yellow diamond engagement rings

Gorgeous Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings


Yellow diamond engagement rings are a fantastic option for those women looking for something beautiful and as unique as their love. While these types of engagement rings may give the impression of something trendy or flamboyant, the truth is that yellow diamonds and yellow gold are a classically beautiful option for even those more conservative women. Change your initial thoughts and consider a yellow diamond set in either platinum, white or yellow gold for a glamorous and elegant choice.





Princess Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

These square beauties are particularly beautiful when in a halo setting. The color contrast between white and gold make for a stunning choice. Yellow diamond engagement rings can be set in yellow or white colored metal. Either one is fantastic and it simply depends on the style preference of the bride to be.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a classic and extremely elegant shape of stone, the oval cut diamond is sure to please. It’s a nice change from the ever popular (and predictable) round brilliant. Oval yellow diamond engagement rings look fantastic with or without a halo although most styles these days have some type of white diamond halo surrounding the center stone. The other option is to bypass the halo and have white diamond side stones. Either way, it is recommended to have some white diamonds around the yellow diamond in order to give it the much needed contrast and to help it really stand out on the finger.



Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

A true antique, the cushion cut diamond is gorgeous and true to its name, it resembles a pillow cushion making it an interesting conversation piece–particularly if it is in a fancy color like yellow. The cushion cut diamond may be a little more tricky to find at your local chain jewelry store, but it is becoming more popular as time goes on. It may prove worthwhile to look for a ring with this fancy cut online for better selection and pricing.

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Always popular and always stunning, radiant cut diamonds are another popular choice for the bold and beautiful woman.

Still looking for more ideas for yellow diamond engagement rings? Here are some fantastic photos from some of the most famous jewelers in the world:



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