Perfect Diamond Ring?

Can You Really Find the Perfect Diamond Ring?

When a couple starts looking for a ring for their marriage, it can be a daunting task with so many different selections and stores. After you find the perfect ring, buy it. It’s sad to say this, but with the divorce rate so high in the United States one also has to remember that the marriage might not last forever, but the diamonds will.

Joking aside, it’s still important for men to find the perfect diamond ring for your future wife. It can be a complicated process, but certainly less complicated than marriage. Let’s go through the various ways to find the perfect ring and maybe even add in a few tips for a near-perfect marriage.

The Perfect Diamond Ring: Does It Exist?

If you’re thinking about proposing to the perfect woman, it makes sense that you would want to find the perfect diamond ring to match. There are undoubtedly thousands upon thousands of options these days (both online and in retail stores) that narrowing it down to one ring is bound to be difficult. It’s important to remember that going into this, a man may or may not have his own ideas of what constitutes a perfect ring, whereas a woman may have a completely different idea. It’s all about individual preferences and style. However, it is the woman who will be looking at her ring every day for years to come, so it goes without saying that getting her input is critical in this process.

Essentially, the perfect diamond ring does exist for most women out there. They find a ring they absolutely love and they know it’s the one they want on their finger. However, most women will be drawn to several different styles and there is generally not just one ring for one woman. For instance, a woman may have an idea in her mind that she has always wanted a round brilliant diamond in a halo setting. However, her boyfriend might never know that this is her ideal ring and he goes to purchase a simple princess solitaire because he thinks this best represents his love for her. Who is right? Neither or both, depending on how you look at it. It’s important to remember that many women will love whatever their boyfriend’s propose with because it has sentimental value and shows he took initiative to go shopping for a ring with her in mind. It’s a romantic gesture that a lot of women love. On the other hand, if the ring is not even close to her style and she finds she doesn’t like it, no matter how much she tries or pretends, it can be a difficult long term problem.

The best solution to avoid having an expensive mistake is for the man to get ideas from her or her friends. He can check her Pinterest board. He can take note at what styles she likes. He can also take her to wander around a shopping district that happens to have some jewelry stores—and then take note as to exactly which ones she gravitates towards or makes comments on. That way, the finding the perfect ring isn’t quite as daunting of a task as it could be.


Does the Perfect Diamond Ring Change With Time?

This is an interesting question and it ultimately depends on the woman. We know women are finicky and change their minds often enough to make a man’s head spin, so it shouldn’t surprise them that she might like one style of a diamond ring in her 20’s but a totally different one in her 40’s. The best way to ensure longevity with a ring is to get a classic design. Trendy rings are just that: trends. They generally don’t have the staying power long term. The best example of this is the design trend in the 80’s that involved lots of swirls in the setting, sharp pointed and dramatic designs, lots of baguettes or pear shaped stones, and even ring enhancers. These trends haven’t come back and aren’t likely to do so, and the women who were engaged in the 80’s generally don’t have the same ring today as they did back then. Sometimes they will have the diamonds taken out and the setting melted down to create a different and more perfect diamond ring for their style. That way, it keeps the sentimentality in tact but the style current.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t the “perfect diamond ring” out there because there are simply so many styles and options available. What is important is to find the ring that she likes the most out of all the rings and go with that one. And then, you can start working on that perfect marriage!











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