Expert Tips for Travelling With Jewelery

Expert Tips for Travelling With Jewelery

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Now that summer is over and life is getting back into a routine, business gets back to normal and the summer travel is over. However, in just a few short months the busiest travel season begins. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s, people will be packing up their most beautiful clothing and jewelery to head off to visit family and friends. With all of this exciting and festive travel coming up, it’s important to remember to protect your rings, watches, earrings and necklaces while on holiday. In fact, experts from both the jewelery and insurance industries anticipate that one third of people will lose their jewelery traveling this year. Not only is this jewelery beautiful, but it’s also something that women don’t want to leave behind when on vacation. Two thirds of all women travel with costly rings and other types of jewelery during the autumn and winter months. Why? There are more formal occasions and celebrations during these seasons that require more dressing up and more travel.

Whether you are planning to vacation and staying at a hotel or with family or friends, it’s important to have a safe place to store your valuables. When travelling, there are some great tips from the experts to help you avoid expensive and devastating losses:

1. Narrow Down Your Jewelery Options

Take a moment to think about where and how you plan on wearing your jewelery for a particular trip. Think about the events during the day and evenings, and then plan accordingly. Will there be more formal or informal activities? If it’s a trip to visit family for Thanksgiving, for instance, you may not need to bring a diamond necklace. However, you may want to bring your diamond studs or pearl necklace as these items are incredibly versatile.

2. Make a Record of Your Jewelery

If you haven’t done this already, now is a good time to catalog every valuable piece of jewelery you own. Not only is it necessary for insurance purposes, but it’s a great way to make sure you are keenly aware of what you have and don’t have for future buying purposes. You can take several photos and videos of each item in detail to put in your safe deposit box and in another separate location off-site. Then, once you start packing for your next trip, make a list of everything you pack and take pictures of these items so you don’t leave anything behind. Take pictures of them and send them in an email to yourself so they are filed and recorded.

Above all else, ensure that your jewelery is insured and that you are aware of the fine print in the policy, especially prior to travelling. Insurance is there for a reason, but you would be sorely disappointed if you found out that your policy had some special requirements or caveats if you report it lost or stolen.

3. Pack Your Jewelery Carefully

One of the biggest mistakes people make when travelling is putting anything irreplaceable or valuable in their checked-in luggage. It may seem like an obvious no-no to put expensive jewelery in checked-in luggage, but it might surprise you how many people actually do it if they find they are running out of room or weight with their carry-on items. If there is anything of value in your possession, we strongly recommend you either wear it or conceal it carefully in your carry-on luggage. Remember that even with carry-on luggage, you still need to be careful if you plan on sleeping at any time during your flight, as thieves are notorious for going through items in the overhead lockers during evening or long-haul flights.

4. Place Your Jewelery in Your Purse

If you are used to a certain purse or handbag and never let it out of your sight, this is likely a great option for carrying your jewelery while travelling. Having said this, there are so many opportunities for leaving items unattended or left on a counter in a bathroom, taxi cab, airplane seat, hotel counter or restaurant. Get in a strong habit of checking and double checking you always have the same number of bags with you at all times.

5. Put Your Jewelery in a Hotel or Bank Safe

If you have expensive jewelery that you won’t be wearing all day long or just taking out for special occasions, opt for storing it in a safe at your hotel. Check with the management prior to your arrival to ensure that your room has an excellent safe and the hotel has extra security measures for fine art, jewelery and other priceless items.









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