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Four Prong or Six Prong Solitaire: Which One Should You Choose?


Four Prong or Six Prong Solitaire: Which One Should You Choose?

When choosing a round solitaire engagement ring, we know that it might be difficult to decide which to choose. No doubt there will be pros and cons to both choices. Round brilliant solitaires come in either a four or six prong setting–but which one is the best option? What are the pros and cons of both of them? Keep reading to see what our team of experts and real-life customers recommend.

Advantages of a Four Prong Solitaire

– Shows off more of the diamond and about half of women think it is the most beautiful option

– Allows for more light to reflect through the stone, giving off more fire and sparkle

– Can give a more “square” look to the round stone, which is a positive for some people

– Looks better and more balanced for smaller diamonds less than one carat (less prongs which avoids overwhelming the stone)

– Safe and secure

– Easy to clean

Disadvantages of a Four Prong Solitaire

– Four prongs can mean less sturdiness when compared to a six prong setting

– It can look square from a distance and that can be a hinderance to some people who want a true round look

– Can get more dirt and debris accumulation due to more available space between the prongs

Advantages of a Six Prong Solitaire

– Shows off the true round shape of a diamond

– Six prongs are extra secure and provide 50% more prong strength when compared to a four prong setting

– Great choice for stones larger than one carat

– Additional prongs protect the stone better than four prongs

– Six prongs accentuate the roundess of the diamond, creating a truer looking round diamond

– If needed, a jeweler can thin down the six prongs to avoid the concern of overwhelming a diamond

Disadvantages of a Six Prong Solitaire

– If not set right, it can cover up too much of the diamond (this more often happens with less experienced jewelers)

– More prongs can mean less light reflection through the base of the diamond

– If the diamond is under .75 carats, six prongs can overwhelm the stone
All in all, we have found it comes down to personal preference and size of diamond. No matter what one chooses, both options are suitable and stunning for all brides to be.


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