Garnet gemstone

How Much is a Garnet Gemstone Worth?

If you are thinking about getting a garnet gemstone, you should be aware that this stone may be used for various purposes. It can be carved into various shapes, including round, cushion, emerald, and heart-shaped stones, among others. They are also minuscule, and they are available in various hues. Garnets are generated when crystals grow on a host rock, and this is how they get their name. There is a wide range of sizes available, ranging from half an inch to a half.


Garnet is a precious gemstone with a high monetary value. Many people are familiar with garnet as a low-cost, dull red mineral. On the other hand, Garnet can be found in a variety of colors. Green, orange, and purplish-red are the most valuable hues in the world. The price of a carat of good-quality garnet in such color can approach $7,000 per carat.

Garnet Gemstone

It is the stone of love and friendship, and garnet is the stone that symbolizes these two emotions. It is also supposed to represent the mending of scars between two people in love. Garnet is a stone of endurance and strength, and it is also known as a “commitment stone” since it helps strengthen tenacity and commitment. Garnets were revered as a sign of life by the ancient Egyptians, and it was utilized for a variety of therapeutic uses during the Middle Ages.

Factors of Garnet Value

Many aspects must be considered when calculating the value of any gemstone. The following factors influence the price of the garnet stone.

The color of garnet is the essential aspect in determining its worth. Colors such as lush green, fiery orange, and raspberry red are the most sought-after. Clarity, cut, and carat weight are all characteristics that influence a stone’s value.


You will be shocked by the wide range of garnet colors available. The color of garnet is the essential aspect in determining its worth. The hue of garnet group representatives ranges from yellow to brilliant green to brownish-black, with yellow being the most common. This is a common misconception that garnets are only available in red. The most important aspect influencing garnet value is its color. According to the Gemological Institute of America, Garnet’s most valued colors are lush green, mandarin orange, and raspberry red.


The clarity of the garnet further adds to its worth. Some garnet varieties, including almandine, pyrope, and rhodolite, are often free of inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye. Some of the orange garnets, such as spessartine and hessonite, have inclusions visible to the naked eye.


Most garnets are cut into standard shapes and sizes to make placing them into jewelry as simple as possible. Expensive garnets, such as fine-quality tsavorite and demantoid, are cut into shapes and methods that allow more weight to be kept from the rough than usually is possible. Garnets are extremely popular for designing cuts and carvings because of their vibrant color.

Carat Weight

Garnets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Some garnets, such as demantoid and tsavorite, are more usually found in tiny sizes, which increases their worth dramatically as the size of the garnet increases.

Since more significant sizes of other garnets, such as almandine, are significantly more frequent than smaller sizes, there is no significant increase in value as size increases.

Types of Garnet

The following are the most precious garnet types:


Tsavorite is a rare green form of grossular garnet only found in small quantities. Tsavorite, known for its eye-cleansing properties, is more expensive in bigger sizes.

The demand for tsavorites above three carats that are pure green to slightly bluish-green, vivid and highly saturated in color, and eye-clean is often more significant than the availability of these stones.


Demantoid – sometimes known as andradite, is a transparent green form of the plant. They are primarily sourced from Russian and African sources.

It was discovered for the first time in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the mid-1800s. As a result, it quickly gained popularity among the Russian nobility.


Rhodolite garnet is the unique type of red garnet available. Its color ranges from a dark purplish-red to a slight reddish-purple. It has a high saturation level and good brilliance, and minor extinction. Gems are frequently amazingly devoid of inclusions, which could otherwise detract from their purity and brilliance.

Phenomenal Garnets

As with star corundum, microscopic rutile needles can generate asterism in some garnets, similar to the phenomenon seen in star corundum.

Like Alexandrite, color-changing garnets are found in Africa and Sri Lanka. They are bright red under one light source and green or blue under another. The demand for spectacular garnets is high, and a small market of collectors is looking for these uncommon garnets to sell at a high price.

What Is The Most Valuable Garnet Color?

The most costly color is a brilliant green, and stones more significant than one carat are pretty unusual. The price of a carat of Russian demantoid starts at approximately $1,000. There is also some demantoid from Africa that is less expensive because it does not contain horsetail inclusions.

Tsavorite, a grossular garnet variety, and demantoid, a garnet variation, are green in color, are the two types that symbolize the green color: tsavorite – a grossular garnet variety – and andradite garnet variety. In addition to these colors, the colors orange (spessartine garnet) and purplish-red are also desirable (rhodolite garnet).

Where are Garnet Stones Found?

Garnets can be found in abundance all around the world. Garnets are found in various colors and shapes, and they can be found in a variety of locales. Garnet stone is available in a wide range of shapes and colors due to its widespread availability and abundance worldwide. Currently, most of these gems are mined in the United States, India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil, but they have historically been mined on practically every continent.

What is The Value of a 1 Carat Garnet?

For decent hues with some inclusions, prices range from $500 to $600 per carat, while for clean more giant stones with excellent color, prices range from $2,000 to $7,000. Demantoid garnet is the most valuable and rarest of all the garnets, and it is also one of the most uncommon and valuable of all colored gemstones. It is notable for the brilliance and fire that it emits.

What are Garnet’s Properties?

The garnet is well-known for its glossy sheen and the vast range of color variations. It is most frequently found in red coloration, while green and brown can also be found. When you lift one of the stones to the light, yellow and green stripes are visible on the stone’s surface. This is the most straightforward method of determining if a stone is a garnet or not.

What is The Value of Rough Garnet?

Per 100 grams of crystal pieces of common red garnet with a highly intense red hue, the value ranges from $10 to $40, depending on transparency and the presence of inclusions. The price of raw garnet of orange color ranges from $50 to $90 per 100 grams, depending on the richness of colors and different hues in the garnet.

Why is Garnet Such a High-Priced Gem?

Garnet is highly pricey due to the supply inconsistency of the raw material and the constant demand for the gemstone. Colorful garnets are found in various rich hues, and inclusions are absent from them, and they can be found in crystals that are large enough to hold exquisite stones. In addition, garnets are rarely treated in any way.

The carat weight of a garnet stone — how much the stone weighs as opposed to how large it seems – impacts its pricing. If the diamond is red, its value will increase because of its vibrancy and closeness to spectral red. The cut’s overall excellence should enhance the color.


Garnet is now considered a fancy gemstone frequently found in high-end jewelry creations. Even though garnet is most frequently associated with the color red, these gemstones can be found in any color and are popular choices for various jewelry designs and applications. The garnet family is one of the most complicated in the gem world, and it contains over a hundred different varieties. It is not a single species but rather a collection of several species and variants of the same species.

To create a beautiful effect, some red garnets can be readily interspersed amid the top-quality pigeon-blood-colored rubies. Garnet offers a wide range of qualities that will astound you. Continue reading to learn about the most highly desired garnet hue, the price range for different varieties of garnet, and the variables that influence the value of garnet.