Getting Acquainted With the Top 6 Jewelry Retailers

Are you looking for a good place to shop for your engagement and wedding rings?  We have a short review of the top six reputable diamond jewelers which can help you decide on where to finally shop for your jewelry needs. While these are only six of the many popular online jewelry retailers, there are countless others that are credible that we are currently compiling a master list.

1. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is known for its good customer service. They only offer high quality diamond jewelry while educating their clients about topics relating to diamonds. With Blue Nile, you will learn the various cuts, clarity, shapes, carats and colors of diamonds. They will also suggest the type of diamond that would best suit your personality. As well, their collection of helpful tips will help you decide on the type of diamond you will definitely love. Blue Nile’s keen attention to quality makes it possible for them to be at the top list.


2. Zales

Zales is widely known for its wide range of diamonds selections. They are also known as the diamond store that offers loose diamonds which enables their clients to customize their own engagement ring.  What make Zales well known are the heart warming commercials at Christmas or Valentine’s Day, as well as the many stores in shopping malls around the United States.


3. James Allen

James Allen offers engagement ring customization and a large variety of diamonds and jewelry for all tastes and budgets. For men who are looking for an engagement ring that their bride-to-be would surely love, James Allen is a great place for ring customization. With James Allen, you could also design your own style of diamonds pendant and diamonds earrings settings. Just like Blue Nile, James Allen also educates their clients with diamonds information through their Diamond Education Center. They can also provide you with some ideas about what to look for in a diamond without making it too complicated.


4. De Beers

De Beers is known in both the diamond industry as well as with consumers for  in their quest for stunning diamond jewelry. They offer a wide collection of high quality engagement and wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, cuff links and watches. Their collections are definitely one of a kind. They also feature jewelries with an excellent combination of various gemstones and shades of diamonds people would surely love.


5. Whiteflash

For people who are looking for a 30 day guarantee, great photography and an easy to navigate website, Whiteflash jewelers will be a good choice. Moreover, Whiteflash assures the customer receives high quality, defects-free workmanship.




6. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is another popular retail chain that has both online and physical stores with a large selection and price range to meet every customer’s needs. Kay offers a brand name with warm and fuzzy holiday commercials that resonate with romance and love.  Naturally, most people are aware of their famous slogan, “Every kiss begins with Kay.”





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