CZ Engagement Rings

Surprizing Info About CZ Engagement Rings

These days, the jewelry market is inundated with not only diamonds but diamond alternatives such as CZ (cubic zirconia), Moissanite, and everything in between. It may surprise people to find that while diamonds will always hold the engagement ring market, cubic zirconia engagement rings are rising in popularity. With all of the information people have on diamonds, it is also important to give a shout out for the much more affordable cubic zirconia option.

The scoop on CZ engagement rings: Is there a market for them?

Absolutely! Obviously, not all brides to be will choose a diamond just as not all won’t be choosing an engagement ring set with cubic zirconia. There are a dozen reasons why some women will pick one option over the other and there are obvious pro’s and con’s with both choices.

Pro’s of choosing a CZ engagement ring:

  • More affordable
  • Looks close enough to a diamond (professionally cut, high quality cz look surprisingly similar)
  • Guaranteed to be conflict-free
  • Less stress if a stone falls out or is lost
  • Most people don’t care or ask if it is real
  • Flawless, colorless
  • Unlimited color choices

 Con’s of choosing a CZ engagement ring:

  • Potential for lower quality, plated settings
  • Not as durable than a diamond
  • Some social stigma exists
  • Potential for bad cut stones
  • Marketing has trained people against CZ

Choosing CZ Engagement Rings

Ultimately, this is a personal decision and there are factors to consider on both sides. Here are some questions customers often ask themselves when they are making a purchase that are answered in past posts from our team of experts:





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