Five Reasons Gemesis Diamonds Might Be Right For You

Five Reasons Gemesis Diamonds Might Be Right For You

imagesJust as each diamond is unique and beautiful, the people buying them are no different. In fact, there are no two consumers that are exactly alike and this is advantageous to both the lab diamond and mined diamond industries. What works for one person may not interest another—and that’s okay. Whether you’re buying from Gemesis or De Beers, what  matters most is that people get exactly what they want and are walking away happy customers.

So what kind of consumers choose lab created diamonds? Could they be right for you? Why might you choose Gemesis lab created diamonds over mined diamonds? Keep reading to find out what might work best for you.

Five Reasons Gemesis Diamonds Might Be Right For You

1. You’re environmentally conscious (in practice or at heart).

One of the things that draws people to alternative forms of diamonds (like those from the leading manufacturer Gemesis) is an interest in the environment. Sure, everyone loves to protect the environment but how many people put their money where their mouth is? When all is said and done, buying a diamond is one of the most important purchases a man and a woman can make together. If one (or both) of you have a keen desire to be environmentally conscious about your purchases, a lab created diamond may be for you.

Traditional diamond mining leaves the natural environment damaged through mining and processing. The human footprint is ever-present in the diamond mining industry. Lab created diamonds use energy but do not pollute the environment or deface large tracts of land. Granted, mining practices have improved but there is still significant damage being done to the landscape where diamond mining companies set up shop.

2. You don’t like conflict.

One of the main issues that people have with mined diamonds are their origins and the conflict that results from these valuable gems. Conflict diamonds (also known as blood diamonds) are essentially those diamonds mined in countries that use war, child and slave labor and violence in the diamond trade. Lab created diamonds are conflict free because they are created in a lab versus in war-torn African countries.

3. You’re looking for a good deal.

Let’s face it, diamonds are expensive. But what if you found out that lab created diamonds cost approximately 30% less than traditionally mined diamonds? With production costs dropping each year, lab diamonds are able to be viable players in the engagement and wedding ring market. Be sure to shop around in case companies like Gemesis price match.

4. You geek out over cool technology.

Lab created diamonds are made of carbon (just like mined diamonds) but synthetic diamonds are made in by some of the most technologically advanced methods in the gemstone industry.

5. You’re a perfectionist.

Perhaps a diamond is cliche in the wedding industry. Perhaps you’d like to propose with something totally unique yet still somewhat traditional. Lab created diamonds look and act exactly the same as every other mined diamond but they are created in perfect conditions and are flawless. Mined diamonds are always going to have flaws (and that’s okay for some!) But if you’re a little bit of a perfectionist, lab grown diamonds are exactly what you want. Every single diamond is perfect and cut to perfection. The only catch is that you need to make sure you get the color you want (white colorless diamonds are a little more rare than colored lab diamonds).


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