Princess Cut Diamond

Five Reasons to Choose a Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond is a popular choice for women wanting something a little more unique than a round brilliant diamond. There are many beautiful cuts and shapes of diamonds available for engagement rings, diamond necklaces or other types of jewelry. With so many options to choose from, what makes a princess cut diamond stand out?


1. A princess cut diamond gives you more for your money.

Carat for carat, a princess cut will look and feel bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same carat weight. Why? The square shape allows diamond cutters to preserve about 80-90% of the rough diamond vs. 40-50% of a round cut diamond.  This makes a princess cut diamond one of the least expensive cuts on the market since there is minimal diamond loss when being cut.  Other savings include being able to go with a slightly lower grade cut and color. Find out why with reason #2.

2. A princess cut diamond hides flaws.

The princess cut was designed to be an attention-getter, having between 50-58 facets. Although it may have less facets than a round brilliant, it still has more than many other cuts such as an emerald or oval. With all of these facets, the sparkles and fire make inclusions (flaws) less noticeable. This means you can save money by going with slightly lower grade of diamond, down to an H or I for example.  Other diamond cuts such as emerald, square, asscher, trillion or baguette are not as forgiving of inclusions due to their more open, clear tables and fewer facets.

3. A princess cut diamond offers a unique, yet classic option.

This stunning cut is a fairly recent addition to the diamond world, making its first debut in the 1960’s. It’s popularity has increased as it has become a more unique and distinctive alternative to the round brilliant cut. It’s the perfect option for a woman who craves a classic style but still wants a little flair.

4. The princess cut diamond is more brilliant than many other cuts.

A princess cut has extra faceting which enables the diamond to have excellent light performance (what we tend to call fire and sparkle). The large amount of faceting is considered to be fairly similar to the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond, making it a popular choice for women who want a lot of sparkle with a more unique shape. As well, the inverted pyramid shape allows for light to be caught from different angles, making it a particularly beautiful choice for a solitaire diamond rings.

5. Princess cut diamond settings are versatile.

Being one of the most popular cuts on the market, there are countless settings and designs available to suit any taste. More good news? They make for beautiful eternity or multi-stone bands. When princess cut diamonds are channel set side by side, even more flaws can be hidden on the sides of the diamonds. Without the gaps between rows of diamonds, there is a constant string of sparkle and fire.


The princess cut diamond is the stunning blend of modern, unique and classic styles–making it a perfect choice for every woman. Whether worn as a solitaire or set side by side with other stones, the options are as endless and vibrant as the love of the couple on their wedding day.

Photos courtesy of Verragio, Mazal Diamond and JC Penney.

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