How to Clean a Cloudy Diamond Ring

It’s essential to understand how to care for your diamond ring before you start cleaning it. Diamonds can be pretty sensitive, and they must be cleaned with the utmost care to avoid being destroyed. The first and most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning an engagement or wedding ring is to prevent dropping it. Second, you must ensure that the drain is completely closed to prevent the diamond from falling into the hole.

Even though diamonds are among the toughest jewels, they are prone to daily wear and tear and can become murky. The shine of a diamond is generated by light refracting off its surface as it travels through it. When a diamond becomes dirty, it loses its luster and brilliance. Before you can clean a hazy diamond, you must first remove the dirt accumulated on it.

What Does It Mean To Have A Cloudy Diamond?

A cloudy diamond is a diamond that includes inclusions that cause it to seem foggy in some areas of the diamond or throughout the diamond. For example, a cluster of minor imperfections close together can cause the diamond to appear hazy or dull.

It’s difficult to tell what’s causing the cloudiness in a diamond without looking at it closely. The nature and intensity of the inclusions impact how cloudy or clear a diamond appears, which is especially true for lower clarity diamonds.

It is not only cloud inclusions, which are made up of three or more crystal inclusions, but that can also give the appearance of haziness to a diamond. Other inclusions, such as feathers and twinning wisps, can cause a cloud to form in the diamond’s clarity.

Some Steps To Clean A Cloudy Diamond Ring

Most consumers return their diamond jewelry pieces to the store for cleaning and maintenance. When you have a formal or family event coming up, it may be tough to take the time to take your jewelry to a jewelry store for cleaning. It’s a fantastic idea to be aware of how to clean your ring at your convenience. Following these basic steps, anyone may provide proper diamond maintenance for their diamonds:

Step 1: Clean With Soap And Warm Water To Begin

To begin, dissolve the soap or detergent in a bowl of warm water. Typically, the combination is placed in a small container for storage. To soak the diamond ring in the solution, first, check to see that the soap has been dissolved correctly in the water. The ring will be left on for at least five minutes after being removed. Grease and filth begin to soften as a result of the soaking procedure. Later on, it will be less difficult to scrub due to this.

Step 2: Use An Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaner

After soaking the ring in the first solution for at least five minutes, you will remove the ring and place it in the second solution. This solution will be combined with warm water and an ammonia-based glass cleaner. The use of chlorine-based cleaners or any acidic cleaners should be avoided because they can damage the metal portions of the diamond ring.

After that, you will let the ring soak in the solution for a few minutes to ensure that it gets into all areas that were not reached by the soap-water mixture.

Step 3: Wipe The Dirt And Grimes Off

The ring will be taken out of the solution after dissolved. After that, you will clean the ring. Some jewelers have their jewelry brushes because no specialized jewelry brush is required. Their brushes can reach areas of the ring that a conventional brush would not reach, ensuring that all of the accumulated dirt and grime is removed.

Step 4: Re-Soak It And Brush It

Although the ring will be rewashed in the soap-water mixture to ensure that all the dirt and grime have been removed, this will not be the final step. You will need to keep brushing it even though it is soaking wet, and the combination will wash away the dirt that has previously been swept away.

Step 5: Finally, Rinse And Dry It With Clean Water

After brushing it out of the mixture, you can remove it from the mixture. After that, you’ll need to rinse the ring under clean running water and then dry it with a clean microfiber cloth to complete the process. You must also ensure that water does not evaporate from the ring, as this may leave some watermarks.

These are only basic guidelines on cleaning a hazy diamond ring, not specific instructions. Keep in mind that each piece has its design, and the cleaning process utilized must be adaptable to each piece. For example, diamonds set in a bezel or halo are more delicate and must be handled with utmost care to avoid damage.

Additional Cleaning Tips For A Cloudy Diamond Ring

In addition to the previously mentioned guidelines, please notice the extra advice provided below on how to clean a hazy diamond ring to maintain it sparkling and clean.

  • Cleaning your ring regularly will help keep its clarity for an extended period. You don’t need to clean it on a daily or weekly basis. It is always dependent on how frequently you wear the ring. If you wear it every day, inspect and clean your ring every week or two. Regularly used rings capture more dirt and grease than those only used sporadically.
  • However, this does not rule out the possibility of cleaning a diamond ring that has been stored in a box. It is necessary to check on it regularly because dust might build up inside it.
  • Additionally, polish your diamond rings regularly for that added bling. As previously noted, ammonia-based glass cleaner can be used to give your windows and mirrors an additional clean. You may ask me to recommend a diamond polishing product that would be suitable for your diamond. Well, I believe you do not need it. Some diamond polishing products contain chemical elements that might discolor the diamond if used on it. As a result, please refrain from using one.
  • When preparing the warm water, make sure it isn’t too hot to drink from. A quick shift in temperature may weaken the ring. At the same time, exercise caution to avoid burning yourself.
  • When cleaning your diamond ring, avoid using bleach, vinegar, or witch hazel. These are acidic and might cause harm to the metal ring.

Cloudy Diamond Price

The price of a hazy diamond is typically lower than a non-cloudy diamond. Because a clear, bright diamond will attract the eye more than a cloudy diamond, the price of a hazy diamond is lower. In our opinion, the lower price of a diamond with noticeable cloudiness is not worth it.

Attempting to obtain the lowest clarity grade possible while still obtaining an eye-clean, transparent diamond is a superior strategy. You will save hundreds or thousands of dollars if you choose a lower clarity graded diamond versus a higher clarity graded diamond.

The hazy diamond is priced at $4,415, while the internally flawless diamond below is priced at $7,678. The difference in price between the diamond with clouds (left) and the diamond with internal flaws (right) is $3,263. For a diamond without clouds or other inclusions, that’s a 75 percent price rise.

How Does A Cloudy Diamond Ring Appear?

A cloudy diamond appears to have a hazy, whitish mist accumulating in it, giving it the appearance of being overcast. The foggy appearance described above can appear to encompass the entire diamond. Small white mist patches or clusters can also be visible in the form of small white mist patches. The reasons behind the cloudy appearance of the diamond are numerous and varied. As a result, if the cloudiness is caused by accumulated dirt, make sure to clean the diamond thoroughly. If you are having difficulty removing the foggy appearance, you should visit your jeweler immediately.

What’s The Best Way To Fix A Cloudy Diamond?

If a diamond has inclusions that cause it to appear foggy, there is no way to repair the internal structure of the diamond. The diamond may appear cloudy since it has been covered with residue and filth; nevertheless, you can clean the diamond to remove the cloudiness. A clean diamond will have more excellent brilliance and fire than a dirty diamond because light can reach the diamond and reflect on the table when cleaned.

What Causes A Diamond Ring To Have A Cloudy Look?

The factors that contribute to the hazy appearance of diamonds include cleanliness, clarity difficulties, and cloud inclusions. We’ve already mentioned that accumulated dirt might induce cloudiness in cleanliness, and that is why we emphasize the importance of keeping your diamond clean regularly.

Diamonds are graded according to their clarity, and S13 is one of the lowest clarity ratings that can be obtained for a stone of this type. Because of the cloudiness of the clarity type, S13 grade diamonds are sold to laboratories.

Cloud inclusion is a word used to describe a group of crystals found relatively close to one another. So, does this imply that the closer the cluster, the better the result? No, not really, because the type of cloud inclusions continues to be a determining factor. The presence of cloud inclusions is possible even in the highest clarity grade.

How Much Does A Cloudy Diamond Ring Cost To Clean?

Professional cleaning often costs between $25 and $50 per ring. When it comes to cleaning your diamond, the jeweler will utilize their specific goods and mixes. If your diamond ring is difficult to clean, I recommend taking it to your jeweler. They may be able to provide you with better remedies to your problem than the DIY concoction you discovered online. However, because it is still expensive to have it professionally cleaned, I do not recommend that you visit the jeweler regularly. Make sure you can keep up with the cleaning of the ring at home for as long as possible.


While cleaning a diamond ring at home is simple, some ring styles are more difficult to clean than others. Because of the prongs that hold the diamond in place, dirt can become stuck to them and become difficult to remove. You may need to use a toothpick to dislodge the filth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on the ring, and make sure it is scorched before putting it on a cloth or another piece of jewelry.

If your diamond seems foggy or has a milky tint, it is recommended that you clean it. Inadequate diamond cleaning can result in a hazy appearance in a diamond, which can lower its value. It is, nevertheless, necessary to seek the advice of a jeweler before beginning the cleaning process for your diamond ring. They will be able to examine the stone and assess whether or not cleaning it will resolve the issue. n Then, they can advise you on the most effective method of cleaning the diamond and ensuring that it glows brightly once more.