What Are Halo Diamond Rings?

What Are Halo Diamond Rings?

Buying a DiamondYou are attracted to the big engagement rings that people in the glitz and glamor of the music and entertainment industry spot. And yet you still need to work on a budget that is not quite up to what the celebrities work on. The Halo ring offers you the ideal and perfect solution.This diamond ring setting affords you a set of options for creating a big diamond look, in addition to ways of personalizing and customizing your gorgeous engagement rings.

The halo diamond engagement ring setting is one that involves a center gemstone surrounded or circled by a collection of round / micro-pavé diamonds. These pavé gems gleam with light and turn the attention back on the core stone to generate interest and draw the gazes to your ring. In the halo setting, a high carat ring looks larger than the normal setting. The half quarter and third carat halo versions of diamond ring can look, by some approximations, mostly like a half a carat larger. So, in spite of your budget or pocket size, a halo engagement ring affords you quality and larger shape for your dollar. Currently, the resurgence of the halo engagement rings has rocketed them to popularity, second only to the classic solitaire as the most preferred style of engagement ring. Halo rings are virtually as classic as solitaires, but with an added stylish twist to them.

There are several options out there for you if you fancy the halo diamond ring for your engagement. This spans a host of options that involves tinkering with the adjustable parts of the ring. The center stone and its cut, the pavé and its color, the number of halos, shank and the choice of metal can all be manipulated to come up with various wonderful options tailored just for your needs.

Halo-Diamond-Engagement-RingFor example, the center stone can be an eye catching color or colorless diamond or other precious gemstone. For people on a tight budget, a core center stone can be replaced with a cluster of small or pavé diamonds. You can end up with similar carat weight of a one big stone, at a much cheaper price. Despite the fact that circular or princess-cut core or center stones are the norm, halo engagement ring can also take the form of ovals, pear and even emerald-cut and marquise diamonds. Radiant cuts, which infuse the gorgeous emerald shape with the dazzle of a round also take the pointy edges off rings like marquises. Cushion-cut engagement rings made from diamonds (or “pillow-cut” diamonds) have diamonds with rounded corners and larger facets to enhance their dazzle. These larger facets highlight the ring’s clarity and beauty.

The quest for the perfect engagement ring for women, has given us a ring with double and even triple halos, a step up, from the single ones. A triple encompasses three rows of pavé stones surrounding your center stone.

The popular option for the halo diamond ring has so far been gold and platinum. You might want to choose yellow gold as you explore halo options: as you may find out that yellow gold is the ultimate metal to complement the diamond. Yellow gold is a wonderful option for diamonds with a little yellow in them because it downsizes and tones down the tint (white gold would greatly enhance it — something you likely want to avoid ). Two-tone settings can be a wonderful choice. Rose gold is accruing popularity as an engagement ring metal. It can give ring a female perspective and beautiful feel, the soft, pinkish color enhances the assorted color gemstones.

A diamond engagement ring purchase is normally performed in two important stages: selecting the diamond then choosing the setting. While the most of your money will go toward the diamond, proposalyou have to remember that the setting you choose is equally important. The ring’s setting, coupled with the shape and cut of the center gemstone, gives each ring its personality and style. The halo setting gives you a perfect vintage feel if you are a modern woman who appreciates style. A durable precious metal like gold is perfect for firmly securing the diamond over years of daily wear. There is also the matter of size, which must be considered in choosing a halo diamond ring, the right finger size should be chosen. The halo diamond rings gives you style and personality at relatively affordable prices.

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