hearts on fire

Hearts on Fire Diamond

Hearts on Fire Diamond

A heart on fire diamond is known to be one of the most perfect cut diamonds in the world and often sets the standard for all diamond cuts. Significantly more expensive than other cuts of diamonds, the hearts on fire is of exceptional quality, making it one of the more expensive round cuts available. Keep reading to find out why the Hearts on Fire diamond is in such high demand.

The Hearts on Fire Diamond Company

Not only is the Hearts on Fire diamond a type of cut, it is also a company. With its origins beginning in 1996, the company set out to become the pioneer of the most perfectly cut diamond in the world. The stones are put through demanding grading processes in order to ensure the premium quality is consistently up to par with the finest standards in the world. The grading of each diamond is done by a team of experts at the AGS (American Gem Society). They first grade the rough, uncut diamonds need to pass the initial round of grading even before they are cut and polished. The quality control is so high that only about 1% of all diamonds make it past the strict processes in order to go on to become certified as a true “Hearts on Fire” diamond. The others are still of suitable quality and can be used in a variety of diamond jewelry.

Some of the grading is based on the following expectations, which are listed as the very minimum in order to pass the grading qualifications:

  1. Grade of zero for excellent proportions, even polishing and perfectly symmetrical proportions in the cut.
  2. Color must be between D-I on the grading scale and must be either colorless or near-colorless in quality.
  3. Inclusions are kept to a minimum and the clarity of the stones need to be considered IF (Internally Flawless or Slight Included)
  4. Each diamond must be inspected, cut and polished under a higher degree of magnification than average diamonds (100x vs 10x). This incredibly precise method of grading enables only the very finest stones to make it to the “Hearts on Fire” phase.


How Hearts on Fire Diamonds are Cut

Because the cut of a diamond is the main thing that creates the sparkle, brilliance or “fire”, the amount of magnification necessary to perform such detailed cuts is extraordinary. The method of cutting influences everything about a stone, and the Hearts on Fire diamond is proof of this. In fact, with the perfect symmetry and the eight hearts pattern, it not only makes the diamond appear to be on fire but also even makes the stone appear to be of a higher carat weight. When viewing the diamond from the top (and especially with magnification), it appears as though there are eight perfect hearts. Yet when viewing from the bottom, the stone looks like an incredibly intricate starburst. Please note that due to the very specific method of cutting, the Hearts and Fire diamonds are only available in round shapes.

Where to Buy a Hearts on Fire Diamond

Due to the exclusivity of this cut of diamond, one can only purchase this cut of diamond from either the company website, www.heartsonfire.com or through very specific and selected retailers. The price can be staggering, though. A simple 1.0 carat solitaire in 18K white gold runs $15,500. Some jewelers may frown on the actual value and worth of a Hearts on Fire diamond, and many feel that while beautiful it may not be worth the extra money when a round brilliant cut diamond will suit most people. Either way, there are options out there for the most discriminating buyer, along with those looking for a nice average diamond. Hearts on Fire diamonds are certainly geared towards those willing to spend a lot of money, and some experts argue that the difference in sparkle and cut is not noticeable enough for the average customer to truly appreciate.

Our recommendation? See it in person and decide for yourself. You may fall in love with it and feel all other comparable diamonds pale in comparison, or you may find you don’t readily notice a difference and therefore would rather opt for a more affordable diamond.



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