Helpful Info About Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

For couples who are planning to shop for an extremely unique engagement ring, deciding on a vintage diamond engagement ring is an exquisite idea. Vintage diamonds engagement rings do not only offer various styles but they likewise give a handful shopping options for couples. Couple can also get the possible best deals when considering a vintage jewelry. Let us help you get acquainted with vintage rings and give you some helpful shopping tips in order for you to get the most for your money.

The Differences Between Antique, Modern and Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Before going further, let us help you navigate through these three popular terms- antique, retro and vintage. These three words are often used interchangeably specially by some of the online jewelry stores. Some online jewelers call pieces of jewelries as vintage when the item is more or less 100 years old and antique when it is over 75 years old. However, in the jewelry market these days, this is not always the case.

Confused about the difference between retro and vintage jewelry?

Engagement rings that are around 20 to 100 years old are considered vintage. Antique jewelry is noted to be those that are 100 years old and Retro jewelry items are considered to be that between 10 to 50 years old. Retro is actually a specific jewelry fashion between 1935 and 1950. What is similar to these three terms is that they all pertain to previously owned jewelry items. However, there are also some instances that these particular jewelries are not previously owned but are being transferred from one jewelry shop to the other.

What Do You Look For When Buying Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings?

Vintage engagement rings and wedding bands are made available widely. They also come in various price ranges. Because these kinds of jewelry items had been previously owned and used, finding vintage rings that are extremely fragile is not anymore surprising.  Shoppers may as well find pieces that already need to have minor repairs and parts replacement like loose prongs in a  setting and lost stones. Because of this, shoppers should always adhere to the following tips in order for them to get only a quality vintage engagement ring and wedding band that are worth the price tag.

Thoroughly inspect every detail of the ring. Carefully and patiently take a look at the ring’s metal band, setting, missing parts and stones. Determine whether the ring’s physical features are exactly the same as the product description.

If you choose to have a vintage engagement ring, it is always advisable to buy it in person in order for you to physically examine the item with your bare eyes. However, in cases where you decide on buying a vintage ring via the internet, be certain that the jewelry store you are contracting with has a refund policy. The refund policy would make it possible for you to retrieve the amount you paid for a certain item in case of returns.

After purchasing a vintage ring, have it appraised by a professional jewelry appraiser. This is done in order for you to really determine it current value as well as to determine whether the ring needs necessary repairs or not.



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