. Upon discovering it’s worth, definitely get your ring insured. These rings are not replaceable and will hold a certain value due to the rarity of the piece.

Vintage Engagement Ring Replicas

If you cannot find the perfect vintage ring for your choice, there are many designers creating vintage-style replicas and are definitely worth looking into.



A vintage engagement ring can be a fantastic option for brides-to-be and these rings come with their own unique heritage. You might never know the story of the ring, but you can continue the legacy that has kept this ring going for so many years. Vintage rings that have past down from generation to generation have their own unique and special place in this world. Start your on legacy and adopt a vintage ring!

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