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Company Review Series: Helzberg Diamonds

One of the iconic jewelry stores in the United States, Helzberg Diamonds is a popular choice for any range of jewelry buyers. From soon-to-be engaged couples to those celebrating their 30th anniversary, it is a well known and reputable company offering a wide range of prices, styles and custom designs.

History of Helzberg Diamonds

In 1915, Morris Helzberg opened his first jewelry store in Kansas City, MO and it became a growing family business with knowledgeable sales people and skilled craftsmen. By the late 1920s Helzberg Diamonds had grown to eleven stores in the Midwest and currently has 234 stores operating throughout the United States.

Helzberg Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most popular aspects of this company is its engagement and wedding ring department. Couples have a wide choice of diamonds, settings, custom designs and price ranges to suit any budget. Although many of the designs may be more traditional than the custom ones of designers such as Verragio or Tacori, they still provide an excellent selection to suit most needs.

Styles and Designs

Helzberg has a broad range of styles to suit most engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion needs. Some of the most popular styles are their solitaire engagement rings, three stone diamond rings and the smart value and clearance sections which showcase the most affordable options.


Helzberg Diamonds, although initially a diamond company, also carries a wide range of pearls, onyx, tanzanite, aquamarine, rubies, peridot, pink tourmaline and moissanite. This type of selection provides something for every type of style and taste at a variety of prices.


Helzberg offers a wide range of collections ranging from the ornate and intricately designed Artiste collection to colored gemstones, pearls and limited edition styles.

Service at Helzberg Diamonds

Since the first store opened in 1915, Helzberg Diamonds prides itself on their standard on customer service, both online and in their jewelry stores around the United States. Some of their services include:

  • 60 day return and exchange policy
  • Free shipping
  • Free online returns
  • Repairs
  • Gift box and packaging
  • Helzberg Diamond credit card
  • Ring sizers
  • E-hints
  • Pre-owned selection of jewelry

Buying Jewelry at Helzberg Diamonds

With easy to use navigation and simple online shopping, Helzberg diamonds has made the process of jewelry purchasing a smooth one. Their education and guidance center aids online customers, while their in-store professionals endeavor to create a stress-free shopping environment.

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  1. MICHELLE i Mirabella

    tangor outlets glendale az
    i have been waiting for my wedding and engagement ring for five weeks now. I sent it in to be soldered and cleaned and they handed it back after two weeks with two diamonds missing. The response to that was OH yeah that happens!!! Now its been three weeks and they are saying its because their jeweler had a heart attack… What jewelry store does not have a back up to their jeweler!!! Gene the manager just laughed like a complete idiot when i told him how completely inexcusable this service has been. He told me that my rings are with another helzberg jeweler and unfortunately there is no priority. But i was NOW getting superior quality service! This company is a complete disaster and a joke. Several diamonds have fallen from my ring. Their service is slow and now they just sit back with your belongings and act like its funny. Dont shop here save yourself the trouble.

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