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Insider Tips From Jewelry Stores: Part 1

The Inside Scoop on Jewelry Stores

There may be dozens of things you might not know about buying an engagement ring.  If you’re about to start shopping around or you’re close to making a purchase, take a few minutes to read these helpful tips from jewelry stores and the experts who work in them:

 Jewelry Stores Part 1

1.       Where you buy from is important. You have security buying from a major jewelry chain or your local jewelry store, but they have more overhead and tend to charge more.  Your best bet? Shop online. These stores are able to bypass the cost of a middleman and most offer excellent warranties and return policies.

2.       Lifetime warranties are worthwhile (but not all of the time). Several major jewelry stores have begun offering this and it can be worth the investment.  If you think engagement rings are overpriced, jewelry repairs can be expensive as well.  Paying a one-time fee for a lifetime of fixes and/or replacement will save you a lot of money in the long run. The catch is that if you move from place to place, you may not have the same jewelry store in your new area. Another issue is if the store requires 6 month check ups with your ring. If you move or if you’re late by a month, this could make your warranty null and void. Be sure to read the fine print.

3.       Baguette shapes collect dirt. They are notorious in the jewelry industry for being the worst at collecting dirt.  They are set so small and so closely together that dirt builds easily between them.  Don’t let it stop you from buying them, but be sure to look up some home cleaning solutions or buy some jewelry cleaner to accommodate this.

4.       Micropave settings are the most delicate–wear with care. They’re beautiful, but micropave or antique styles tend to pop out stones more than any other setting.  They tend to be set a little higher than other stones, and thus not very securely.  Your chances for losing a stone are fairly high with this setting.  It’s lovely to look at it, but do not hesitate to purchase any warranty available for it and be prepared to become  friendly with your jeweler. Wear the ring carefully to avoid too much wear and tear.

5.       All gold is naturally yellow. Some of you may be thinking, “Of course,” but this fact has shocked many people who walk into a jewelry store without knowing this.  White gold, rose gold, and many other colors have all received some sort of plating on top of the yellow gold to change their color (called rhodium).  This wears over time differently depending on the person, but it will revert to its yellow state and you’ll have to get it dipped periodically.



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  1. The old ring now belongs to the iscuranne company.Most likely they had you sign a bill of sale giving them ownership of that ring.So, call them up and let them know you found it. They may be willing to sell it back to you.

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