Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace

Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace

One of the most popular styles of necklaces for women is the Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace. This is a fashionable and chic version of the usual heart pendant which exudes class and femininity. It comes in a variety of designs and can be found in Kay Jewelers and Jared’s Galleria of Jewelers across the United States. And, as Jane herself says in regards to this highly symbolic piece of jewelry, “If your heart is open–despite adversity–love will always find its way in.”

About The Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace Collection

Jane Seymour is a famous British Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actress, author and fashion designer. Her Open Hearts jewelry collection takes its inspiration from her mother’s paintings and her words of wisdom. Her mother often told her to keep her heart open throughout her life and love would always find a way inside. This advice inspired Jane to create an open heart jewelry collection, which includes necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and pins.

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Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace Designs: Jared’s

Jared Galleria of Jewelers sells the following Jane Seymour Open Heart necklace styles:

Open Hearts Diamond Cross Necklace is a modern yet feminine 1/4 carat diamond studded cross necklace in sterling silver.

Open Hearts Diamond Family Necklace is a beautiful way to symbolize the intertwining loved ones hearts.

Open Hearts Disc Necklace has several appealing engraveable discs fashioned with high quality sterling silver.

Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace Designs: Kay Jewelers

Below are a few of the most popular Open Hearts designs. Visit www.kay.com to see the complete line, as it is extensive.

Signature Open Hearts Necklace is one of her most famous styles, showcasing gorgeous sterling silver twisted hearts.

Open Hearts Angel Diamond Necklace is a diamond studded design inspired by the halo and wings of an angel.

Open Hearts Diamond Necklace is a playful rendition of two open hearts twisting in a diamond studded pattern.

Open Hearts Black Enamel Diamond Necklace offers a modern twist on a classic with a beautiful contrast of sparkling diamonds and a black enamel background.

Open Hearts Pink and White Gold Necklace is a favorite among women who love the two-toned style. Suits every occasion.


The beautiful thing about Jane Seymour’s open hearts collection is its simplicity and elegance matched with reasonable prices. They make the perfect gift for wives, daughters, grandmothers, as well as for graduations, weddings, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.



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