Diamond Bands

Diamond Bands

Diamond bands are consistently a top choice for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. With a dazzling display of stones, some women find diamond bands suit their understated tastes, while others love the glamour they add to an engagement ring to complete the set.

Types of Diamond Bands


Full Eternity Diamond Bands: These are a stunningly beautiful ring worn alone or complimenting an engagement ring. It is highly symbolic of the eternal nature of marriage for many people.  With a complete circle of diamonds, it is easily showcased from all angles if it rotates. Because it has diamonds all around the band, it is important to get the correct size since it cannot be adjusted after it is made. Depending on the size of the diamonds used,  eternity diamond bands can be expensive due to the sheer number of diamonds.





Semi-eternity Diamond Bands: These bands  have diamonds which go only half way around the ring, enabling for the most beautiful part to be accentuated. Semi-eternity bands can accommodate slightly larger stones and are usually more affordable than their full counterpart. When considering diamond size, note that if the stones are quite large, they can compete with the engagement ring’s attention and can look more like a nine stone diamond ring instead of a band. Either way, the semi-eternity band can be a dazzling addition to an engagement ring or on its own as a wedding band.





Micro Pave Diamond Bands: Micro pave bands are those in which an intricate diamond setting is paved with small diamonds, creating a glittering and delicate look. They can have dozens or even hundreds of tiny diamonds painstakingly placed into the setting.







Antique Diamond Bands: Also classified under the term “heirloom”, antique diamond bands are any number or combination of designs, with the outstanding feature of having delicate engraving, beading or other fine details around the edges to create an ornate look. They are highly versatile and compliment a simple solitaire or matching antique engagement ring.







Colored Diamond Bands: Although diamonds are the most widely used for wedding bands, many women like to use colored stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires or birthstone gems. They can have a full set of colored stones or alternate them with diamonds.









Channel-set Diamond Bands: Beautiful alone or complimenting an engagement ring, channel set diamond bands offer a secure way to showcase the sparkling stones. The diamonds can be many different shapes, including princess, round, emerald or any other number of shapes.


More Types of Diamond Bands






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