Heart Engagement Ring

Heart Engagement Ring

For the romantic in each of us, a heart engagement ring can be the perfect fit. The shape is instantly recognized as being different, yet traditional in the way it universally symbolizes love. There are some special features and considerations to make when purchasing this fancy stone that can help make it last a lifetime.

Learning About The Heart Engagement Ring

A heart diamond is classified as a fancy diamond because it is so uniquely cut and shaped compared to its more simple counterparts (round or princess). Much like oval, pear or marquise shaped diamonds, a heart-shaped diamond can have the bow tie effect (darker areas in the diamond which resemble the shape of a bow tie). Although this is quite common and often considered part of the charm of the diamond, it is still wise to discuss this with a jeweler or gemologist prior to purchase. As well, this will not be mentioned on a grading report so it is important to see the diamond in person. A well-proportioned diamond will not have as noticeable effect, but since it is often unavoidable in a heart shaped diamond, it should not be considered a deal breaker.

A heart shaped diamond will not normally be found in less than 1/3 carat weights due to it needing a larger area to showcase the heart shape.  The bigger the stone, the more noticeable the beautiful shape. These fancy diamonds may be more difficult to find, but still possible.

Questions To Ask When Considering a Heart Engagement Ring

There are a few important questions to ask oneself and a jeweler when looking at a heart shaped diamond, such as:

  1. Do the two lobes match in their symmetry? Variance on this can make the diamond appear crooked and unbalanced.
  2. Look at the point in which the two lobes meet–is it centered? If not, it can appear skewed and misshaped.
  3. What is the color grade of the diamond? Is it uniform in color on the center and also the edges? Is it too yellow?
  4. Is this point clean and sharp, or rounded? A nice crisp point is a sign of good quality and workmanship. A rounded point is lower quality and not as desirable. Too sharp of points are also undesirable as they can chip and break off easily.
  5. Is there a bow tie effect? How visible is it to the naked eye? The smaller the bow tie-looking shadow, the higher the quality and proportions of the diamond.
  6. Is the stone large enough to show the heart shape? Does it absolutely resemble a heart?  If the stone is too small (low carat weight) or not shaped properly, the beauty of the diamond can be obscured.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Heart Engagement Ring

While it may be a fun idea in one’s life right now, heart shaped diamonds may not be right for every woman. For instance, one may need to consider the following about a heart engagement ring:

  • It is not a classic shape, and has the possibility of appearing too trendy or looking outdated.
  • It may be confused with a promise ring
  • While it may be nice for a girl in her 20’s, a woman in her 40’s or older may not have the same taste or style down the road.
  • Consider the possibility of wanting to change it to something more traditional down the road.
  • It might be difficult to find one from a regular jewelry store, and the price may be quite high due to its rarity.
  • It is recommended not to surprise a woman with this shape–be sure to know this is what she wants prior to purchase and proposal.

Popular Examples Of A Heart Engagement Ring

There are many different ways to wear a heart shaped diamond in an engagement ring. The following pictures can help provide some inspiration for that perfect ring:



A heart engagement ring is the classic symbol of love and a unique way to show it on one’s finger. With all of the beautiful settings available nowadays, the options are endless and one can be sure to find the perfect ring for the perfect bride.


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