How to Buy Diamond Rings for Your Fiancé

Diamond rings are a classic way to propose a lasting commitment. Their glittering sparkle and fire make any center stone appear more prominent. While diamonds are the traditional choice, other gemstones can also be used in a ring. You can also use other gemstones in diamond anniversary rings. In any case, a diamond ring can represent a lifetime of love. You can buy a diamond ring for your fiancé from a reputable jeweler and make her feel that she is yours forever.

While the tradition of diamond engagement rings began in the late 14th century, it was only in the mid-19th century that the tradition became widely accepted in everyday life. In 1947, British-owned diamond company De Beers launched an ad campaign promoting the stone as “the perfect engagement ring.” The ad campaign’s success was evident: engagement ring sales rose by 50 percent within three years. And it only continued to increase.

Wedding rings have become one of the essential icons in marriage. They have symbolic meaning and are a symbol of everlasting love. A diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band represents marriage and a lifetime commitment to your loved one. From ancient Egypt, diamonds have been worn as a symbol of commitment and love. A Ben Garelick Jewelers store understands the significance of wedding rings. You will find diamond rings in different sizes and styles suit your budget.

Below are Some Tips for You to Pick the Best Engagement Ring

Don’t be Sucked into a Fad

The goal of choosing an engagement ring that is the best match for your future fiancé should be to choose a timeless, traditional sign of your love that will stay forever. Examine their contemporary jewelry to evaluate what would work best for them. Are they platinum or gold person? Do they prefer statement jewelry or more understated pieces? Take inspiration from their current style while selecting the item they’ll want to wear every day for the rest of their lives.

On Paper, a Stone Does Not have to be Perfect

The “Four Cs” (color, cut, clarity, and carat) are frequently cited by diamond specialists, but certificate grading should be just one of several considerations. You don’t need a D Flawless stone to make a lovely ring. It’s best to judge a stone by how it makes you feel than the GIA grading (the Gemological Institute of America grades diamonds from D to Z). The grade can be a starting point, but it should not be the only factor to consider.

Size is Only Necessary if You (or Your Prospective Fiancé) Believe it is

Unless you think it’s essential to your prospective spouse, going big or going home shouldn’t be the mantra. If that’s the case, consider your options. It would be worth considering putting a greater emphasis on size rather than color and clarity.

This trend has been noted even by individuals in the jewelry industry. “I think there’s less pressure now to wear a spectacular ring,” says Jess Hannah, proprietor of the J.Hannah jewelry business in Los Angeles. “These days, the ring is more of an extension of a person’s style, which sometimes means avoiding ‘bling.'” I appreciate how empowered women are to go against the [mold] of traditional jewelry stores and find something that speaks to them on a personal level. It appears to be a feminist decision.”

Understand the Origins of the Stone

According to Page Neal, jewelry designer and co-founder of Bario Neal, Clients prefer jewelry with backstories. This is especially true when the backstories incorporate responsibly sourced diamonds. Neal looks for mines and suppliers who can show their diamonds, metals, and gemstones were responsibly obtained and are fully traceable from mine to market. “I believe that people are very interested in knowing where their jewelry comes from,” Neal explains. “People like that we go out of our way to find stones for their personalized pieces. We hunt for unique and unusual stones, then return to debate their possibilities.” If you’re working with a jeweler like Neal, take notes on everything so you can tell your potential fiancée about the ring once you deliver it to her.

The Setting Should Not be Overlooked

After choosing a stone, the following step is to decide what to surround it with. Cynthia Smith of Cynthia Cook Brides writes, “My fiancé collaborated with one of my best friends, Montana Coady, to design my ring.” “Consider the main stone as a work of art and the setting as the frame, she advised. You can be daring and create something one-of-a-kind, but the ring must represent the style of the person wearing it.” Find an expert you can trust, tell them what you’re looking for, and allow them to lead you in the right direction.

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  • Diamond Engagement Ring Solitaire Setting: A solitaire ring has long been the first option for couples because of its traditional elegance. The bridal shower was the first one. Wedding presents include wedding shoes, bridal gowns, and other budget-friendly wedding gifts that friends and family give to the bride to assist her in starting her married life. Wedding planners autilizedsed to plan and purchase such occasions in modern times of wealth and affluence.
  • Marquise-Cut Diamond, GIA Certified: Marquise Cut Diamonds are a stunning and attractive choice for engagement rings. The eye-shaped cut is also known as the football or boat-shaped cut. The Marquise cut’s beauty makes your finger appear extended and slim. A Marquise Diamond seems more significant than a Round Diamond of the same carat weight due to its shape. The Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring will add a touch of royalty to your finger.
  • Diamond Anniversary Gifts for Her: Whatever the event, a diamond ring is always present to commemorate it. Diamond celebrations throughout her life include weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or simply Christmas gifts for her.
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What are Engagement Rings for Men?

While most men just wear a wedding band, some like to wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their upcoming wedding. Men’s engagement rings differ significantly from women’s, although there are numerous styles. If the groom decides to wear this jewelry style, keep in mind that conservative family members may presume the wedding has already happened. The pair should be able to articulate their preferences.

How to Put On the Ring?

While you have the final say in where your engagement ring goes, it’s a good idea to be informed of conventional ring placement before, during, and after the wedding.

Placement of the Ring

According to modern custom, the engagement ring should be worn on the left hand’s ring finger. According to jewelers, right-hand rings without relationship affiliations are the most excellent way to signal your engagement while also following basic etiquette.

Following the Wedding

The wedding band is generally worn closest to the heart with the engagement ring on top.

Throughout the Ceremony

Because the groom will slide the wedding band on the bride’s finger during the ceremony, there may be some confusion about what to do with the engagement ring. There are no hard and fast regulations that must be followed. Some ladies wear engagement rings on their fingers and eventually switch their positions. Others wait until after the ceremony to wear their engagement rings on their right hand. Some couples have the bridal set welded together before the wedding, allowing the groom to place both rings on her finger correctly. EXPENSIVE-LOOKING order during the ceremony.

What is Considered the Big Engagement Ring?

It’s tempting to become fixated on buying a “large” diamond when shopping for an engagement ring. According to Jay, there is a belief that bigger is better, which social media has amplified. “I’m witnessing a desire for higher carat weight diamonds due to social media.”

However, even the concept of a “large” engagement ring is subjective. She explains, “A ‘large’ diamond is truly relative to each person’s hand.” “A one-carat diamond on a size four-finger may appear huge, whereas a one-carat diamond on a size eight finger may appear smaller.”

That isn’t the only thing that impacts the size of a ring. “The appearance of a diamond’s size is also influenced by its shape. A one-carat elongated diamond, such as an oval or pear shape, will appear larger to the naked eye than a square shape, such as an Asscher or princess cut.”

Because of this, she advises her clients to avoid focusing on a carat number or what others may consider a “large” engagement ring diamond. “Rather than obsessing over the amount, I recommend focusing on what you like, what looks best on your hand, and working with a jeweler who can assist you in finding a wonderfully cut diamond,” Jay advises.

How to Choose the Correct Carat Size?

“When buying a diamond, the most crucial factor is your budget,” she explains. “An ancient cliché goes that your partner should spend three months of their pay on your engagement ring, but in truth, the amount should be whatever you and your partner are comfortable spendings.” You can feel anxious every time you look at your engagement ring if you go into debt for it!


Choosing an engagement ring and wedding band can be confusing. Many women wear an engagement ring and a wedding band together. Some wear both rings daily, while others prefer to wear one on the left ring finger. Ultimately, choosing the right ring depends on the person you want to propose to and her style and personality. If you’re unsure which is the right choice, consult your fiancé. The ring will serve as the symbol of your love.

While diamonds are costly, wearing them while bathing or showering is not advisable. They can get cloudy and dull over time due to the buildup of water, soap oil, or chemical soaps. If you accidentally wear your engagement ring while bathing, your engagement ring cannot be returned to the store. Remember that diamond value is based on fire and brilliance, so keep it clean. When you’re not wearing it, you’ll be wasting money.