Le Vian Rings

Le Vian Rings

When it comes to buying diamonds, color is of the essence. In fact, the color of your diamond jewelry speaks volumes about your personality. Perhaps that is why white and colorless diamonds are more expensive than other diamonds. Buyers of diamond rings are particularly careful about the color, with many people opting for the less expensive and classy chocolate diamond rings.

They fit the description of an ideal jewelry set for a person who values beauty. They are part of the larger brown diamond family, found on the C4-C6 scale. Brown color of these diamonds gives a sense of comfort, protection and wholesomeness coupled with an earthy feel that evokes the feeling of natural beauty at its best.

They are mined primarily in Western Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine

Buying tips

Apart from the cut, carat weight and clarity that you have to consider when purchasing diamond rings, you also need to factor in the following guidelines. Some jewelers will heat up lower quality diamonds to make them look brown, so ask for certification to make sure you are getting the real deal.  Make sure it is examined by a third party inspection to guarantee the quality you are expecting and paying for.

Natural versus man made

The ever increasing demand for unique chocolate diamond engagement rings has called for manufacturing of synthetic and cultured diamonds to supplement the natural diamond supply. However,  natural chocolate gemstones still remain the best for nature lovers, and obviously the most inexpensive. This doesn’t mean man made and cultured diamonds are not good enough. They are almost identical to the natural ones, and actually, whether you go for the natural or man made rings is a matter of personal preference. chocolate diamond engagement rings


It is important to note when buying these diamonds, it is not always best to go for the cheapest option because the diamond jewelry market is full of unscrupulous traders, and scam products are always abounding. Whatever price of the ring, the authenticity and certification of the seller is critical. Ensure that do your due diligence before proceeding.


Le Vian Bridal is the exclusive producer and Trademark owner of these types of designs and jewelry.  Eddie LeVian, is the CEO and designer.  He mentioned in an interview about these diamonds:

Various settings/styles

le_vian_chocolate_diamond_ringChocolate Le Vian rings come in various styles. Diamond can be the main stone of the ring, for instance. There are also rings that feature a collection of small chocolate and other diamonds like white, colorless, aquamarine or even yellow gold diamonds. Chocolate diamond settings look great in gold settings, whether it is yellow gold, silver gold or white gold. There are also other styling characteristics that make them unique and trendy. Choose a style that fits your tastes and preferences. If you are buying the ring for a woman, you have to be careful with the style you choose and match it with her tastes. Women are very passionate about particular designs within the chocolate realm.

Where to buy

Le Vian does not sell these exclusively on their website, but can be purchased on any commercial website that is trusted online such as Jared, Zales, Kay, Michael Hill, Ernst and Jones, and many others.  Nor are they sold exclusively online, but can be purchased at any retail outlet throughout the all of the United States, and most parts of Europe.

Advantages of chocolate diamond rings

There are several advantages of buying chocolate diamond rings. To begin with, they are versatile- they go well with virtually all skin and hair colors. They can also be worn with a variety of outfits. As said earlier, they are also less expensive than the white and colorless diamonds, though they are just as trendy.

Chocolate diamond rings are rare, and unique. You will not get them everywhere. They are also a sign of fame and popularity, and that is why many celebrities wear them on the red carpet occasions. This clearly tells you that by buying these rings, you join a specific class of people who are viewed by the society as opinion leaders.

Indeed, chocolate diamond rings will introduce you to beauty of the most profound kind if you purchase them and wear them. They are mainly suitable for engagement or weddings. If you buy your significant other a chocolate engagement diamond ring, you can be sure they will be filled with pleasure and satisfaction as if the heavenly angels have already shown them the direct way to Paradise.



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