Pros and Cons of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Pros and Cons of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

black diamond engagement rings


With all the latest news of celebrities buying black diamonds, most people are probably wondering what these unusual diamonds look like and if they could see themselves wearing one–especially as an engagement ring. But what are the advantages and disadvantages? Are they worth as much as other types of diamonds? What will they look like in a setting for an engagement ring? There are a lot of questions that people have that we’ll get our team of experts answer.

What do Black Diamond Engagement Rings Look Like?

To help you get an idea of what black diamonds look like in an engagement ring setting, we’ve created a gallery of different styles and carat weights to help you get started:

Advantages of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Now that we’ve given you an idea of different styles for this unique colored diamond, we’re going to outline the main advantages of using one in an engagement ring:


This is the first main advantage that you will come across when you start shopping for black diamonds. While a colorless diamond can cost thousands of dollars, these black gems can go for as low as $400 per carat–especially if they are treated diamonds . They treated variety are plentiful and will be easy to locate as most of them are treated. Be sure to check the certification to see if they have been enhanced (treated) and then compare the pricing to un-treated, irradiated diamonds. Generally the untreated, naturally black diamonds cost approximately ten times more and can be more difficult to locate.

The bottom line? If a woman is set on a diamond but wants something incredibly unique that fits within your budget, black diamonds are the ideal choice. You can work with a jeweler within your budget and minimize the stress of trying to navigate through all of the Four C’s (keep reading for more explanation).

Four C’s Are Not Necessary 

Because black diamonds are not clear but considered opaque in color, you cannot compare them equally to colorless, white diamonds. Why? Due to the black, opaque color, you will not need to pay close attention to the color, cut and clarity. In fact, it may be difficult to spot inclusions all together. The cut

Same Durability as Colorless Diamonds

Just as with naturally colorless, white diamonds, black diamonds are graded as a 10 in hardness on the MOH scale. This is fantastic news for those interested in black diamond engagement rings.

Disadvantages of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

A Little Too Unique?

Because of the incredibly unique properties of black diamonds, they may be prove quite difficult to sell if needs be. Diamond engagement rings are no longer considered an investment, you also will need to know that there will be only a small percentage of women who will want this incredibly unique color in their engagement ring for a lifetime.

Lack Fire and Sparkle

Because black diamonds are considered opaque or even slightly translucent, they do not have refraction (light reflection) coming from inside the diamond. Rather, the shine and sparkle will come from the very top of the diamond and will look more like a shiny piece of coal or other black gem stone.

Tips for Buying Black Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Ask the jewelry store about treated black diamonds if you really want to save big.
  • Opt for Palladium instead of Platinum if you are looking to save even more money.
  • Black diamonds look best when set with white, colorless diamonds. In fact, they enhance and highlight white diamonds beautifully, making the engagement ring a little more “traditional” even though it utilizes an obviously nontraditional color of diamond.
  • Always visit a jewelry store in person to to view black diamonds–especially before buying online. That way, you will know if it really is something you want to purchase as a long-term piece of jewelry.
  • Unless a man’s girlfriend has specifically asked for a black diamond, do not purchase it until this has been discussed together.







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