How Much is a 8 Carat Diamond Worth?

Considering how large the diamond is, you may want to find out how much an 8-carat stone is worth. While round brilliant diamonds are the most popular, pear-shaped and oval stones can also appear large. The diamond should have a certificate from a reputable entity, such as the GIA or AGS. Be sure to examine the stone closely, from every angle. Choosing the right cut for your hand and finger is important, as well.

One way to determine the value of a diamond is to buy it at a wholesale price, which will save you money on markups. By dividing the total price of the diamond by its carat weight, you can get an average wholesale price for an 8-carat GIA-certified stone. These diamonds may be worth $796,416 to $11,883,584 as wholesale.

8 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

You can find beautiful diamonds in a variety of shapes for every taste, with different settings and different finger shapes. If you are looking for a very rare 8-carat diamond, your choices will be a bit more limited, but there are still quite a few shapes to choose from.

Round diamonds are our most popular and timeless shape, suitable for almost any occasion and beautiful on any finger. Round diamonds are also the most common, and at higher carat weights, you have more choice in areas such as cut, color, and clarity.

Other shapes are not necessarily more or less expensive than others, but some shapes, such as ovals, pears, and canopies, have a larger table area (the open area at the top of the diamond). This gives these shapes a larger appearance, which can give the illusion of larger diamonds in the same carat.

8 Carat Diamond Ring Colors

Another important grade to look for when buying an 8-carat diamond is color. The GIA grades diamonds according to color, so D diamonds are the clearest and most colorless. By contrast, Z diamonds have a yellow or brown tint. For most people, a colorless diamond is the best option, though fancy-colored diamonds are an exception. The clarity and color of diamonds can have a significant effect on the price.

Along with clarity, color is an important criterion to consider when purchasing an 8-carat diamond ring. The GIA gives color grades from D to Z. D is the purest and colorless diamond, while Z diamonds have a noticeable yellow or brown tint.

In most cases (with the obvious exception being buying high-quality colored diamonds), you want a diamond that appears completely colorless to the naked eye. To be clear, there is a big price difference from one class to another. The bottom line is to find the balance between price and ranking that visually gives you the best view at the best price.

Clarity Rating for 8 Carat Diamond Rings

We recommend aiming for a VS1 or VS2 grade when buying an 8-carat diamond ring.

Clarity is a metric that tells how many and what blemishes or inclusions are present in a diamond. The higher the grade, the fewer imperfections present, and the greater the diamond’s brilliance and shine.

When we’re looking at diamonds as large as 8ct, it’s important not to skimp on clarity, as it’s easier to notice inclusions that may be hidden on a smaller stone. However, you can also overpay by picking a grade that is too high.

Benefits of Wearing Diamond

Diamond, as we all know, is the strongest material present on our planet Earth and is unbreakable. It is an uncommon but naturally occurring mineral produced by carbon, and the most easily found diamonds are found in yellow and brown colors. However, the entire jewelry industry has long preferred colorless diamonds, and it is the sparkling, polished and glittering piece of diamond that has gained significance in astrological uses and meanings and as a gemstone for the planet Venus. We can go on about diamonds and their benefits. We just hope, with this article you are able to understand the various advantages of wearing diamonds. If you are a strong believer in astrology, we have a section for you as well. There, you can find rules for wearing diamonds. Keep reading to understand the Benefits of Wearing a Diamond.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Diamond

•If you believe in astrology, there are a few rules when it comes to wearing diamonds. Astrologers abide by these rules and so must you if you have faith in astrology.

•As per astrological beliefs, wearing a diamond can help overcome the feeling of inferiority and can increase the level of confidence in an individual.

•It is said and believed, that the persons who are born under the zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra will be best benefitted from the positive results of wearing a diamond ring. Doing so will bestow them good luck, happiness, prosperity, and peace in life in the long run

It is best to be worn by people who are suffering from the creative blocks and who are not being able to express themselves through a medium of arts and creativity such as a writer, painters,s and an artist

•Wearing a diamond ring or pendant can also be helpful in bringing good health to the native and can ward off all the negativity and evil present around in life

•In astrological beliefs, a diamond being the gemstone associated with the divine powers of the planet of Venus is capable of bringing luxury, love, beauty, and all highest stand of materialistic things in a person’s life

It is often suggested to a person who is suffering from the habit of overthinking, anxiety, nervousness, and a bad temper. Wearing a diamond in such a condition will bring peace and calm to the mind.

Diamond Price 

A diamond’s price depends on many factors, including color, clarity, cut, shape, and carat weight. In general, an eight-carat round brilliant will cost around $12,000 and above. It’s important to remember that these factors will affect the diamond’s value, so be sure to shop around to find the best price possible. If you’re looking to buy a diamond for yourself or as a gift, consider the 4Cs before purchasing.

Big stars tend to go for 10-20-carat diamonds. The Kardashians, the Careys, and the Hiltons all wear large jewels, such as the famous Elizabeth Taylor. Those who want to be associated with a big star should consider investing in a diamond with an 8-carat price. So, when you’re considering buying a diamond ring, consider the shape and quality of the diamond before you make the purchase.

How to Get the Best Value for an 8-Carat Diamond Ring?

An 8-carat diamond ring can be expected to cost a fair bit, due to the rarity and beauty of diamonds this large. You can, however, cut down the price a little by focusing on color and clarity grades that give the best appearance to the naked eye.

These Recommendations will Help you Pick Out a Truly Stunning 8 Carat Diamond

Cut: only consider diamonds with an Ideal or Excellent cut. Any lower grade than this will have a clear dropoff in brilliance and fire at this carat weight.

Color: look for a color grade in the range of G to I. These grades will appear colorless while saving you the premium price tag of a diamond in the D to F range.

Clarity: VS1 or VS2 clarity will give you a diamond that appears eye-clean. Anything lower will sacrifice quality, while a higher grade may not give a noticeable difference in appearance.

Shape: choose the diamond shape that best fits the taste and finger shape of the wearer. A round brilliant shape is more common and will present more options, but going with an elongated shape like an oval or pear shape can give the appearance of a larger diamond for your money.

In addition to the points above, make sure you only buy a diamond with a certificate from a reputable entity. We recommend diamonds with GIA or AGS certificates, as these are the most trustworthy grading laboratories out there.

Finally, when making as big a purchase as this, you should always closely inspect your 8-carat diamond before making a decision, either by yourself or with the help of an expert.

Famous 8 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Many notable celebrities have chosen an 8-carat diamond to make the perfect engagement ring. After all, diamonds this rare and beautiful are the kind you expect to see on the finger of the rich and famous.

Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston an enormous 8-carat diamond ring, estimated to be worth $500,000. Another famous and stunning ring is the 8.80-carat oval diamond ring NBA player David Lee used to pop the question to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. This diamond is not only huge, it also boasts a perfect D color and FL clarity.

If that’s not enough, there’s also the 8.50-carat cushion cut diamond ring Dwyane Wade proposed to his now-wife Gabrielle Union with, which is valued at a cool $1 million. Yet none may be as beautiful as Kate Upton’s round cut diamond ring, estimated to be $1.5 million for an 8-carat ring in a platinum setting.


An 8-carat diamond ring is a very large and very rare gemstone that attracts attention wherever it is placed. You can expect a high price for a diamond weighing this carat. However, if you focus your budget on the right area, you can get a unique ring at an affordable price.

Finding an 8-carat diamond ring is easier if you ask for help. We can help you choose the perfect diamond and invest in the right place.