Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers

Everyone has heard the famous catch phrase and catchy tune “Every kiss begins with Kay.” Kay Jewelers is a popular jewelery chain in the United States and is known for offering a large variety of jewelry to suit all budgets and style preferences. From engagement and wedding rings to pearls and watches, there is something for everyone.

Kay Jewelers History

In the early part of the 1900’s, two brothers in Pennsylvania opened a tiny jewelry store in the corner of their father’s furniture business. They started small and then branched out to a wide variety of products such as kitchen and gift ware, eyeglasses, watches and more. Since those humble beginnings, Kay Jewelers has evolved to become a national leader in jewelry with nearly 1,000 stores around the United States. Their website is also an excellent resource for the growing number of people shopping online.

Kay Jewelers Products

Kay Jewelers has an incredible selection of jewelry and collections online that can make it appear overwhelming at first glance. One of the common issues is knowing where to begin, and it certainly requires some time and patience to go through the entire site. The following represents the main categories that Kay Jewelers offers:

Kay Jewelers Engagement Rings

Under this category, one can find a variety of collections such as Leo Diamond, Tolkowsky, Neil Lane Bridal, solitaires, bridal sets and three stone diamond rings.

Kay Jewelers Wedding and Anniversary Rings

The options continue with more categories such as Leo Diamond, Tolkowsky, Neil Lane Bridal, Scott Kay, women’s wedding bands, anniversary rings, three stone diamond rings, enhancers, men’s bands and engraveable wedding bands.

Kay Jewelers Three Stone Diamond Rings

This category offers 24 options for three stone diamond rings, as well as matching diamond wedding bands. The styles are very traditional and conservative, and may not suit those looking for more detailed, ornate designs.

Kay Jewelers Fashion and Promise Rings

These categories really open up the options, with hundreds of different styles and price ranges. Note that many of the fashion ring options are easily used as engagement rings.

Kay Jewelers Personalized Jewelry

Kay Jewelers does an excellent job of offering an a large array of engraveble and personalized jewelry. Ideal for gifts for every occasion. This category also includes the Jane Seymour Open Hearts collection.

Kay Jewelers Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Pendants

An extensive subcategory for gifts, bridal party jewelry and every-day wear. Prices narrowed down to Under $50, $50-100, $100-250, $250-500 and over $500, enabling something for every price range.

Kay Jewelers Watches

While Kay Jewelers are not known for their watches, they do offer a surprisingly large variety of men’s and women’s watches. Brands offered include: Movado, Citizen and Bulova.

Kay Jewelers Clearance & More

Under this category, one may find items on clearance, previously owned and super values. For those looking for a great deal, this is an excellent place to start.

Pro’s and Con’s of Kay Jewelers

In general, Kay Jewelers mainly deals with classic and conservative designs. While there are many who want the traditional look, some people may yearn for a more intricate, designer look. Fortunately, the Neil Lane bridal collection has enabled Kay Jewelers to branch out and offer some antique and unique designs. As well, the only fancy colored diamonds available are chocolate, black and champagne collections. Fancy cut diamonds are not usually an option and the classic round, princess, marquise, and pear stones tend to be more of the norm.

The verdict? Kay Jewelers is a good option for traditional tastes, but not necessarily the best option designer and unique jewelry. However, for what they lack in this area, they make up for it by having an extensive online selection, excellent money back guarantee, return policy and financing. Be sure to ask around and do your research as each store is managed independently and not all get rave reviews.


Kay Jewelers offers a wide array of classic engagement and wedding rings that are beautiful and affordable to most budgets. This popular retail jewelry chain is a staple to the industry and can be found in every major city or mall around the United States. With popular advertising on the television and the familiar the romantic slogan “Every kiss begins with Kay”, it is no wonder that Kay Jewelers are one of the most well-known retail chains around.



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