Emerald Vs. Diamond Price Comparison

Let’s start by distinguishing between emerald-cut diamonds and emeralds. The two are frequently mistaken for one another. While an emerald is a gemstone, an emerald-cut diamond is a diamond that has been cut into the emerald shape, which is a rectangular shape.The emerald cut is a sort of diamond cut that was originally designed for emeralds (the gemstone), but acquired favor among diamond designers in the 1920s, resulting in emerald-cut diamonds.

The obvious distinction between emeralds vs. diamonds is their color. While diamonds come in clear and yellowish color shades, emeralds are mainly green or bluish-green in color. Chemicals containing chromium or vanadium are responsible for the emerald green color.

But don’t be fooled; some diamonds appear greenish, while others are red. People are sometimes perplexed by this, especially when it comes to distinguishing between green diamonds and emeralds. Because green diamonds aren’t very common, most people won’t be able to identify the difference just by glancing at them. It’s even worse if the green diamond is shaped like an emerald.

What Is The Key Factor In Determining The Price ?

The carat weight of an emerald is the key factor for determining its price. For example, a four-carat emerald will cost more than a 10.0-carat emerald. The carat weight of a diamond determines its value. When comparing these two stones, it’s important to remember that a ring with a higher-carat emerald is worth more than a ring with a lower-carat emerald.

Emerald Vs Diamond

The emerald versus diamond price comparisons have many factors to consider.

  • Sparkle:

The first is sparkle. An emerald should not sparkle. It may have a faint fire effect under the right lighting. Generally, however, emeralds do not sparkle. This is because the emerald’s inclusions are too minute to be seen with the naked eye. Nevertheless, emeralds are rarer than diamonds, and a sparkly emerald is more expensive.

  • Color:

The second factor to consider when evaluating the emerald vs diamond pricing is color. Emerald can have secondary colors, like yellow or blue, but it is the bluish green hue that makes it more valuable. Generally, an emerald that is a pure green emerald will be more expensive than an emerald with any other hues.

Both are a beautiful shade of green, but diamonds tend to be a more expensive stone. A ring crafted from either of these gemstones will be considerably more expensive than a ring with emeralds. A high-quality emerald will cost more than a ring made of a cheaper alternative.

The color of an emerald is a big factor. It affects its price more than a ring made of a cheaper gem. A more vivid green emerald is more valuable than a drab brown diamond. Also, a less colorful diamond has a lower value. Although both gems have many flaws, their color will still influence the final price.

  • Clarity:

When comparing emerald and diamond prices, the primary differences between the two stones are their color and clarity. While a faceted emerald is rarer than a brilliant-cut diamond, a faceted emerald will have more sparkle. It will cost a fraction of a diamond. But the quality of the emerald will greatly determine the overall price.

Despite the size and carat, emeralds have different clarity. A diamond with high clarity is more valuable than one with poor clarity. In a ring, a 4.5-carat emerald will be less expensive than a 10.0-carat emerald. In general, the emerald’s clarity will be the deciding factor for the final price.

  • Cut:

Diamonds and emeralds have various cut standards. The cut of a diamond contributes to its radiance, whereas the cut of an emerald does not contribute to its radiance. Instead, emeralds (and other coloured gems) are cut to retain their weight while preserving the best possible cut. In comparison to diamonds, coloured gems have an uneven cut.

  • Rarity:

Any gem’s rarity is the most important aspect in determining its price. Aside from the obvious differences in quality, emeralds are significantly rarer than diamonds.

The precious gem industry is dominated by diamonds, which account for half of the total. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topaz, tourmalines, moonstones, sunstones, and any other gemstone imaginable are all examples of this. If you travel down 47th Street in New York’s legendary diamond district, you’ll notice that the majority of the stones in the windows are diamonds and absolutely nothing else.

  • Other Factors:

Besides RI and brilliance, other factors in emerald vs diamond price comparisons should be taken into account as well. While a diamond’s clarity is a critical factor for the price of the ring, a ring with emeralds having a lower RI will cost more. Similarly, an emerald with a lower RI will be harder to find.

The other difference between an emerald and a diamond is the clarity. An emerald has eye-visible inclusions, while a diamond has no visible inclusions. While emeralds are more valuable than diamonds, the GIA grade will determine the quality of a gemstone. A GIA-certified emerald is more durable.

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  • Price Comparison Of Emerald & Diamond

The final price of either emeralds or diamonds will be determined by how all other values are combined. However, the subject can be reduced to averages in general. Carat values become the dominant metric when the emerald vs diamond debate is framed around averages.

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Emeralds cost roughly $500 per carat on average. A diamond’s average carat value is roughly $3,250. Of course, there are extremes on both ends. An emerald’s overall value might rise to roughly $27,000 per carat if it possesses a particularly rare mix of characteristics. When comparing prices in general, though, it’s best to use averages. As a result, diamonds become more valuable and valuable.

Which One is More Expensive?

When it comes to emeralds vs diamonds, emeralds are more expensive per carat than diamonds. The price of an emerald is dependent on its quality and cut. It will also depend on where it’s found. Some emeralds are found in Colombia, and are considered to be of high quality. Consequently, they are more valuable than diamonds.

But on a general consensus, diamonds tend to be costlier than emerald.

A pricing example in carats is as follows:

1 carat diamond = $1,500 to $25,000

1 carat emerald = $250 to $10,000

Is Emerald a More Valuable Stone than Diamond?

It’s tough to say which is more valuable than the other. Both diamonds and emeralds are valuable enough to be utilized lavishly in similar situations.

Regardless, most people believe that diamonds are more valuable than emeralds. However, I would not hold that to be accurate.

If price and cost are used to determine preciousness, I believe diamonds are more valuable. But, in reality, both jewels are equally valuable.

When Compared to Diamonds, Why do Emeralds have More Inclusions?

Due to their hardness, diamonds have fewer imperfections and flaws than emeralds.

Because emeralds are more brittle than diamonds, it makes sense for designers to avoid making numerous cuts to remove imperfections, as they do with diamonds.

In comparison to emeralds, it is easier to remove imperfections from diamonds because the gemstone is so robust and straightforward to create.

Which One is Commonly Preferred?

While emeralds are rarer, diamonds are more commonly purchased than emeralds. Both stones are rare, but emeralds are more expensive than diamonds. They are harder and rarer than diamonds. For this reason, it’s important to compare diamonds and emeralds in your own jewelry. In addition, there are many other differences between the two gemstones.

Why Emarald is Known as the Softest Gem?

While inclusions can improve the overall appearance of an emerald, they also make it more susceptible to fracture when struck against a hard surface or exposed to significant temperature changes. To prevent chipping, most emeralds are treated by sealing cracks with oil. As a result, never use chemicals or an ultrasound equipment to clean an emerald. Instead, rinse any filth away with warm water, allow to dry, and then rub with a soft cloth. As an added precaution, cover emeralds with baby oil to help prevent the stone from becoming extremely brittle.

Which are the Famous Emeralds Owned by People?

When John F Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953, he chose a two-carat diamond and two-carat emerald baguette ring, which was neither royalty nor Stateside. The ring, designed by Van Cleef & Arpels, cost the future president $1 million. It was given to the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum after Jackie’s death. The President picked emeralds again for the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary – the same year he was slain — purchasing an eternity ring with ten stones to mark each year of their marriage. Of course, no list of legendary diamonds would be complete without a piece from Elizabeth Taylor’s collection. The Hollywood great, who was passionate about all stones, possessed a variety of emerald pieces and, in 2011, an emerald pendant. She sold it for $6.5 million, that’s about $280,000 paid per carat.

What are Fancy Coloured Diamonds ?

Any colour of diamond that isn’t colourless or brown is considered a fancy coloured diamond. To give you an indication of rarity, diamonds are classified as Type IA, IB, IIA, and IIB. Because of the presence of nitrogen in the diamond, 98 percent of all diamonds are type IA, with colours ranging from colourless to brown or a fancy yellow tint. IB is recognised for displaying the most brilliant yellow and brown (such as the Tiffany Diamond). IIA are exceedingly pure, often clear, and only show colours like green or red on rare occasions (like the Moussaieff Red). Type IIB diamonds are the rarest and the only ones that can have a deep blue tint (like the Hope Diamond). The diamond will be colourless if this is not done.

Colors like red and blue will appear in only 2% of all diamonds, and green will appear in only a few of the remaining 2%. When it comes to colours that compliment emerald green, just a few jewels come close to emerald green. It’s not just about the colour, but also about the way the gem material reflects light.

All of this is to say that diamonds with colours other than brown are incredibly rare and valuable. Colored diamonds have the distinction of being the most valuable jewels ever sold.


The quality of an emerald varies greatly. Some diamonds are eye-clean, while others are eye-clean. A quality emerald will shine and sparkle. A green diamond will not. A good emerald will sparkle but it will not be as bright as a diamond. The emerald vs diamond comparison is the most important aspect of the emerald vs diamond cost. Despite the fact that both emeralds and diamonds are uncommon, exceptional gemstones, they differ in several ways. Emeralds are made of the mineral beryl, while diamonds are created of carbon.

Diamonds are harder than emeralds in terms of hardness. Unlike diamonds, which are mostly colorless and have yellowish hues, emeralds are mostly green or bluish-green in color. Emeralds feature more inclusions and faults than other gemstones due to their fragile nature. Diamonds, on the other hand, are mainly pure and have less inclusions and defects. When it comes to selecting the proper occasion for either emeralds or diamonds, the latter is more adaptable and is always the favored option.